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All the shit I have right here. I’m missing a couple things that would probably make it better, but this is what I’m making it with

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What is "Enchilada sauce" and where is the Garlic?

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>>a couple
Try a lot.

but at least you're cooking anon, and it's nice to see that instead of more fast food bullshit. Keep it up.

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Boiling the chicken to make it easier for shredding it before combining with other ingredients. Got onions diced and ready to go in skillet, they will go in first once the oil and garlic powder and nice and hot

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>pre shredded cheese
mmmm, i love that ground up bark dust flavor that is on that cheese. it literally takes like 2 minutes to shred your own cheese

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I hope that by "boiling" you mean you're poaching it in stock flavored with Mexican spices, and that you didn't just stick chicken breast in a pot of water at a rolling boil. And I REALLY hope that if you did the latter you at least salted the water.

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Added corn, black beans, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, salt, allowing to simmer for a bit

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how can your pan be simmering if there is no liquid?

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Letting the chicken cool for a few before I shred it and then add the chicken and sauce to skillet.

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dear god, he didn't brown the chicken before braising it

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Chicken shredded ready to be mixed with other ingredients

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>mexican food
>olive oil

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>everything from a can
>kraft cheese
>boneless skinless chicken breast
>cooking with extra virgin olive oil
That being said, they'll probably taste fine and at least this is sadly better than another fast food thread.

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Used half the fan of sauce and half the bag of cheese and blended it all together. Now preheating the oven to 325 and gonna roll these bad boys up and cover them in cheese and sauce

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At least he's cooking for himself. Keep going, OP.

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Ok everything in the dish rolled up coated in sauce and cheese ready to go in at 325 for 12 minutes.

And cut me some slack guys I’m winging all this never tried it before

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No, but grats on your wet burritos.

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Close enough I guess. I would do a few things different next time but overall I’m not disappointed in the result.

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he hasn't baked them yet, numbnutz

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> beaner food


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use corn tortillas next time

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>flour tortillas

What color is your skin, senpai?

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They taste better than they look

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Should throw them under the broiler to get those little brown bubbles on the cheese.

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I’m a white southern man. I used to date a Mexican chick for years and she made me all kinds of authentic shit and I only half ass paid attention. Miss the food so I’ve been screwing around and trying some out myself.

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Yeah that explains a lot.

Use flour tortillas, my guy.

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I'll assume you mean corn because I did use flour. Anyway it was my first time trying and this board was full of garbage so I gave it a shot. Thanks for sticking around and/or any advice.

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Yeah sorry I meant corn.
Disregard me, I suck cocks

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You may not want to bother but you can up the sauce game considerably by using dried peppers and fire roasted tomatoes. I've made this one but in addition to the guajillo, I use arbol, ancho and chipotle. You might try it on a weekend or some shit since you're trying to hit that former mex wench sweet spot.


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Yeah I realized when making it that I didn't have near as much sauce as I wanted or needed. Next time I'll try my own sauce for sure.
All things considered, it didn't turn out bad they tasted pretty good but there are a few things I will definetly do different next time. This was a practice run and I figured I'd get shit on but at least one or two anons would offer some advice.

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they look just fine to me.
i'd throw some green onions and diced jalapenos on top before baking and maybe sautee some diced onion with a little garlic with the corn before the beans go in.
i'm gonna make this now. thanks.

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Thanks man

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Those look decent, but I wouldn’t consider them chicken enchiladas. It’s a bit more like a chicken burrito. Looks tasty though, good job.

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