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did a white people cook that?

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Probably a wamen

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>did a white people cook that?

That food is so fucking lame looking I'm sure some white loser made it. No self respecting black man would call that pathetic plate "BBQ"

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REEEEEEEE, these out of touch borgeouise liberal elites are ruining America. Our forefathers are rolling in their graves.

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>That will be $35.50 plus tip, comrade.

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Looks like the /pol/ liberals are trying to shit up /ck/ again

Back to you containment board you white pieces of shit

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>asking for a tip
Please Clap

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Nice trick, Schlomo

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/ck/ would be 1000% better without the /pol/ & vegan shitposters fucking up every single thread.

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It honestly does not look that bad. Looks like something to be enjoyed and not scarfed down to feel shitty for the rest of your day

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I saw a brown person today. YUROP IZ IN RUINS!!!1!

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It looks like a Jewish take on BBQ.

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every board would be better

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Yes, yes. We get it obvious liberal false flagger.

We get it.

We should all hate white people right?


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That picture isn't very flattering, the vice guy fucked up.

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pleb filter for normalshits that don't know what presentation is

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Why do liberals love to race bait and divide people so fucking much? Doesn't it go against their "ethics" or whatever?

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>omfg, Billy Bob, is that a acchual brown person?
>shor 'nuff, Cletus, break out the automatic assault rifles and declare a state of 'mergency!

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what makes you think liberals have any "ethics?"


See. All they do is race bait and make sure blacks hate whites & whites hate blacks. It's seriously fucked up.

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I blame the metro-sexuals of every ethnicity. That .. that makes me feel nothing but pity.

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I'm libertarian

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As a person of color, I determine that a white person made that. Where are the five different sauce packets and the 5 tablespoons of salt on everything? Ya know, seasonin'. SMDH

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I really like the way they left the Hawaiian bread stuck together.

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This but unironically.

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You're retarted.

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Christ that looks sad

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I'm libertarian

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>Who was in the wrong here?
Southernfags for making barbecue so shitty in the first place that we had to take it upon ourselves to fix it.

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>the first thing we wanted to do was to remove all the flavor
>here have 2 pickles and 2 Hawaiian rolls
>aren't we quirky yet efficient
>here's some faggy IPA that you and your friends can rub dicks together while discussing the hoppy flavor

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>literally what the current right incarnation sounds like
>our borders are open to northern europeans (resounding no thanks echoes throughout the fiords), but closed to brownies
Own it, conservitard, you embrace it.

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>no sausage link
>no pork ribs or beef rib
>no 1/2lb of lean
>no 1/2lb of moist
>no rack of baby backs
>no bbq chicken
>no spicy bbq sawse
>no shitty white bread
>no paper "plates"
>no potato salad or Mac&cheese sides
it like your not evening trying

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wow that's some delicious looking airplane food

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Munchies is in the wrong if I am being completely honest.

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Yep, it's shit

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That's what he said

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Yeah, man. They'd just overcook everything, call it "blackened", and drown it in way too much paprika so people might not notice. I live in a majority black area. I know how you retards operate.

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Speak for yourself stupid fuck. Atlanta Jews know what real barbecue is.

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Key word is looks. It probably tastes pretty good. The presentation is the problem.

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This could be good but i totally get why it appears tryhard and shitty. I kind of like the wax paper presentation though. Very efficient but yeah it’s kind of surpassed the paper plate level and gone into gentrified gay hipster territory. I hope to god they at least offer a variety of sauces

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It's the mason jar glass, hipsters LARPing as poorfags is fake and gay.

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wow, quints of truth

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Jesus fucking christ it looks like prison food. Just go to a fucking cookout and you'll get better food and lots of it.

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butthurt rural and suburban retards think that meat needs to be slathered with sugar sauce to be good

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the person who wrote this article has only ever published 1 thing on vice media

conspiracy theory

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I remember when Brooklyn Barbecue meant throwing a sewer rat into a trashcan fire.

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Paid for by the New York Times?

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> Official website of food and travel writer and photographer Nicholas Gill. Based in Lima, Peru and Brooklyn New York.
aka woke food blogger

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>trying to look down on anyone

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Bless your hearts

>omfg, Billy Bob, is that a acchual brown person?
See, that just shows how disconnected you retards are from reality. The South is full of brown and black people. They're not a rarity there at all. One might even go as far as to conclude that since Southern whites are around these ethnics all the time, their opinion of them is founded in experience rather than simply lifted from Huffpo.

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Wtf is this shit? Soyboy bbq.

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wtf I'm a cruz missile now

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Honestly, it's not that bad of a snack. root beer with a meat and pickle sandwich doesn't sound that bad, given you pick your side of sauce, plenty of BBQ plates make the problem of putting too much sauce over the meat, causing it to pool around it.
That said, if that plate doesn't cost well below $7, you're being ripped off.

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