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my girlfriend (female) recently got me one of these as a gift, what are the best uses or dishes that necessarily benefit from these?

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Tramadol snooters

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Anything which uses spices, except pepper (I assume you have a pepper mill).

Curries would be a good start. Roast whole spices first in a dry pan, then grind them.

Hopefully she didn't get you a small one. The smaller mortar and pestles are useless except for drugs or lab work. You want something massive and heavy for easy use in the kitchen. A small mortar makes a fucking mess and takes forever.

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once i crushed sweet chili heat doritos using this because i dont have a food processor, and i used the chips as breadcrumbs for a chicken breast
it was delicious

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Actually don't have a pepper mill so that's a good idea.
That sounds incredible anon

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>my girlfriend (female)
what other kind of girlfriend is there?

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girlfriend (male) they have feminine penises

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Homemade pesto

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Makes making Guacamole easier.

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Use it to grind up your drugs before you snort them. You won't believe the difference.

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Tramadol is fucking awesome. Used to buy it in Beijing, right over the counter.

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Use it for anything you would in a food processor or pepper mill to be honest.

I use mine to make hummus as well.
Garlic spread for garlic bread.

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dried rosemary can be particularly hard to pulverize with your fingers so it's good for that. Toss in some peppercorns, one pimenta (allspice) berry and sea salt and you can make your own sort of fresh seasoning blend.

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Miniature helmet and baseball bat. Nice.

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>my girlfriend (female)
fucking liar

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i use it on whole fresh corrianda, brings out the flavour immensely

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sell it for an ikea pepper mill

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As a guac bowl.

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Most dishes only need a small amount of spices, so even a small mortar will do just fine. Try making some curry pastes, if you can find the ingredients it’s fun

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just use in place of a spice grinder

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How could a woman give you a gift that is essentially just a bowl and a stick and you don't realize that she no longer loves you?

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nah man, she's sayin she wants his stick in her bowl

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