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why does fountain soda taste way better than anything you can buy at the store? Do they give restaurants a better version of the formula? I mean it's just water and syrup.

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>I mean it's just water and syrup.
different ratio from a fountain than bottled

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is there some place I can buy this different ratio in a bottle?

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This, fountain soda tends to be less sugary because that way the Jew restaurant owners can use less syrup increasing profits.

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Maybe because it's mixed when you push the button so a fresher taste?
The carbonation might change the flavour over time

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huh? If anything they taste much richer. The diet soda taste way fucking better as well.

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Don't fountain sodas tend to have more water?

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you're dumb as fuck lol, soda fountain soda is almost always way more syrupy than bottled. hurr durr the jews

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This, pretty much. McDonald's even gets their own priority coca cola blend

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I used to be the guy who repaired and maintained these things at a fast food place. There's just basically a little valve that you turn to adjust the water:syrup ratio. Where that is supposed to be depends on things like water pressure in your pipes, so it has to be done manually. Each type of soda has a slightly different ratio, and you're supposed to adjust to the ratio to a little sample of a standard ratio the soda companies provide you.

Some people say that some places add a slightly higher ratio of water, to "water down" the soda and save money. I don't buy that. Soda's super cheap, which is why most places have free refills. The cups are more expensive than the soda they're filled with.

I think if a soda tastes off, it's just because nobody's bothered to calibrate the ratio recently. A very small difference in ratio can change the taste, so every now and then you'll get an absolutely "perfect" cup of coke, that's somehow better than the bottled/canned stuff. But the difference in ratio is so small it's really just a matter of personal taste.

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It's the e coli

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A lot of places super chill the syrup and water before mixing which I overheard a soda technician at McDonalds mention makes it taste better somehow.

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it is consistently better than anything you can buy at a store. The diet coke at mc donalds has a very distinct taste I've never had anywhere else. Same with the diet pepsi at taco bell. They're definitely altering the formula somehow.

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>o adjust to the ratio to a little sample of a standard ratio the soda companies provide you.

Interesting. I always thought it was done with a brix cup.

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That doesn't make sense. The water and the syrup are in separate tubes going to the machine. They don't get mixed until they are in the nozzle dispensing the drink into your cup.

You couldn't chill the syrup either; if you chill it it gets viscous as fuck and it won't flow through the tubes into the machine.

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>drinking soda
F teeth

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the gum on my bottom teeth are completely gone after drinking soda for years

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ive been drinking 52oz+ of soda a day for the past 3 years now and my teeth have never been better. It's called a toothbrush

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actually it's probably been more like 6 or more years

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Probably all the mold inside. Cause you know they very seldom get cleaned.

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Diet colas are highly acidic and much worse for you than normal. You're better off filling a cup with ice then pouring the soda in to water it down a bit than drinking diet straight up.

My mother in law has been drinking diet Coke for a few decades and now has esophageal cancer. She's also hasn't weighed less than 230lbs since highschool but somehow cannot corilate the cause.

Gotta have muh diet tho

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jesus christ that is a lot of soda

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sweet. regular soda tastes better anyway!

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That it does. I should specify she got the cancer from decades of acid reflux from daily drinking along with the diet soda, and never treating the reflux. The soda itself won't give you cancer.

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sweet. back to drinking diet soda!

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does anyone ever offset their cup when pouring out soda from one of these fountains so you get more syrup?
sure its a messy process but i do this all the time. its not like i have to clean up the mess anyways.

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>tfw it's illegal in Australia to own one of these at home unless you're in a business
You amerifats are lucky.

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Just ask the workers what ratio they use and buy the syrups online

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huh? where the fuck can you buy one of these for your personal use? t. american

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>his mom didn’t allow free refills at home
Dumb poorfag

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it's because it's mixed fresh when you dispense it.

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Just look up commercial soda dispensers and there will be multiple companies that provide them. But you have to email them to negotiate a deal + syrups and c02 tanks.

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sodas used to taste sssooooo much better when they were kegged.

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So that's why the coke at the McDicks near me tastes like oversweet garbage. Lazy fucks.

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I'd be down with a mold drink, if it tasted great and wasn't harmful. I already eat cheese and sour cream.

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Hm, wonder what that guy meant then. Guess I misheard.

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