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I have never enjoyed any kind of lamb, maybe the people cooked for me didn't do it properly but imo lamb tastes like liver shit. I also grew up in a household that would use it for meals frequently.
Beef, fish chicken, buffalo, pork and shrimp are delicious.

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So, you are saying lamb is ewe-y

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Lamb and goat in general are not as tender as beef or pork but it sounds like you've never had well prepared lamb chops, which can be pretty good.

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You sure you weren't eating mutton? A lot of places sell mutton as lamb. Mutton has a strong gamey taste that many people don't like. Lamb doesn't, it's extremely mild.

I'm guessing what you hate is really mutton.

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Lamb is one of my favourite foods
A whole leg roasted, rosemary and garlic stuffed into it with vegetables in the pan served with mint jelly
Or homemade Gravy out of the lamb juice with the roast vegetables and minted peas

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lamb is amazing. you're clearly retarded.

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I used to think the same thing because the only time I ever ate lamb was at my buddy's house and he made lamb kebabs on the grill, didn't salt them or marinade (he was into the whole "meat is its own flavor" bullshit and he only put black pepper on them) and did them well done. Tasted like rubbery liver and it made me gag.

If you ever want to give it a second chance look for the chops, they look like mini t-bones and rub with olive oil, salt and pepper, sage and rosemary, and sear in a cast iron skillet (finish with a small amount of butter on top) like you would a regular steak.

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This. If you haven't tried an anchovy/garlic/mustard rub on scored leg of lamb I urge you to do so immediately.

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lamb gets tough as fuck when it's overcooked. Your buddy fucked that up bad. It needs to be pink in the middle or it's going to be total fail.

If he had good quality meat we was right about not needing much seasoning. But no salt? that's fucking dumb. If it was less-than-stellar meat a marinade would be a good idea, especially if it was older sheep being sold as lamb which is very common.

>>like you would a regular steak.
Yep, that.

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Not him, but I've never seen mutton for sale anywhere in the US, even at the large international groceries that carry goat. It's always labeled "young spring lamb."

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>older sheep being sold as lamb which is very common.
I've never understood this.
How can you not notice that your "Lamb Leg" is 10kg?

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OP is gay and probably a minority

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You've got me, OP
I often see "rack of lamb" at the butcher and the size of the ribs makes it pretty clear it came from an older animal. But if you don't have the experience and you encounter a butcher or market that's being a bit shady I'm not sure how you might know the difference.

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grilled lamb chops is heaven

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it really does suck
you have to basically season and color the hell out of lamb just to make it taste, and you will always have an issue with texture.

It just isn't on the same level as all the other meat you listed.

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>and you will always have an issue with texture.
stop overcooking it you dumb fucker.

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I always love getting leg of lamb when the price drops.

I make spiral cuts increasing in depth but getting closer together to help ensure more even cooking, and I put paper thin shavings of garlic and salt inside. Then I rub the exterior with salt and crushed juniper and caraway.

Then I stand it up in the oven and roast it until it's medium-rare. I can't imagine anyone thinking lamb is baa-aa-aad.

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lamb is just a lesser meat it doesn't taste good because it isn't good, it will do in a pinch but you aren't going to taste lamb that beats beef or even pork

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All meat is yucky you stupid ghoul. Be a human being and don't eat it.

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What the fuck are you talking about? Lamb is generally considered strong tasting by itself especially compared to beef, chicken, fish, pork, and shrimp. Texture is easy if you don't know how to cook.

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easy unless*

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How can one be so based AND redpilled about lamb?

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I'm making lamb shanks for dinner tomorrow. You should learn how to cook.

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my big disappointment is how lamb tastes much less like lamb than it used to 20 years ago

they bred the flavor out of the stuff, its barely different from beef now. It doesn't have that strong pungent flavor anymore

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I love shepherds pie and rack of lamb. But if you don’t like it I understand senpai

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>tfw grew up on 700 acre sheep farm in Southland, New Zealand
>every Sunday after church grandad roasted chops, shoulders, legs of lamb plus organs, mashed potatoes and veges grown in the garden
>nothing in my life has ever tasted as good as that food
>I will never be 8 years old surrounded by family and nothing but a huge plate of lamb and gravy in my mind
>I'm 24 with no marriage prospects, no ability to cook, and on a different continent to my family.
>I just want people to love ;-(

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Whether it is lamb or hogget is around the year old mark when the first two adult teeth come through.. some lambs can be pretty large before this happens. Hogget is a little more flavoursome (but obviously doesn't change too much the day the teeth come through reclassifying it) and older mutton is tough and gamey but still good for slow cooking or curries imo. Farmers may sell a few hoggets to local butchers but don't keep many of the young stock past the point of two teeth. .t farmer exporting prime pasture raised lamb to California from nz.

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None of this is true.
You're a man of color from Detroit, posting on McDonald's free WiFry.

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Where you at kiwianon? And why did your grandpappy not teach you how to cook?

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Go back to New Zealand anon

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What is "prime pasture" term used for?

>t. had Co-Owned Ranfurly station

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Kiwis domming the lamb thread

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Kiwis always dominate the lamb, usually from behind.
t. South African overlord

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Every nz farm can get gap4 rating easy as piss.. It basically means pasture centered which is not often the norm overseas where factory farming is rife. The rest of the picture is marketing and painting the story of where the meat comes from. I do sheep and beef on 1000 acres

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Yea alright mister white land owner
Call me next year

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>I do sheep and beef on 1000 acres
That's a lot of sex, anon.

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>Beef, fish chicken, buffalo, pork and shrimp are delicious
No they're not. They're just excellent carriers for seasonings, marinades and sauces since the fat in them soaks up and concentrates their flavors. You would never eat any of these things raw and bloody and say they're 'delicious'.

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It's true, every time I dag hundreds of pissed off ungrateful ewes and stop maggots growing in the wet shitty wool around their arse eating them alive I can't control my boner

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Better to wait until some multinational corporation can cook up animal proteins in a laboratory vat using stem cells and blood drawn from fetuses and markets it to you dumb ass vegans as some kind of "clean" protein compared to animals living free on pasture.

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While most raw meat dishes do come with a sauce that some customers like to dip in, you are an ignorant twat.

Even crudites come with a dipping sauce, whereas some raw meats are simply enjoyed with salt.

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Murrica' guy over here... fucking love lamb and never understood the weird "it's not beef" faggotry in my country. Rack of lamb, leg of lamb, gyros, are all delicious. I honestly think you must be retarded if you don't enjoy a properly cooked lamb chop or rack with or without seasoning or marinade. Last time I had lamb was at a fancy restaurant in Vegas called Michael's at the Southpoint. That shit was amazing... like fucking God tier good.

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eat shit carlos

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>I grew up on a multi million dollar family business on the land and fucked off overseas and became sad

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>no marriage prospects
Try the Philippines or Thailand. No matter how fat and ugly you are you, can have your pick.

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Similar story except my farm was much smaller and more of a hobby thing for my parents, but growing up I had no concept on how expensive lamb actually is because we would just have plates of. I remember we would cook trays of lamb chops and eat them with chips and mayo

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US. He died when I was still young

too small, no opportunities, low wage high cost economy. it's pretty though

sheep farming is not a multi-million dollar business in the 21st century m8. livestock farming in nz is only profitable if you have cattle.

i think eastern europe maybe. they seem very pretty and more socially conservative values than anglos

sounds cozy anon

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Some people don't like the gamey flavor of lamb.
If you're really sensitive, just cover it in spices.

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