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I wanna get into Tea, what are some resources to learn how to appreaciate good tea?

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Try googling it, you retarded fuck.

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You stupid cock gobler, I wanna know whats in around here not in around with some shitty food bloggers.

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Green tea is pretty good, I like lipton

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I really love Earl Grey, Green Tea, and Blueberry/Açai

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Research each type of tea. White, green, black are the main three. But there's also things like red, fruity tea, spice tea, and so on. There's also different ways tea is made. Rolled, roasted, toasted, smoked, etc.

Each one has it's own flavors and taste and smell. It also matters what time and temp you brew them out and how you brew them.

Just visit some online tea sellers (or a good tea House in your area if you have one) and read the descriptions for each tea.

Try theteatable.com they sell all kinds of good shit and they also have a great sample program. TeaSpot is also a good one.

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Do you guys drink tea out of teabags,or do you get the tea at a teashop and use tea leafs?

I am thinking of getting an electric kettle with a thermoemeter in order to get precise temps, I have no idea how much of a difference that makes tho.

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I get my tea from this place.
The site is not finished, but the store link shows their stuff, and each product has its page with information on how it's made, where it's imported from and what you can expect from it in terms of flavor and scent. I go to the physical shop now and then and load up.They're really sweet folks and will serve you the tea to sample while you shop.

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I like brewing to precise temps, but I’ve been told that it’s not necessary. There’s essentially a temperature zone that each tea will tolerate.

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Thanks fellas.
Do you also have a recomended youtube channel which deals with tea?
I am more of an audiovisual learner so that kinda thing would be cool.

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what's a good brand to buy Gaiwan?

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Wasn't there a /teag/? They had a pretty good pastebin of information for someone with no knowledge.

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i use a kuerig to heat my water. am I retarded?

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I like my fuck off cast iron pot. It brews good tea from stovetop or kettle. However I've gotten a sweet tooth lately, so I've been using it to make sweet tea in a separate container cause fuck cleaning sugar out of that thing

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The leaves you get from tea bags are the dust swept up after its been though the grading machine. I buy my leaves from tea shops or online.

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This is the one I currently use and it works great

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Mei Leaf. Don and Celene are super autistic and their teas are probably over priced but the videos are pretty comfy and there is pretty much one for everything you want to know.

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You have two options here:
1. Become an absolute fedora tipping retard and obsess over loose leaf tea and how everyone is drinking it wrong
2. Go buy some tea bags and just enjoy them flavoring them with whatever the hell you want so that you enjoy it.
My rec: PG tips

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r/tea has a good vendor list and other info.

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>suggesting someone go to reddit

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Boy have I got just the perfect tea bag for you

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b/c it's one the only good subreddits. bunch more shit there than this board at tea.

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Slightly incorrect

Green, Black and Oolong are the main ones, White, Yellow and PuErh tea are rare and usually drank at special occasions

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Try to get rooibos tea if you can

It's a South African thing and it's genuinely the best tea in terms of taste and health benefits

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rooibos inst tea

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If it's green, something has gone horribly wrong.

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Okakura Kakuzo: The Book of Tea

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