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What’s the point of grilling soup when the smoke goes up the sides of the pot and not into it?

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The main point is to make side dishes or appetizers when you're already using the grill for some other task. I certainly wouldn't fire up a grill for the sole purpose of cooking soup. But if I already had it going to grill the meat that was going in the soup, or to make some other dish, then why not keep using it?

Also, you do get some smoke flavor as the smoke swirls around the top of the bowls and touches the surface.

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Some of the smokiness will get there no doubt.
I had some milk tea made in a steel pot placed in a fireplace once and it had a great smoky flavour.

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Smoke definitely gets into the soup similar to how baked beans cooked while smoking ribs or pork shoulder pick up a smokiness. Any decent BBQ place cooks their beans that way.

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what's the point of grilling soup when it puts out my fire every time i add a ladle full?
fuck this gay world.

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That makes sense.

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