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Reminder that you do not need a giant pot of boiling water to cook pasta. A large skillet with just enough water to cover the pasta is plenty. You will also get a skillet full of very starchy pasta water when it's finished cooking which you can use to finish your sauce.

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I dunno. Seems like a "that guy" kind of thing to do. Plus it really limits just how much pasta you can make.

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You can just break it in half if you need to fit more in.

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>You can just break it in half

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I do this but I use a bit more water. Mainly because my stove only has one high output burner. Definitely have to rinse that pasta though.

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Doing this in a non-survival situation is a crime which fitting punishment would be death by guillotine

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Yeah i never undsrstood why people would do this. You just stick it in like halfway then stir with the pasta like you would a wisk for like 20 seconds then push the second half in since it'll bend now.

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Wait, are there seriously people that don't break long pasta? It seems retarded, how do you portion it out without making like, a fuckload extra? It mixes with the sauce better if you break it up, and is a shitload easier to serve. I usually break mine into thirds.

Unless you're one of those faggots that just serves a pile of pasta with sauce poured over the top, in which case you need to find the nearest bridge and jump.

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finally a guy that can cook a carbonara / cacio a pepe without oil / cream
you got my respect lad

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These making serving spaghetti and tossing it with sauce easier. I like the texture of spaghetti when it's left whole and you get it wrapped around the fork, which you kind of lose if you break it up, it doesn't form as tight of a ball.

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I do this a whole lot. I can usually make a week's worth of food in like an hour and only dirty up one pan this way. Anything you can fit in the pan will work, but orzo is pretty much perfect for it, soaks up all the juices real good.

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You try that breaking up pasta shit around me and I'll end your gay little life

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please no

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>Mixing pasta with the sauce
That shit's only for penne pasta, if I catch you mixing in long pasta with the sauce I'm breaking your fucking kneecaps.

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why does this piss people off so much?

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because it's retarded.

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How though?

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What about carbonara, al limone, cacio a pepe aglio a olio or some other dishes that require it?

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Well those are clearly dishes that require it, no? The sauce wasn't specified so I assumed bog standard marinara.

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you can clearly see that the dish in picrel required it, but I can agree that the chocie of pasta for it was retarded af.

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If your dick doesn't fit in your dogs asshole do you just break it in half or do you wait for it to warm up and glide all the way in?

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you should go back to that silly little website that has an alien for the logo/mascot
...oh, almost forgot. Fucking kys

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Kiro plz go

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She's making soup. Why would anyone use spaghetti for soup? What's going on in Japan?

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keked my good furry twitter friend

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>doing something intelligent with an actual tangible benefit makes you "that guy"
Okay, fatty. You don't need a fucking shit ton of pasta. Don't lie to me, you're not cooking for friends or family, just your own fat self.

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I do this when making black pepper pasta. They say you don't need to add cream and you only need to add cheese and the starch water will do the rest. But soon as I serve it the cheese starts to solidify and get stuck to every fucking thing. I use Parmesan but would it work better with a different cheese like Pecorino?

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the french faggot cookign explained it well enough, you can make it with parmesan but it's just going to taste bland.
if the cheese solidifies you need more starchy water reminder that you are making an actual sauce, the problem might be with pasta that is not starchy enough itself to produce good water.

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>other people can't like what I don't like

Lol you're just as bad the other way. What a faggot

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>He scoops sauce onto the pasta without mixing
Holy shit please never make pasta again.

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I actually make a ring of pasta and put the sauce in the center, then the meatballs on top of the sauce. Then I grind Grana Podano cheese over everything. Fantastic.

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boiled asparagus? has anyone done this? grilled is GOAT, steamed is grandma, boiled tho?

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My wife made boiled asparagus once. It was bland and soggy, but smelled like hell.

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That's not spaghetti, it's asian noodles

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It's not going to cook as evenly this way. The point of having a rolling boil in a pot is that it moves the pasta around.

>b-but i s-stir it!
Good for you. When you're in an actually kitchen you don't have time to stand there with your thumb up your ass like a fucking moron stirring pasta for 7 minutes straight.

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The asparagus is fried beforehand. Dunno if it would still be good after boiling with the pasta though.

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It’s autism. I’m Italian. I live in Italy. My parents are Italian. Guess what? Some people break the pasta.

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>scooping sauce onto a pile of pasta
It's like you don't know what you're doing.

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Why would pasta be hard enough to break when you've just made it fresh?

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Boiled is the same as steamed. It's just quicker.

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Nevermind lads I found it, it's called Yuru Camp

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I actually put water into the tray from my toaster oven and break the pasta to cook in that because I want to use as little water as possible

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Holy shit, kys.

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That's literally the only way it's eaten in my area. You cover it in sauce hollandaise.

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Just hold the pasta between both hands, twist, and release. Letting it fall in a spiral. Then as the bottom half begins to soften stir the pasta into the water and voila — all your pasta is now in the pot.

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>le epic butthurt over functional cooking of pasta meme
kill yourselves

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whats the actual difference? ones made with wheat and the other with semolina?

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>cube of consomme
Yeah nah bitch. That's not what it is.

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This is how it's done. So satisfying when you get an even spread of the spaghetti around the rim the pot.

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are you fucking thick

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Scientifically you can cook pasta in that little amount of water but it something that only pretentious faggot will do.
There are some disadvantages cooking in little amount of water, for example thw starch concentration will be too much for most of the recipes and you must be shure that pasta will be always under water. Thermal capacity is something that should be taken into account, it could happen that your pasta will not cook evenly.

It's way more annoying cooking in little pasta. You are doing that just for the sake of being different(except when you need pasta "risottata" (like a risotto) for a specific recipe)

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You technically don't even need boiling water, just a temperature above 80°C (don't know how to cinvert in freedom temps).
But again boiling water keeps moving pasta and helps to prevent pasta from stick.

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>unironically eating spaghetti

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whats wrong with breaking the pasta in half? i dont understand this meme

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You don't get a proper al dente texture, but it's the best method for dishes which don't need that e.g. mac and cheese. I don't get why people pour out their starch water and then thicken their sauce with a roux. Just cook the pasta in minimal water, or you can use chicken stock. Dump in your cheese, and add just just enough cream or evaporated milk until the consistency is perfect. You get perfect texture and cheesiest flavor with half the effort.

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It's harder to eat if you break it, doesn't wrap round the fork as easily. You also don't get the nice texture of a full wrap of spaghetti.

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>without oil/creme
I know Carbonara by definition doesn't have creme but don't you use the leftover pancetta fat?

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Boiling loses more flavor and nutrition than steaming, and you get a less robust texture. Microwaving with a little water is actually better than both.

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Pasta is shit unless its lasagna or stuffed pasta

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Do Americans really do this?

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This has nothing to do with creaminess of carbonara. Creaminess comes from the coagulation of egg's proteins.
If you want a perfect supercreamy carbonara you just need to cook the mix of eggs and cheese at 63°C for a sufficient amount of time. If you cook above 65/70 you'll end uo with scrambled eggs pasta

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>dishes which don't need that
If you don't make 100% of your pasta al dente you can fuck off and kill yourself.

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>break mine into thirds.
It's not even pasta anymore might as well be eating rice

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Yeah I go to Serious Eats too.


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t. alton

kys, daddy Alton did it better >:(

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Yes you're supposed to use pecorino.

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shut UP
daddy used both romano and parmesan and he's ALWAYS right so shut UP and KYS

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Pecorino melts better. Parmesan always wants to clump up.

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you DARE question daddy brown's technique????
DEATH to those who insult Alton

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Time to stop posting.

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I'm gay btw and it matters

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no U
I want daddy alton to knot my boypussy :3

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I was taught 6 gallons of water, and one pound of salt for each pound of pasta

shit is so good

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>It’s autism
Pretty much the answer to all the "rules" this place has.

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Underbuttered toast

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What you were taught was wrong. Very wrong.

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Why would the serving size be any different, you literal retard. If you break it in three pieces, that doesn't imply you're eating a different total weight of pasta

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Hey, you fucking turbofag, you cook pasta al dente to finish it in the sauce.

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I've tried to explain to people that that's the secret to my home made pesto but they're so lazy they'd rather buy basil paste and Kraft parm. They'd be better off buying jar pesto at that point.

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I cant understand why there are all this problem to make pasta.
Just put a lot of water to cover the pasta, and put some salt. Taste the water if it salted (like the sea) but drinkable abd you got it.

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What if there were noodles so long it could be a whole plate of spaghetti that's just one long noodle

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How would breaking up pasta make it easier to portion?

You can also start pasta in cold water. It doesn't need to be boiling before you add it.

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>one pound of salt for each pound of pasta

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Anon visits serious eats

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I always break my barilla pasta in half before boiling, I don't like it long and it fits much better on a fork along with sauce when it's short.

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