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Does anyone on /ck/ have autistic tendencies when it comes to food?
I, for example cannot stand most textures of meat unless it's perfectly uniform with no fat/marbling or tendons.
I cannot eat things like ribs, dark chicken or steak without gagging. Only thing I can tolerate is chicken breast or pork loin with the fat trimmed off. I also cannot stand things submerged in liquid like stews and soups
>inb4 why didn't you acquire a taste for it.
When I was a child, that is the only type of meat I would be served (dark meat and or meat with fat/marbling) and I was forced to eat soup and stews constantly

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Cringe. KYS OP, your life sounds miserable.

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Rest assured anon, I contemplate it daily

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I was like you once. Shit got better with age. Now I can eat fatty meat.

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Wow why the fuck do you even have a passion for cooking? Seriously wtf man.

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>Does anyone on /ck/ have autistic tendencies when it comes to food?
I'm kind of a perfectionist, does that count?

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I'm autistic, and eating messy finger foods like ribs or roast chicken is not something I do. Same with mushrooms. I have never had a mushroom that wasn't rubbery

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>eating messy finger foods like ribs or roast chicken

oh fug am i autistic too i swear i can have conversations with people

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i got extremely sick a few years back with meningitis, and the last meal i had prior the the symptoms coming on was a little omelette for breakfast
to this day if i smell eggs cooking i will immediately lose my appetite because i guess my brain has linked the two. this is a curse. not so much autism, i suppose. also even thinking about jagermeister almost makes me dry heave

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I fucking HATE food anywhere on my body except in my mouth. Clothes, face, hair, whatever, it triggers my autism bigtime. I think it's because my parents told me my aunt once woke up with ants on her face after going to sleep with jelly smeared on her face when she was little. Actually food mess anywhere in my house makes me reeee because I worry about attracting vermin.

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I usually call meat eaters ghouls, since they also tend to eat decomposing beef for public consumption.

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I'm autistic and have better social skills than 90% of 4chan posters, which says more about you guys than me.

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I hate autists with a passion.

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I have the exact same issue with meat. It's really annoying because I can't order meat in public(except tendies or anything minced) because I don't want people around me to have to see me digging around in it and leaving all the inedible bits on the plate.
That's the only thing I'm picky about.

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nowhere near OP's level of retardation, but I always save a bite of my "favourite" part of the meal for last (ex. a small bite of ribs after all the potatoes are gone)

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