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>tfw engorging myself with cheezits nonstop and had to quickly close the box before my hand could reach another

now I understand fat men

>> No.11743573

like that's gonna stop you, you fat shit. i bet you're eating them again right now.

>> No.11743628

I'm skinny but I usually reserve entire days where I eat only Cheez e it's and nothing else because it's addictive

>> No.11743641

Cheeze its are probably the most dangerous food to mindlessly eat while watching TV.

>> No.11743676

I used to eat a box of those at night without any weight gain but my metabolism changed and I can only manage 1/3 of a box in one sitting now without adding 5 lbs of fat to my belly. Getting old is hell.

>> No.11743690

For me, it's pistachios or cashews, the most dangerous nuts to mindlessly snack on

>> No.11743776

this but """spicy""" cheezits

>> No.11744333

Butter toffee pecans
Hate me later

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