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Is there a lasagna recipe that will get me laid?

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You? No.

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you are never getting laid if you post love live
trust me, i know

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No? Are you sure?

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That show is guaranteed life-long cockblock. Prepare for death virginity intact.

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tfw there's no lasagna good enough to get you out of idol hell

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I've been on /ck/ for 15 fucking minutes and already found some new fucked up shit.

Pasta can get anyone laid. Women are beasts.

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Do you mean idle?

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Are you sure you belong here?

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Oh, sweety

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can tomatoes why use this instead of fresh?

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Why did they kill the 1st gen lovelive idols?

I never had lasagna anyways

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Just add the secret ingredient. Chloroform.

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Yes my friend, it just so happens that there is!


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Yes, they know all about it at >>>/r9k/
You have to stay there though.

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Frozen/canned vegetables are harvested at peak ripeness, fresh tomatoes are likely to be underripe unless you're buying them local during Summer.

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How many dead bodies has that guy fed to people?

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If you make anything nice for a girl she'll fuck you

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Lasagna is trash, just die op

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Said no one ever.

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Its not trash, but I don't love it.

Like I would never order lasagna at a restaurant and I would never make it myself. I wouldn't disappoint your grandma if she put a lasagna in front of me.

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With a pickle on top

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don't make this shit unless you want your date to have a heart attack, this faggot is the worst chef on the internet

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He does some things right, but that lasagna has be like 25% grease.

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i think so many of his recipes involve tons of fat, butter,and salt which is a very cheap way to make things taste good imo, but some of his recipes i like such as the steak and potatoes and the burgers (which are both greasy but still good)

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Is he the hipster trash equivalent of Paula Deen?

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Do Americans really have sex because of lasagna?

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Try lasagna with some uma delicia

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Sunshine sucks. u's all the way

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Lasagna is a bad recipe for getting laid. It's delicious but heavy, you need something fucking light.

Try some Lemon Salmon with a side of Cacio y Pepe (hue) or steamed veggies. Bitches love that shit

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>that one show where he was on Camera with an italian and talked about putting sugar in his tomato sauce and the italian was losing his shit

Hue. Was keeping it Canadian or some shit. Really funny watching the guy just look at Fatty Matheson like "the fuk u say bitch"

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Just screen capped this from another thread.

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no recipe will get a weeb laid you fucking waste of air

don't ever EVER post on my board again

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Garfield, get the fuck outta here.

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my grandmother used to make a "white" (no tomatoes) version of lasagna, with mashed cooked broccoli mixed with bechamel and sausages, sometimes ham, similar to pic related
i've tried also another white version with potatoes and mushrooms which was great

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Yea there is. My recipe.
I can't share it though or i'd loose out on all the sloppy lasagna pussy I get every day
>You'll never know how it feels to stick your weiner between layers of cheesy lasagna noodles

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posting love lives should be a banneable act. 4chan is an [email protected] website. inb4 >4channel.

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i think Matthew Mattheson has got you covered.

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theres the meme guys xD

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Make the pasta at home using tipo 00 flour.

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