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Sabrina won't mess with my pizza, will she?

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I hope she spits inside of every pepperoni.

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She'll put a spell on it to make you fall in love.

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god I hope she rubs her hairy cunt all over my fucking pizza like a goddamn animal.

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Id like to put an order in sabrinas oven.
If you are picking up what i am putting down

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depends witch pizza

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Is... Is this an /x/ thread crossover?

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ask her to fart on it

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Ah shit, it's Nick the fat Mexican. I wanted to see what Sabrina looked like.

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God I hope nick rubs his hairy fucking balls all over my pizza like a goddamn animal.

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My dominoes has a middle age slab with sunglasses that delivers

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>Nicholas is on their way
>Sabrina shows up
I almost had a hard attack

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Slav not slab

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Ask him how Sabrina's going when he turns up.

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Guessing time

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Tomatos and bananer peppers

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>order a breadbowl pasta and a pan pizza with white sauce
>eat the pasta first then open up the pizza
>it's just a regular pizza despite being in the pan pizza box
>doesn't even have the white sauce

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Pepperoni and black olives flat crust like a true patrician

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>recognizing domino's drivers by name

Gonna be a yikes from me dog

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god i wish that were me

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>no toppings

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never gonna win Sabrina over at this rate, anon

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Fucking cheese. Arr you kidding me? What are you my 3 year old cousin?

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At the counter a few weeks ago I placed my order and the server was clearly annoyed at me because I said no to his $2 garlic bread offer.
Fuck me, the look on his face, I must have killed his win streak just one or two offfrom his getting the nuke.

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I would have paid Sabrina to spit on it

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I hope you get constipated for not ordering any toppings
just kidding I would still eat more than two pieces

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You know Nick is probably sticking his fat Mexican cock into Sabrina. Wanna know why? Because there are more spices and toppings on Nick's cock than on your pizza.
Get your life together, you little fag.

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>another fast food thread

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They change the tracker back from St Jude Charity? I have to watch brown deformed tards on my screen while I watch my pizza being made.

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Me too.

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this better not awaken anything in me

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Pathetic. Sabrina is never going to respect you.

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haha w-wouldn't a girl burn herself if she did that? Asking for a friend.

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I think everyone on this board forgot what Cheese Pizza signifies.

I hope you know the FBI is on their way.

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