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What does /ck/ normally eat before going out to play sports or other extreme physical exertions?

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>extreme physical exertions

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I just avoid sweets and that's pretty much only change in my diet i do. I eat plenty of carbs and meat otherwise, so that's not issue. I also make sure i eat at least hour or two before said exertion.

Of course, it's not like i am sportsman in any sense of the word. I am couch potato who goes for a jog once a week or something.

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I slam a bowl of plain yogurt with some coco and protein powder and a cup of tea before my morning exercise and down another bowl after for the protein and calcium.

When I used to do endurance shit I'd load up on carbs the night before, eat a banana prior to movement, and down carbo fuel during the movements which could last anywhere from a 13 mile run/jog to a 12 - 40 foot movement under about 70 pounds of shit. You won't notice the difference if you're doing shit that lasts under about 40 minutes, though.

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I fucking love these things.

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Yogurt with some granola, or a banana. Also drinking a bit of coffee to help me poop before I do anything

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I don't like exercising on a full stomach but I might have a couple shots of vodka in my raspberry soda.

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I do mid-length bike rides (20-70 miles). I like to get a high carb evening meal (homemade mac and cheese is a go to this season) and a bowl of oatmeal with fruit and a side of eggs the morning I go out.

I try to get 150 calories in me every 45 minutes. Early in the ride I go with cliff bars or homemade pan forte (Italian dessert with dried fruit, nuts, honey, and chocolate) and later on I go with Gu or Shot Blocks.

Depending on the casualness of the ride, I might stop for a pastry and a beverage (coffee, coke, lemonade, whatever) around the 25 mile mark.

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definitely not a cheesesteak from jerry's

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>alcohol before exercising
Either retarded or slavic.

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I'm keto, why would I need exercise?

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How else are you going to get big?

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How new are you here, pumpkin?

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I've been on 4channel since day one. Don't talk down to me.

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So you're just really, really, really dumb.

Got it, sunshine.

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bacon or burger and eggs a couple of hours before weights or sprints. i like to hike on an empty stomach tho.

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I eat whatever’s handy before training/practice, but I stick to plain pasta and chicken on tournament days. I get bad competition nervousness and don’t need to give my digestive system any more challenges.

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eggs and brown rice

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