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Me and my friends ate the Hot Ones sauces last night. Da Bomb was hell

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I fucking love yucateco. Is the Maddog the low key hottest? Where's that mediumish Hot Ones sauce people always love

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Uhhh... NO 'vark??!!

>> No.11657554

dude i love burning my mouth!!!!

>> No.11657592

Honestly, after Da Bomb, Mad Dog wasn’t bad. Da Bomb didn’t even taste good and burned like hell right away
Lol someone wanted ardvark but the other wanted whatever the equivalent was

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It feels like burning to you?

>> No.11657618

Which has the best flavor while still being hot fire? I need a good sauce for things.

>> No.11657625

I put Frank's on literally everything I eat every meal.

>> No.11658238

Dirty Dick's is my favorite hot sauce that actually has flavour and isn't all heat. It's a nice balance of mango and habanero that works really well on just about anything.

>> No.11658967

How was queen majesty? I was thinking of getting it next? Do the sauce runny or does it have a thicc consistency?

>> No.11658975

It’s apple sauce-textury. It was really tasty, though

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get this one OP, its fucking delicious

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>they discontinued the fiery chipotle

why bros?

>> No.11659041

Looks awesome, I’ll pick one up for sure

>> No.11659055

>No Fiery Chipotle
but yeah Da Bomb seems pretty universally the most disliked sauce
it's hot but it doesn't taste like anything, just hot

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they actually had 'vark on one of the earlier Hot Ones seasons

>> No.11659059

its really good on wings but a secret protip is that you gotta mix some of it into pizza sauce and use that to make a pizza

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My brother got me the Last Dab. It's definitely hot but after all hype I was expecting more. I've tried trinidad extract and Hot Ones wasn't even close. Tasty though

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