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What are some based and redpilled uses for pic related?

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Sex lube

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trickle it down your buttcrack

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Biscuit with over easy egg, cheddar, and caramelized onion. Tastes great with vinegary Tabasco to balance out the fat in the egg/cheese/biscuit.

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Make a puddle in the corner of a friend's eye while the are sleeping, then wake them up

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If you have trouble getting it up, put some of this on your finger and stick it up your ass. Trust me on this one

-ex porn star

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Keep Tabasco off biscuits you mad bastard

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Use it as pepper spray

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Throwing it away and buying the green one.

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A couple splashes in some clam chowder is actually pretty decent.

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Mix with maple syrup to use as a dip for fried chicken

>t. Skeptic til I tried it at a legit diner, and not even particularly a fan of tobasco. The tobasco cuta back the sweetness of the syrup nicely

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This and oysters. Otherwise throw it away and get some 'racha

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Bloody mary

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Always put a bunch of it in my soup.

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You're supposed to drink it straight from the bottle.

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Splatter it all over pic related. Cut and mix eggs sausage and hashbrowns all together then put mush on toast

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'basco is p vinegary so youre gonna want to use it in cases where you are balancing out a sweetness or richness
for any other uses like 'za youre gonna wanna 'vark it

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I put it on generic pepperoni pizza.

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Put it on Cheez-its.

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I'm pretty sure it goes on your food

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just don't use it as a table sauce and you're good

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And then throwing the green one away for chipotle tabasco

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I really want to know actual recipes that I can use this stuff in, not just putting it on food. I'm also gay if that matters

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And then throwing the chipotle tabasco away for the habanero

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For me it's the habanero flavor, but I always put some on eggs

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Mad Dog:
>thick raspberry syroup
>very, very cold vodka

Pour raspberry syroup to 1/3 of high of shot glass. Then slowly pour vodka over the syroup, so it won't mix with the syroup and will make 2 nice separate layers. Last thing to do, add 2-4 drops of tabasco. Drink.
These shots are really good, no need to wash it down with any juice, soda etc.

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my uncle used to mix all the shit on his plate into a big slop o shit because "that's how it's going to look in my stomach, why not give it a head start?"

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Putting it on your peepee.
Enjoy the gentle afterburn.

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I eat it with a spoon

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unironically into the trash. Its way to damn vinegary to enjoy any spice from it.

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How the fuck do you misspell the same word four times?

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I'm no native speaker.
(Which word btw?)

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syroup, it's just spelled syrup

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Fry up some crab balls, put a couple drops of tobasco on one, and crush it between two saltine crackers.

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Fuck, cheers mate, I'll spell it syrup from now on.

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my dad has some in the mayo for prawn cocktail.
i dab on a little in my carbonara and ragu.

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If I'm cooking meats or sauteeing something i usually throw some splashes in there for the flavor to stick to my food. I really like how it comes out after you sizzle it in a hot pan for a little. Plus it clears your sinuses real good.
It will literally taste the same in anything you put it on. So if you like it, just add it to stuff during the cooling process. Usually near the end, depending on the dish.
Boil soups with it, scramble eggs.
You can simply add it to anything you'd like. I don't think I have seen a recipe where the sauce is supposed to be built around and upon specifically.
You just add it to things you'd like that sharp kick on.

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my wife makes tacos with seasoned ground beef (lots of cumin), lettuce, cheese, tomato, and tabasco sprinkled on top. shells are fried in house. its a great flavor combo even if not authentic.

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