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why do people drink alcohol?
>buy vodka from Walmart
>go back home
>pinch my nose and drink it
>feel like I just intentially swallowed mouthwash
>saccharine lingering aftertaste
>not too bad
>10 minutes later
>surge of energy
>like there is a coal factory inside of me
>also physically numb
>punch the drywall out of curiously
>drywall is okay but my knuckles sting
>go to sleep
>2 hours later
>dry cotton mouth
>can smell myself again and be self-aware
>realize i hate myself once again
>knuckles hurt

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first letter of every line

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It’s nice to feel numb, if only for a short time.
I long to feel the numbness that heavy liquor provides.
End epoch

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Some of it tastes good. Drink more next time and your knuckles won't hurt.

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It's addictive and it's good for temporarily forgetting your worries.

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Being drunk won't fix your autism. Why do people drink? Why not ask why people spend all day playing video games, working out, hell doing just about anything. You always will end up a level of pleasure and a level of pain/displeasure as repercussion in some area. Alcohol just speeds up the process.

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When I taste alcohol, it feels like you just bought a lotto ticket and won $200. "Why not just one more, I'm already up so much, I can pocket the rest." The problem is that you always win, but the number keeps getting lower and lower. Spending $2 to win $5 on a lotto ticket is still up, but is it even worth it at that point?

I came to the conclusion that you can't like alcohol if you don't hate yourself to some degree. People who hate themselves or their situation a lot take alcohol a lot more. I see well-off people that gag at the smell of vodka, but I can drink that shit like water.

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>I came to the conclusion that you can't like alcohol if you don't hate yourself to some degree.
More or less true. Fix your life and yourself and your drinking goes way down. I usually go down to a six pack spread throughout the week after new year's.

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>drink some cognac
>feels kinda weird but walking is funny while drunk
>keep drinking one glass per hour
>do this for two days
>suddenly stop
i don't know why it was so easy to stop, perhaps i have greater pleasures in life so the alcohol struggled to compete.

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>two days
Do it for 15 years then try.
One weekend of anything is nothing.

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Kek try getting plastered every day for years. I went cold turkey and had a seizure on the third day. Almost bit my tongue off. Good times.

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Social reasons, mostly. It's fun to drink with friends while eating good stuff, watching sport/movies, or playing games. If you are really drunk, you don't have so many social brakes, and you can start talking about more private things. It will make bonds with your friends stronger. That's the reason why some anons can't quit this site, they get drunk, start blabbering here, and a bond is being born.

Oh, and addiction is a bitch. It's starting innocently with one beer per day, then you have binge drinking weekends when you can't remember what the fuck you were doing, and why you went to bed while wearing trousers and shoes. And glasses.

At least I had good reason to finally buy new pair.

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I went cold turkey and I swear I was shitting moose antlers.
And did you know there are 24 hours in a day?
Maybe thats how other people get stuff done.

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there's your problem

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anon, even serious drugs don't work this way. Besides meth, of course.

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>drink some alcohol
>all of a sudden all my anxiety is gone and I feel happy and full of joy for life
yeah, terrible

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>making of an alcohol addict

You're the type

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unironically this

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>all my anxiety is gone
I got really good at playing pool because of this.
But it also led to some serious hand holding out of wedlock,so there are trade offs.
I only admit this because this is an anonymous Lithuanian shadow puppet mambo board so none of you can find me and force hand holding upon me.

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I got hallucinations the devil was trying to pull me into hell and I saw demon faces and shit.

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If I ever find you, I'll hold your dick in my mouth, faggot.

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I should never have posted.

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>punch the drywall out of curiously
Anime posters are so much more based recently.
What happened?

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My mind tends to always focus on what else I could be doing from washing dishes to something at work. So it's nice to just turn that off for a few hours

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wow i guess this explains why im suicidal and dont drink at all, despite i love alcohol

(i drive too much for work and i dont intend on taking others out with me by drink driving)

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>"punches" the wall
>doesnt actually do any damage
>therefore he probably slapped it like a girl
neck u r self

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t.12 year old based police.

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It's too late. It was always too late

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i used to binge drink for fun between semesters but now Im back to a beer a day
smoke weed every day tho

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Enjoy being retarded in a few years

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stop watching anime

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ive been smoking weed since highschool and I'm acing a degree in math
I think I'll be fine

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You drive people to drink

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You remind me of my sister

Please stop for your health

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>drinking walmart vodka

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>punch the drywall out of curiously
What the fuck? Are you retarded?

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>punching dry wall
>doesn't even make a hole.

It sucks worse sobering up to go buy drywall puddy. I guess you either hit a stud or are really weak.

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Dumb fucking anime poster

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Why does anyone do anything that isn't 100% necessary to their survival?

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To make my peepee feel nice

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>sissy weeb can't even handle the taste of Vodka, the most tasteless of all alcohol
>gets drunk off one swig
>so weak that he can't even punch a hole in drywall
>passes out due to exhaustion of having left his room

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is this the faggiest post anyone has ever made on /ck/? neck yourself

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