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>tfw you get kicked out of the buffet and get a restraining order for eating too much

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do americans really have buffets, i thought that was a joke from a movie

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>pay $75 for me a girl for AYCE seafood lobster & steak buffet
>She goes straight for the salad section
Why do females do this?

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>for me a girl
post feet

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Where do you live where they don't have any Smorgasbords or all you can eat Diners?

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in your moms basement with you

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Buffets are great you dirty foreigner

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but anons mom is a buffet

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Hahahahaha omg I saw that Simpsons/Family Guy episode too anon! We should totally kill ourselves together! God I wish this board was moderated....

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I don't watch either of those shows, faggot. Only KotH

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Because she's not a fat fuck like you

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My ex wanted to try a fancy steakhouse for her birthday. She doesn't eat steak. She ordered one lobster tail for $40. Total cost of meal was over $300.

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>tfw the only buffet nearby that's been around for over 10 years shut down a year ago
I guess buffets aren't cool anymore here in Canada

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If you were really a based KotH poster then you wouldn't make pointless threads. Kill yourself.

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Buffets are not a uniquely american thing.

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Going to a chinese buffet for crab legs is nice.

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Stay mad third world shitter

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So your fatass ate 260$ of food?

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No, I had a steak, and we had appetizers and a couple sides, each $10 or $15 each, plus she had 2 or 3 $15 cosmos. My problem was why come to a $300 steak house when you want a $40 lobster tail?

I could've made a better meal at home for us for $30. Good luck out there anons! This is why I choose to be single.

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And I wish reditors wouldn’t post here, so why don’t you fuck off?

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I spent last summer working a job in France (smallish town in the south not paris) and they had the best chinese buffet I've ever eaten at. It was all you can eat and set up exactly like an American buffet. And only 12 euros which was nice, I went there quite a few times.

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This is now a feet thread.

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moar toes to suck

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less toes to suck

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yummy yummy sugar feet

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sexy harlot

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Hope you make good money to justify that sort of spending.

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what the fuck man

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