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>accidentally eatened 4000 calories again

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Do ya wanna deadlift 600 or not? Eat up big boy

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How do you accidentally eat 4000 calories anon? I have a hard time eating over my limit of 2000.

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just pukend it up

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Thank you Mr skeletal

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>Accidentally cooked a large feast for myself, then ate it all at once

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Anon... Was the feast it self 4000 cal...

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Come home brother >>>/fit/48590218


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Nigga 4000 calories? I can eat 2000 calories but i'll be fucked after. 4000 calories you have to really try to put down, like you must have been nauseous

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>Be a fatass that can't control themselves
>Eat a ridiculous amount of food, then complain about it on 4chan
>People wonder how, normal people don't eat more than 2000 calories (which is still a lot more than necessary)
>uhh well you're a skeleton
Fat people should be shot

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Why did you obtain 4000cals worth of food?

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This. If we let heroin addicts die on the street, then we should start euthanizing the clinically obese.

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An adult human male weighs over 180 lbs and consumes a minimum of 2700 calories a day

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>and consumes a minimum of 2700 calories a day
kek keep telling yourself that fatty

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Sure, if he's 6'1'' to 6'10''

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nah he's right i use myfitnessapp since i've been bulking (skinnyfag here) and i'm trying to hit 170 (currently 5'8 155) and i gotta slam like 2500 calories daily just to be above maintenance

i typically go to 2700 just because i want to gain faster

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he could palm a watermelon.

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>literally talks about having to eat 2700 calories a day
/argument end

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>tfw afraid to eat anything because of severe constipation

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to put me at maintenance weight for 170 pounds, and the anon you replied to said he weighed over 180

do you get it yet? why you having trouble with lawgic, big dawg

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Sedentary numales are generally pretty dumb.

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I'd focus on calisthenics, anon. It's generally easier to look shredded with a low weight at 5'8". No bulking really required.

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4000? that's normal for Christmas season.
I think i just consumed way more at the office's Christmas party. We had fried goose and way too much booze.

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>Went 25 years without anyone telling me what an endomorph is
>Diet is 1,900 - 2,200 calories a day, 4 cardio, 2 lift sessions a week
>Put on weight immediately if I ever make a bad decision and it all goes straight to my gut and thighs
The only benefit has been women telling me I'm "soft", I want off this genetic ride

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>it's normal to gorge yourself when you're fat and trying not to gain weight
No, it's not. Just because it's Christmas time and there's lots of high calorie treats available for you to eat does not mean you have to eat them.
If you're skinny and can afford to overeat then yes, eating 4000 calories on a special occasion isn't entirely out of the question. But it is not normal to have so little self control that you can't stop eating so much.

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to reach the weight of 170 pounds you doofus

thanks for the tip hombre but i wanna be strong and thick like my dad, i'll save getting shredded for later

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>eating 4000 calories on a special occasion isn't entirely out of the question
I think you are underestimating calories of transitional meal.
We had a salad, goose with red cabbage, potato dumplings and gravy followed by dessert with wine and lots of booze. Must have easily been 5000 and more.
Shit is fine if you spend some days in a deficit.

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>We had a salad, goose with red cabbage, potato dumplings and gravy followed by dessert with wine and lots of booze. Must have easily been 5000 and more.
>Shit is fine if you spend some days in a deficit.
Yeah, it is fine, but not if you're doing it constantly and trying not to. Key word to OP's post is "again". He clearly has no self control, and I doubt he got those calories from a Christmas meal.
Don't normalize overeating and obesity.

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>to reach the weight...



Why are you so fucking retarded? Is your tiny manlet brain not getting enough nutrients?

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you realize that different weights require different maintenance amounts, right? myfitnessapp is an app designed to give you the amount of calories to eat per day that will be the maintenance amount (or very much near it) of the weight you're trying to reach

now, some math

if 2642 (that's the exact amount for my maintenance calories at 170 5'8) is what i need for 170 pounds, what do you think someone who's 180+ would need?

this "tiny manlet brain" is apparently out-thinking you, my dude

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>he takes instructions from a phone app, being cucked by an inanimate object.
>he thinks he's smart
Get the fuck off my board zoomer.

I'm 5'9" 190lbs and I don't eat that much and I maintain weight fine.

Caloric intake isn't based upon your weight as much as its based upon your level of physical exertion.
Get the fuck off my board zoomer retard.

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damn dude you legit got no clue what you're saying

50 minutes of hard cardio per day will maybe, MAYBE burn around 500-700 calories, which is a difference of one meal or even less

you have no idea what you eat since you probably don't count calories

and good job repeating that zoomer retard thing, you look like you're having a fucking stroke bro lmao *dabs on u*

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5'9 190 is fat

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When will you learn?

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The goal I set on my log is 50lbs lighter than I am and aiming for -2lb per week weight loss, and I am only ever overshooting by about 500 calories at the very worst.

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I am a bit overweight, but not fat.
I have a larger frame than average. Getting down to 175 would be the ideal for me.
But that's beside the point.

This retard keeps talking about over-eating, to gain weight.
Then logically backflips and thinks that continuing to eat at that rate won't make him continue to gain weight.

Fucking zoomers are retarded.

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i just explained to you why it wouldn't be overeating at my goal weight

the fat in your gut is getting to your brain and clogging up logical thought

and don't think you can escape me by replying to someone else, fatty. i'm coming for you like heart disease you overweight piece of shit

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>he thinks being overweight means you eat unhealthy shit.
Damn son. You really have a tentative grasp on basic nutrition and physiology.

Calories In - Calories Out.
Sure it gets meme'd on, but its a bedrock fact.

You're over-eating, you're gaining weight. Period. You don't magically have to eat 25% more because you put on 15 lbs.

I'm done with you though. There's no more blood in this stone.

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yes, you're getting it, calories in / calories out.

now, different weights require different calories; it's why you can get away with drinking a venti extra sugar cappuccino from starbucks every day and not gain weight while honestly believing you "don't eat a lot"

the amount of calories required to maintain a specific weight changes as the weight does. someone who weighs 110 pounds will require much less food to stay 110 than someone who is at 180 pounds and needs to stay 180. you get it, now? calories in, calories out

thanks for doing the whole "hurrhurr im done replyin to u!" thing, because it lets me get this wonderful last word in and watch you stumble out the back door

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>get nearly all my calories from drinking alcohol
>have zero appetite all day so I barely eat
I think this is unhealthy

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Nice try faggot. I'm having an irish breakfast tea with nothing added.

Your argument is based upon
>the app told me to do this!
so you've already lost.

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>"i'm done with you"
>comes back

lol you're fat as fuck and you have no logical basis to stand on

and if you keep eating so damn much, you won't have any ankles to stand on soon, either

f a t f u c k

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I always eat something bad like a box of Pringles and remember that I ate a pizza earlier but that's too late as I've finished the Pringles already and that's when the crying starts

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that's 7 big macs. is that for the whole day or just one meal? unreal.

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Same. I dont think this steamed broccoli will be helping me much.

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>being this new.

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>his argument is pro over-eating
>my argument is you don't need to eat that much
>he accuses me of eating too much

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you're the bald guy trying to debate me

i'm the zoomer breaking your ribs

peep me in the bottom left at the end

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Lol, a skeletor manlet like you?

Zoomers really are out of touch with reality.
Makes sense, as they view everything through their phone and never directly interface with the real world.

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>fatass unable to interpret metaphors

saw that coming, chief

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that fortnite dance.

I cringe so hard I pulled a muscle in my neck. brb.

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saying you can kick someone's ass is a metaphor now.

Tell me more, woke prophet zoomer.

>WW3 sneaks up on you while I sip my tea and smile.

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yeah i broke your ribs in the debate and kicked your ass with logic

now you're just an excuse for me to farm (You)s and post webms, haha fat lard lol

if i wanted to fight you irl id just run for 5 minutes and then you'd die

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/ck/ and /fit/ should just merge, it would improve many lives

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Your gonna get fattened

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You've clearly invalidated your own logic twice now.
You're the one posting webms.
If you wanted to fight me, you'd run away.

Zoomers sure are fucking retarded.
/ck/ is a 30-something board.
Maybe /mu/ is more your speed my child.

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i haven't invalidated shit you're just refusing to hear it

maintenance calorie count changes based on weight, that is fact

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5'11 160lbs (I weigh in weekly and it ranges from 158-161)

How fat am I

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These posts need re-examination, worst generation.

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You sound like me. You're absolutely disgusting.

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This, when I'm at the gym i like to strap a feed bag full of oats to my face like a fucking horse so I dont have to stop bulking just to make my next pull

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I'm sorry anon

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Fucking american-tier, holy shit

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I'd say your alzheimers should be a bigger concern for you

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>used to eat 4 000 calories or more per day
>stayed relatively slim (180lbs, 6'3") because work was extremely physically demanding
>laid off two weeks ago
>tried cutting back on food
>already up 2olbs

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Anon look up triphala and salt water flush

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i'm 5'11" 220 and people still tell me im not fat, you're fine

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If youre not noticeably muscular at that height and weight youre pretty fat, dude. Let me guess, you live somewhere in the midwest?

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>>bmi 30.7
>>technically obese

unless you're built like Michael Phelps, you fat as fuck.

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Rippen pasta doesn't belong anywhere but a gravitron post you fucking /x/ newfag.

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That's a terrible idea, you can't get /fit/ if you're getting drunk every night and al/ck/ didn't fucking leave

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>2000 calories (which is still a lot more than necessary)
Total nonsense. Even a small woman who is somewhat active requires roughly 2k calories a day.

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Uh oh.

>accidentally snuck meat sauce in my vegan sister's food again :(

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Eat slower anon. Limit eating out, avoid eating anything preprocessed, eat traditional foods. Improve your sleep. Go for a hike if you aren't already working out. If you seriously want to stop overeating you don't have to be hard on yourself and complicate things.

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>190 lbs
>doesn't count calories
Pfftttbwahahaha get a load of this fatty handing out retarded advice.

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this, when you begin dieting surround yourself in fruits for snacks, trying to go full "NO MORE SUGAR REEEEEE" will cause you to relapse HARD, so instead when you begin continue to eat bad food at a reduced rate but reject it. when i learned that 3500 calories turns into a pound i stopped freely indulging. i dont have anymore drinks but water (once again, dont try and give up on what you're used to JUST yet but reduced it slowly while phasing it out gradually)

i've managed to lose about 5 pounds already with no exercise, willpower is crucial.

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This guy is so fucking fat. I'm 6'1" at 199 lbs and I'm still overweight. Currently in a deficit until I reach 185

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LMAO at the low metabolic rate sedentary cucks ITT. I gotta eat 4k on a work day just to keep from turning into Jack Skellington.

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putting on that MASS

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fucking DESTROYED that grandpa

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Good to hear but you'll find it even easier to improve your eating habits if you include working out because:
Cardio-intensive workouts increases your oxygen intake post workout. How many calories you'd burn post-workout varies person to person but that's not too important. There's evidence though to suggest that exercise improves appetite control a lot for pretty much anybody.

tldr exercise helps you eat better

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i am very ignorant of this kind of information so i appreciate any kind i can get, thank you

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Nausea won't stop a person with an over-eating disorder from continuing to eat. Trust me on that one.

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You don't accidentally eat that many calories you american piece of shit

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But anon, it's only 8:30am and I've already eaten over 850 calories.

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You're just a fatass
Not true, I'm an active 21 year old man who is definitely skinny but not unhealthy, and I eat maybe a thousand calories a day. It's cause I'm poor as fuck but I genuinely get by just fine. And when I was trying to lose weight a while ago, in order to get to my target weight of 145 lbs and maintain it, I couldn't eat more than 1600 calories a day. An adult woman does not need to eat 2k calories a day.

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Yeah of course. People especially here give conflicting advice (like keto is good/bad) based on personal experience. Good rule of thumb would be to not take serious dieting advice from a tuvian throatsinging forum and try a bit of personal experimentation to see what works best for you.

>> No.11586056

Imagine being judged that severely by animal that mostly shits in public.

>> No.11586131

Now you know how it feels to be a black Trump supporter.

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I regularly eat over 3000 a day and i weigh 180.

>> No.11586198

How tall?

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Nice feet

>> No.11586203

also I am gay

>> No.11586209

I need to lose another 10 pounds. But im in the best shape of my life.

>> No.11586227

>I eat a shit ton every day and I'm doing great!
>Well I could afford to shed 10 pounds or so
Every time.

>> No.11586255

I actually don't know what down syndrome feels like

>> No.11586263

The point is ive been losing weight up to this point eating a shit ton.

>> No.11586290

You say that like it's a bad thing.

>> No.11586298

Per day. An even then
You'll survive just fine on 1500.

>> No.11586319

Doesn't mean shit if that's muscle mass.

>> No.11586357

Normal BMI

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ITT: People of completely different sizes, genetic dispositions, and activity levels argue about how much you should eat every day

>> No.11586663

you're a little baby twink and probably not going to make it

>> No.11586991

Based smart poster. Will be ignored or disregarded as always though.

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I eat a lot because my gf likes it. She's always talking about how I'm not as big as her ex's so this is how I keep her happy

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