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What are some great meals to have after waking up with a hangover?

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a tatsy slopovshit

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Not eating until dinner and then ordering a chink feast, giant pizza, or overstuffed sub.

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So the thing is, hangovers are caused by de-nutrification and dehydration, so the best thing you can take in is water, multivitamin, shit like pedialyte or ensure, and maybe a small amount of bland starch to anchor it down and for the insulin spike.

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A thicc bloody mary

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A fat mixed plate at the local Lebanese place

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pickled herring in cream sauce

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2 mcgriddles and a sprite is my go to. But lately I'm still hammered when I wake up and get taco bell breakfast, those breakfast crunch wraps are great.

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eggs and bacon and homefries

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Multi-vitamin supplement before I start drinking and plenty of water inbetween each drink.

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I'm nursing my hangover as such. Wawa and beer.

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that looks like shit anon. Im sorry if that offends you, but im drunk right now and just looking at that is making me nauseous.

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what the fuck is that

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you want fucktons of grease

I cook tons of bacon and then make a bacon egg and cheese sandwich cooking all the other ingredients in bacon fat

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Water, Probiotics and low glycemic fruit.

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Pho bo and a Sunkist or carnitas and carne asada tacos with horchata

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This guy knows what's up

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>smoking inside
i cant stand smokers. you all stink worse than niggers

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Fried rice

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How are you not gonna get an iced coffee and pickled plum drink with that pho my nigga?

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A bullet.

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I read that once, that dehydration is the cause of a hangover. Dying of thirst is like the hangover that finally kills you.

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Corned Beef Hash with poached eggs and hollandaise. Sourdough buttered toast, and a mocha.
Leftover lasagna.
Pussy juice.

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Leftover takeaway curry

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authentic Pho

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what are some good foods to eat 3 days into delirium tremens? i've been on a steady diet of cocunut water, vitamin b, l-theanine and melatonin with some canned deens and fresh fruit here and there.

please don't get addicted to alcohol guys. I am praying every day that I don't have a seizure or a heart attack.

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Dehydration is only part of it. It just happens to be the most commonly experienced negative effect of alcohol. You can have a hangover while being properly hydrated.

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I've never understood this. I love Pho when I'm drunk, but eating is not only sober but hungover sounds terrible.

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Just binge on the fast food chain of your choice that has 24/7 work hours and you stopped by on the way home

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Wrong, though those are factors. It's mainly caused by brain inflammation as a result of a glutamine spike. That being said, it also does dehydrate you, which certainly doesn't help. Getting some electrolytes and amino acids is never a bad idea. It isn't well researched, but my theory is that your body won't produce so much glutamate if it's busy breaking it down.
These are good ideas. Lots of protein and electrolytes, and there's a lot of research that hot (temperature-wise) and spicy foods are also anti-nausea.

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this tbqh... quit smoking mate.

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Eat plenty of protein, fruits, and vegetables. Take herbal supplements like passion flower, hops, and valerian root to help with insomnia and tremors (passion flower works like a mild valium).
Sorry to hear you're going through that, I was able to get past it. Now I just drink beer once a week or less.

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Water and vitamins. Eating heavy, greasy meals during a hangover is just a rumor that doesn't actually do shit other than upset your stomach further.

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This; gallons of water

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It's the lighting and atrocious color of the plate

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This is literally the only way to do it.
Feel rough as fucking shit all day till about 6pm.
Smoke a joint, order greasy Chinese or pizza.

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Vietnamese iced coffee is god tier

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This is what i do.. Ive drank until drunk every-other day for the past 10 years.. it doesnt matter what pain killers i take or how much water i drink or what i eat.. i dont even really hangovers, but if i dont fast a little bit then pig out it throws my body out of whack over time and i start aging much more quickly and i dont sleep right.

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no competition

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There are no great meals. Your body will demand greasy fatty foods if you're still drunk. If you are truly hungover, plenty if water sipped slowly, some toast and anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen. Avoid too much caffeine.

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Californian detected

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ideally something like pic related with a nice rich broth. can also be a red spicy broth

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Do you have someone you know to check in on you and make sure you're okay?

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Pho with lots of tripe, viet lime drink or coffee, multivitamin, water.

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My girlfriend's dick milk, hot and thick straight from the source.

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eggs, potatoes, meat.

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Wanna know why people get splitting headaches after a massive binge?
Because the body needs to draw water from other parts of the body to keep the vitals alive, and one of those places in your spinal fluid.

To cure hangovers it's literally just time, rest, multivitamins and lots of water. Sodium after you've re-hydrated to replenish electrolytes. If you go from being hammered one night, to waking up and smashing a fatty, salty shitty breakfast it plays a huge toll on your liver. I can pin point the time when I went from headache hangovers, to debilitating nauseous bed ridden days, my hangovers changed. was not fun.

... I'm a recovering chronic alcoholic. I learned all this shit when I was forced to go to a back on track program from my first DUI.

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>It's mainly caused by brain inflammation as a result of a glutamine spike.
Your brain can't become inflamed you idiot. If it does, brain damage is the result.

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2 tylenol, a mug of beer, and 6 inches of dick

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