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how do I cook some tasty codfish?

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Coat in a nice beer batter and serve with a side of steak fries

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*sigh* seems to be the only way then

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Be Portuguese and not Anglo

T. Frenchie/Spaniard

It's true facts tho

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I'm Italian

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Pan fry with spiced flour and serve on roasted potatoes with lemon butter for a tasty dinner

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smoke it, yo

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My Norske grandma used to make cod very similar to this. It was fantastic.


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Although coating with mayonaisse before baking sounds like a 1950's abomination, it really comes out nice. I sub garlic for old bay.


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Mayonnaise is a perfectly acceptable and tasty cooking oil.

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Mio Dudo
Vicentina? In umido?
There aren't many ways, but they taste delicious nonetheless

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cod almondine. It's a classic for a reason.

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Tollhouse crackers as a bearding with olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper if you wanna do something simple

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