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Anyone else getting smashed tonight?
Bought a 1 litre bottle of this garbage cos it was the cheapest in the store and some Pepsi cans and im planning up on cozying at home and gettim drunk while funposting on 4chan whole night
Whats your poison tonight, /ck/?

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>drinking a drink named after a deadbeat dad
it's a yikes from me chief

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Tried whiskey for the first time yesterday, I don't really drink much. Got a bottle of Talisker 10. People said it was gonna be smokey and peaty but I didn't really get that.
It wasn't as bad as I was afraid of but it wasn't brilliant either. I dunno I'll try it again later.

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>Tried whiskey
how? im from a eastern yuro shithole and even here, whiskey is pretty much the most consumed alcohol, especially when you are young.
think i got drunk for the first time at 16 with some cheapo whiskey.
cheap trash like jonnie walker, jim beam, j&b, etc, not real "good" whiskey most often than not, but still, everyone drinks whiskey

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People here drink cheap vodka and beer when they're young (cause that's what you can buy yourself when you're 18). You have to be 20 to buy harder alcohol, so most people get their drinking done with those two.
At least that's what I found, I didn't drink a lot in my youth.

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how is vodka different than whiskey

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Vodka goes from distilling to bottle.

Whiskey goes from distilling to barrels to bottle.

The aging in barrels significantly changes the flavor of the neutral spirit.

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no, i mean in the sense of "hard liquor"
why are you allowed to buy vodka at 18 but not whiskey until you are 20?

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I think the limit you can buy at is 22% alcohol when you're 18, so we have a few brands of cheap vodka around that limit. When you turn 20 you can buy anything.

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oh weird, all the vodka here is 40%(or i think 38%?), the same as whiskey

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Here in 'Murrica, you can't buy any booze until you're 21 (*). Where are you that you can buy watered down vodka so young? Euroland?

(*) There are small exceptions to this. For example, in Wisconsin if you're underage and at a bar or restaurant with your parents, they can buy you a drink and you can legally consume it. There are other exceptions for religious stuff, too.

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yeah, eastern yuropoorland, so as long as you dont look like a kid, you can more or less easily buy alcohol here.
big stores and supermarkets wont sell you unless you are 18, but if you go to some small, private corner store and you dont look like a toddler, no one is usually bothered to ask you for ID, so i pretty much started drinking at 16

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>so i pretty much started drinking at 16
Sounds like a healthy choice.

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such is life

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Yeah all the "real" vodka is around 40%, but we have the cheapo ones available for teenagers.

>Where are you that you can buy watered down vodka so young?
I live in Norway. I think our system is pretty good, you can buy alcohol when you're 18 but nothing extremely hard, so by the time you're 20 you can buy hard stuff and you're responsible and experienced enough to handle it. It sounds like in America people just go off the rails when they turn 21. When you're 21 here you're done with the party hard attitude and just drink like a normal human being.

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>When you're 21 here you're done with the party hard attitude and just drink like a normal human being
h-haha, y-yes, i agree, imagine if you were a 27 years old loser and still getting smashed drunk every now and then like a 18 years old kid, that would be embarrassing h-haha

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Yep, but don't worry, in just a few more years you're not gonna be drinking like a kid, you'll be a good old fashioned alcoholic.

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I hate that I can’t drink anything except tequila or I fall asleep. Couple years ago I drank whiskey but now I just pass out right away before I even get shitfaced. I stick to light beer and tequila now

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Looks like a wild boar’s hoof wearing a tracker placed on it by some environmental foundation to count the population of swine in their local woods.

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weird, im literally the same but with whiskey.
everytime i try to drink wine, beer(especially) or other hard spirits, i get sleepy after a few drinls.
maybe its cos i usually drink cheapo trash whiskey and i always have a class of coca cola or an energy drink next to it when im drinking it, but its always keeping my up whole night

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My opinion is that certain alcohols give different people different types of intoxication. I get a good, energetic drunk when I’m drinking tequila

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I've been thinking the same thing, however, I do notice that it has more to do with your environment and your own personal well being at the time.

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Yeah. Try to get some decent tequila made with real agave sometime. Something about the agave prevents hangovers. Don’t get Jose though. They cut it with vodka.

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Gonna nock back some capn and Dr pepper while playing bf5

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>scotch and pepsi

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>how is vodka different than whiskey
Vodka is for women. Whiskey is for men.

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its cheap garbage to get you drunk asap, its the equivalent of smirnoff vodka or whatever

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>buying my gf's underage friends 4lokos to celebrate the first round of finals
It's an abstract kind of feel

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Platinum, cheap cigarettes, wawa steak n cheese and tuna sub. On one hand i'm enjoying myself. On the other hand i'm a little dead inside. Yes that's a tupperware lid, my house sitter dirtied up all four of my plates.

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holy shit this thread is pure garbage with garbage tastes

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hey, kids, congratulations. now here's a heart murmur.

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I mixed some cheap whiskey with seltzer water yesterday. Also had a couple bottles of New Belgium 1554 in some frozen mugs. I got nice and toasty and sat in my room reading all day. Woke up this morning and cooked a huge breakfast to recoup. Gonna lay off it for awhile.

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They stopped putting caffeine in those when we were kids anon. Good times. Blackout drunk but wont go to sleep. So many bad decisions...

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Alcohol should have the same physical effect on an individual given equal ABV consumption. As >>11581073 says it has more to do with the mental state of the person drinking.
People who are given "placebo" alcohol as a joke or experiment will act the same as their perceptions of people they have seen drunk.

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Yeah but you have to consider what the alcohol is made from. If you were allergic to corn (not deathly allergic obviously) you’re going to have way more adverse effects to alcohol than grain alcohol.

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