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Prove you cook /ck/

Here's my juicy pork loin I made last night. Overran the juice canal and caused a counter flood.

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How long did you wait before cutting into it?

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holy shit what a faggot. lmao. put me in the screencap.

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A while. I'd say at least 20 minutes. I was prepping other stuff.
Make the screen cap yourself bitch nigga at then you'll have made something cooking related.

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I cook a lot of pizza

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That is an aesthetic pie my guy.

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Basedpilled topping choice but you burned the shit out of it.

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I made an pasta.

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>That baked ziti
Ayyy yooo

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Based cast iron pizza poster

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Nah it wasn't burnt. Those peps near the edge were sliced a bit thin though and that's why they got dark. Perfect crust though.

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Damn f am you got the pies down. Do you make your own dough? I buy mine from the deli at the store.

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>juice canal

Gonna use that phrase on the wife. I've already got her saying she's going to go "drain her pissflaps", so this will be a nice addition.

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Looks good my man, here's one I made a little while back where I used my own home cured canadian bacon. I use a cast iron griddle as the pizza stone.

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I roasted these last friday

>olive oil

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*forgot pic like the dumbshit I am

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Yes I do. For a 10" cast iron pan
>400g bread flour
>10g salt
>4g yeast
>275g water
>8g oil
Mix it together until no dry flour is left and then let it sit 12-24 hours. Divide into two portions, oil them up well. Put one in a container and into the fridge and it's good for 2-3 days. Put the other in an oiled skillet and let it rise for a couple hours. Then put the toppings on and bake it as hot as your oven goes until done.

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Ok now this one looks good

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I also have tomatoes growing in the summer and love having them for breakfast, but none right now because it's winter.

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Fucking awesome.

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Nice. Roasted veggies are better than candy
Not a bad pie either
Thanks for the recipe friend. Seems legit I like that its in grams. Is olive oil ok or does it get burnt and make it taste funny?

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I sometimes am in the mood for eggs a little overcooked like in this pic, but I prefer them creamy like pic related.

I use extra virgin olive oil.

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Potstickers and some soy sauce + rice vinegar

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Chipotle shrimp, a lot of sauce.

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I'd prefer that a little more pink but I'm sure it was still lovely.

Here's a smoked ribroast

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Roast chicken

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Chicken and gnocchi. Has spinach in it.

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pork loin? we can do pork loin. ps: rest it next time and you won't have a cutting board flood

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this was a time i didn't rest it and i had what happened to you. yes, i like cooking dem loinz

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Fucking rekt the manlet guinea dago kike

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you've come a long way
lets see how thick the pizza is please
I'm out of oil so I might try it with melted lard

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Not sure, they are poofy though. I will take a pic of the crust if I make one tonight.

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gonna be a yum from me

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I probably coulda pulled it out at 35 min instead of 45. Probably would have saved the onions from over crisping too but they weren't bad. Your pork looks nice.

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I know you take pics of the crumb? I only ask because I like thin pizza and I might make three doughs with yous recipe
If that pie had an outer crust for garlic butter before and after baking, it would be sweet. I love the crispyness of the peps on this pie

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Is this good enough

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Biggest critique is the fries look a little soggy but crispy fries are deceptively tricky.

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Mushrooms with chopped garlic and parmigiano reggiano

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Here they were before the parm

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I dont cook. I just heat up frozen things or go out to eat. I just want someone to cook for me.

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oh shit wtf

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Looks good
Sounds bad man. Most restaurants are sub par and frozen food is dog food.

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these look like shit

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Potatoes, carrots, apple, Brussels sprouts, onions. Beef stock, curry powder, English mustard, cayenne pepper, butter, salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

Looks like sick. Tastes amazing.

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here's my dinner from last night. I made the noodles myself along with the sauce and bread.

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Tell me your secret and I'll leave the cat alone

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>Apples and brusseled sprouts stew.
I used to be an adventurer like you until I took an arrow to the knee.

Sounds good tho
Good job, well done. Making it all from scratch earns you 1 (atta kid)

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I made pizza tonight.

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Here's the bottom of it.

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The outer edges are a little thicker than the middle of the pizza. The dough is pleasantly chewy while the bottom and edges have a good crunch to them.

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Lunch today

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you're supposed to let it rest

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Wa la. Sous vide pork tenderloin. Only regret was not getting a better sear.

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You're an smart

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thank you kind sir.
I thought for sure I had a few packs of yeast. maybe I'm overlooking them.

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Lol... anon, did you just undercook pork?

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Looks good but yeah your sear is a lil weak. Probably need a hotter pan because you're reverse searing you really dont want it spending too much time on the pan. Also try rolling and pressing and constantly moving it so its even and crisp.

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Looks delicious, but cooking a pork loin requires little more than preheating the oven and monitoring the internal temp.

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Actually that's where you're wrong. If you want it to be good you've got to apply a pan sear either before or after cooking. Monitoring the internal temp is also unnecessary if you know what you're doing and too much fussing with opening and closing the oven or prodding with a thermometer can lead to a drier result. I'm not sure I would enjoy your cooking.

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You know they do make thermometers that don't require you to open the door, right?

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I was worried too at first glance but no I went 10 degrees higher than the lowest recommending setting for two hours sous vide. Tasted really good too and that was a few weeks ago.
Yea my burners are pretty wonky and I could have gone with even higher heat. Thanks for the tip.

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I mean sure but why buy something when learning how to cook a roast is easy and free.

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That looks horrible anon
Are you British or something?
Try to make an Italian eat that, I dare you

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Kosher salt

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i sure hope you didnt just season raw tomatoes

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what's wrong with seasoned tomatoes? they're delicious. especially with some bacon and eggs and toast.

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you season them but only if you cook them, otherwise you might as well just have a fresh tomato

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ha ha. yeah. raw tomatoes sure are gross! ha ha.

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I've already posted this in a Patti thread, but it's a decent enough example.

Quail ballotine, hazelnut shell smoked quail jus, pickled hazelnuts, roasted muscat grapes, lightly cured semi-dried grapes, fiddleheads, roasted radish, sunflower shoots.

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listen here punk

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Nice m8. I'm digging those sprouts. I just got on a subscription service for some cuz they taste so good but I'm looking for more ways to really seamlessly incorporate them in my everyday meals

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looks like a big slvp of shite..

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It's not my best effort but it tasted fine.

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