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Client gave a me a fifty dollar gift card to The Outback Steakhouse for the holidays. Never been there before. What is worth trying?

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>client gives you a $50 tip
do americans really do this?

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lol @ this nigger waiter trying to confuse the subject.

Gifts are freely given, not an entitlement that is expected, like tips are.

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That's enough for a dinner for 2 people. Most things on the menu are good but overpriced for the quality.

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"""Australian""" """food"""

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It's probably a Christmas gift you brainlet foreigner

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bloomin' onion

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I bet that lady appreciates the briney delicate taste of semen.


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Yeah get a blooming onion and one of those big bone-in ribeyes and then a chocolate thunder if you've still got room.

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It was a gift, the other sales guy got one too. Normally they just give us scratch tickets.

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Spend it at the bar. Fuck their shitty food.

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Order a bloomin onion and some fairy bread and wash it down with some Fosters

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>he doesnt know who Giada is

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>to someone you're already paying for business
why?! is she just braindead?

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To help maintain a relationship. Networking is one of the main things businessmen do.

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Where are you from that holiday gifts aren't freely exchanged around the holidays? Not from Europe that's for sure... Its very traditional in Christian countries to give gifts around this time of year.

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OP probably sells something bloody expensive and 50 dollar gift cards are nothing to his clients.

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He is a good client of ours and we give him good pricing and order some specialty stuff for him.

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>>to someone you're already paying for business
>why?! is she just braindead?

I'm a procurement manager and I get gifts from vendors who try to kiss my ass every freaking holiday. It's a pretty common thing in business, child.

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Looks like the steak is out front and juicy

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most people in "sales" get free gift cards and stuff like that, promos and what have you, its not like the guy went to CVS and grabbed it himself, he got it for free at work

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Try the milkies, they're the best!

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Yes if you enjoy diarrhea

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she's known for her delicious clam

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Real shame about her childhood

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>She came to America when she was 7. Her father was a movie producer who had brought the family here from Italy. They attended the best schools and lived in increasingly beautiful homes. But (her) father was difficult. He collected guns and used them to intimidate the children and their mother. When she was 12, her father decided her nanny wasn't needed anymore. He began to enter her room at night and that was the end of her childhood. By age 13, he was regularly raping her at least three times a week.
>(Her) life became a mixture of shame and fear. . . . Her father told her they had been lovers in a previous life and that he was preparing her so that when she had a boyfriend or husband she would know what to do. But there were no boyfriends. (She) was never allowed to date. She was allowed no activities outside the home. She had become her father's captive. As (she) neared the end of high school, she began to dream of escape. She knew that if she did not leave the house now, she would be there forever. She packed her bags and told her father she was moving out. He called her a slut and a bitch. And he looked at her and said, "Take that whore of a sister with you."

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Good Grief!
I’m not making anymore jokes about Giada

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>gift card to The Outback Steakhouse
>What is worth trying?
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say steak.

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Shes a pretty big star I doubt she would flaunt it on her wiki

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the bread is good and the sides are surprisingly good.

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i thought they went under? maybe just in canada
when i was a kid, they had fries with cheese and bacon on them that i loved
it's a steakhouse, they have what you would expect

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normie pls go

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o shit

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we give gifts to our family members and close friends where im from, in northeast US, most people don't have the cash to go tossing 50 dollar fucking gift cards at business partners
that actually makes a lot of sense, i suppose, sort of confirmed by >>11580886 it doesn't sound like the typical case

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She always seemed like a person who came from a good upbringing. What a travesty

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It’s why she has a history of cheating rumors and such following her. Who knows how fucked up she really has been in her intimate relationships

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This. Just order a bunch of them. Nothing else there worth eating.

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Based and redpilled

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Haven't been there in 15 years, but a big ol' rack of barbecue ribs might be just the ticket.

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This. You'll get a free side or two as well, I'd recommend their baked potatoes.

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>Imagine those milkers braaaping on those feet

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Oh man I'd like to know how good of a ride she gives.

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>NE u.s.
>too poor to give $50 gifts to a business associates

Bristol or Boston? That's severe poverty friend, my grandfather wasn't nothing but a shit mucking dairy farmer and he could afford to give away bottles of good bourbon and boxes of See's candy to his people (feed salesman, tractor salesman, insurance rep, banker etc.)

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lmao is that real?

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>I love that
Yeah I bet she would

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Hi Redit.

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>when you see so many unfunny /fit/ and /tv/ memes (that were designed for fart fetishists to openly talk about their fetish) that you use them incoherently in an attempt to fit in

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Is this another terribly veiled "submissive virgin beta orbiter wants to fawn and mew over some base bitch like 13 year old girls fawning over Justin Bieber" thread?

It is, isn't it?

Man the fuck OP, and quit putting bitches on a pedestal, or they'll be dragging you around by the dick your entire life.

It's like you faggots never had a father or an older brother to teach you these things.

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What did he mean by this?

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The outback steakhouse isn't anything to write home about. I suppose their one big ticket item that everybody knows and seems to enjoy is the "blooming onion". It's just an onion that's been sliced in one of those apple-like cutters and dipped into batter and deep fried. It's good enough that you should dry it. Perhaps get yourself a steak as well, but everything else you can make at home cheaper and better yourself. Enjoy it, OP.

It's a one-and-done type of dining experience.

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Alice Springs Chicken

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Hi sperg. I've never been on redit.

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eat the gift card itself. post pics.

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What are you even trying to communicate?

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>imagine having this much sensitivity on other peoples intergender relationships
Wew lad. Its over between you and her its time to just move on.

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