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>I call him gumbo

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what is that :(

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shut up female. show us your toes then maybe you'll get an answer.

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imagine the smell

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So random :P

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Looks like some kind of cheese?

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It's powdered sugar and milk

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That's... better? Did you cook it or is it just "aged"?

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It's baked but almost started a fire because the margarine in it started leaking.

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Did you enjoy eating him?

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Why is it sitting on a bed of napkins?

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Because it's leaking dough and butter
No. I should have settled for my pea stew and I feel fat now.

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I quietly chuckle to myself whenever I see this absolute failure of a human.

But when I see someone who idolizes this loser, I nearly piss myself laughing.

Imagine, being such an omega-tier person, that you idolize this garbage person. Really makes you think, huh?

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That's because you are fat.
Disgusting pig.

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Isn't it already on a plate?

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I had to save this cursed pic to find out who. That was a huge cringe for me. I'm gay btw but rainbow colors give me the creep

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It's to drain some of the fat because I'm trying to eat more healty

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