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Biscuits and sausage gravy is the pinnacle of cooking. It's the perfect food. You should always have the equipment and ingredients on-hand. I think it should be a necessary skill like counting change and telling time. It's like the Waffle House index in disaster areas. Think about it: if you don't have a working oven, skillet, rolling pin, baking tray, mixing bowl, etc. then you should be labelled as living below the poverty line and/or third world living standards. If you don't know how to cook it, then you are basically illiterate. What does it say about your living conditions if you don't have the basic ingredients of flour, milk, salt, pepper, pork, baking powder, and some kind of fat on hand? It's like not having running water or heat. I'd bet my money that a majority of Americans can't bake a tray of biscuits. Heck, I'd bet that a majority of Americans can't cook a pot of beans or rice. That's another necessary skill: beans and rice. I hope you feel shame while reading this. But not all is lost. You still have time to learn. Go and do it. Now. You're welcome.

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Shitty fatty mincemeat in a >gravy< made from flour & milk, served on bread.

I'll pass, thanks

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>dry white bread covered in thick salty sauce with salty meat mixed in
I'll fucking pass bro. You keep above the poverty line by making shitty food. I'll do it by making money.

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It's one of the best foods. My wife doesn't eat any so I have a habit of making 8 biscuits and a full skillet of gravy and eating it all in one day by myself. Probably why I gained 15 lbs over Thanksgiving week when I made it like three times.

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>Shitty fatty mincemeat in a >gravy< made from flour & milk, served on bread.
>I'll pass, thanks
Flour milk and pork fat

Go fuck yourself

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A shit ton of pepper and there better be sage and a pinch of nutmeg in it too.

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your the only motherfucker on this board that I respect

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I love sausage gravy and biscuits. but if I was served this at a restaurant, I would walk out. it looks like garbage and I'm sure it tastes the same

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Look at all these lame white people appropriating black culture & foods.

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One of the reasons I married my wife was her B&G. Made from scratch. Raised in the south too! As for me, i make the beans & rice. Not too bad for a califag too

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It's just food my friend. A combination of foods.

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Balck culture; yes. Food? Africans don't eat food

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>black culture & foods

Sorry niggers, sausage and gravy was invented by pasty ass britbongs.

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You make the gravy with the fat from the sausage.

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Based and gravypilled

Foreignfags will never understand this god tier American breakfast

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>I'll pass, thanks
Sure you would, Lunchalot.

Sure you would.

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Asians find biscuits and gravy revolting. I was excited to have my wife try it when I first brought her to the US and she literally gagged when she saw and smelled it and pushed it away shaking her head and frowning :(

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anyone that doesn’t like biscuits and gravy is probably a psychopath. there, i said it. it is the comfiest meal ever conceived. there is no better sunday morning that making and eating it and then taking a nap.

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The culture that invented furry tofu and rotten "century" eggs is revolted by bread and milk. Makes sense.

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fuck the usa

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A significant portion of society does not eat pork.
This thread is dumb.
Thanks dumb-thread-poster.

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>wake up after a full eight hours of sleep
>make horrific slop loaded with fat and salt, consume
>need to take a nap after having been awake 45 minutes

Enjoy dying at 43 my dude.

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Yes those are the third-worlders included in OPs assumption

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>no muslims or jews or vegetarians/vegans/piscitarians/etc. live in the USA

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She's korean, you utter grease pit.

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>invented by pasty ass britbongs.

>be me
>go to England
>got to "pub" for lunch
>order biscuits and gravy
>get this

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Saying "Asian" is like saying "North American". Everybody is going to assume you mean United States (not Mexico or Canada). Asian is Chinese. So, eat shit, faggot.

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joke's on you my dude. i'm a dog

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Where are you so we can make your shit tier country a hole in the ground?

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except that's that's what you would get if you ordered cookies and milk dipshit. Should have used pic related

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I like biscuits and gravy like any man but I disagree there.
Sundays are for piping hot waffles or pancakes.

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God-tier food for working men and women. No better way to use a surplus of flour, milk, and pork. A pound of pork could probably stretch to feed a dozen men if you're just using it for texture and flavor. Have some eggs on the side for extra protein.

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>working men and women
is this a polite way to say "poorfags"?

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Should have thrown it all in a mason jar with some squid parts, onions, garlic, and buried it in your back yard for 6 months before you served it to her.

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>thinks poorfags "work"
kys moron

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