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Kartoshnik is the best Russian dish. It's simple, light, can be served at any time of the year, cheap to make, and delicious.

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For me it's the piroshki that tastiest meat doughnut

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Did you say pelmeni soup?

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This shit is godsend

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Are those fried pelmeni on the side?

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Damn they look good. Do you dip them in sauce?

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recipe? looks interesting

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It’s pelmeni soup with a side of fried pelmeni.

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Even more sour cream with dill.

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that might as well be french

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And pelmeni might as well be pierogi. Your point?

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pick something a little more unique to russia instead as a favorite russian dish. that's essentially au gratin with baking powder. probably was stolen from the french too, not uncommon for russians to use other cultures cooking techniques because the majority were forced to eat gruel, potatoes, and onions for most of their lives

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I can tell you're French by how much you bitch.

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mutt but my grandparents are from slav land. is that a lot of bitching to you?

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the french honestly believe they created everything. when they can't take credit for it, they make it different enough, and call it a regional delicacy. a french bitch gave me pretzels, fucking pretzels, and told me they were special and invented in some french village - just because they were slightly darker than average. nobody invented throwing together eggs potatoes and cream with cheese you stuck up cunts.

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almost every culture does that to some extent, americans argue over regional variations of things all the time

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>but muh americans!

don't like it when they do it either. but to compare america's bbq squabbles with france's aggressive cultural territoriality is putting on the blinders, old chap.

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not at all, maybe in the past this was true but we argue about everything now. pizza, hotdogs, chili, chowder, doughnuts, fast food, all sorts of shit. If anything its the italians getting the most butthurt lately.

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