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A burger, chips, and a pint of beer for £5.10, you cant find a better deal anywhere else t b h.

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Based spoons, poster. Be careful, you will upset the yanks here, because most of their deals only get them a shitty 330ml bottle of pisswater and not a lovely pint.

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clink clink clink


slurp, slurp, slooorp

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You'd have to sit near the filth that inhabits spoons though.

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the crowd at my spoons is fantastic, even at 1am on a saturday night. I don't live in a shithole.

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I'd rather drink less beer cold than more beer piss warm.

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we dont drink warm beer you faggot, we have ice cold beer on tap here.

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No one in the UK drinks warm beer

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Burgers think all beverages need to be served as close to freezing as possible. The concept of beer which should be served at cellar temperature scares and confuses them, hence their retardedly overhopped meme beers which need to be ludicrously oversaturated with citrus flavours so that they still taste like Mountain Dew even as they approach absolute zero. In fact I give it about 2 years before they start making salted beer so they can chill it even more before it freezes.

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can I get a pint of cider or scrumpy instead

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yeah you can with that deal

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Had some burger with haggis on top with whisky sauce on burns night last time I went. Love meeting the 50+ year olds getting their first pint of the day at 11am.

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The burgers, chicken or beef are pretty solid especially for the price and they usually have some nice real ales on cask. Never usually bad people in either. My local spoons is worth vacating after having food and a couple pints as it ends up full of 18 year olds who've just started going out.

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Its the cocktail deals that attract the young crowd, having said that my local spoons is absolutely fine, and I go there for lunch and a pint sometimes.

Breakfast is also dirt cheap, you can pick up a smaller version of a full english (which is still a big portion anyway) with a coffee for £3.20.

kek, ive been in mine for breakfast a few times and seen them drinking their first pints and playing on the gambling machines.

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The turkey on the christmas menu is shite though, and I swear down I've had cold carbonara and an overcooked yet still cold steak. Not even with a long wait time came out quick

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just order off the normal menu lad, if anything is cold, tell em to take it back and ask for another one, they'll do it for you.

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You can find deals like that all over in America you dumb bong

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Oh i did mate my old man had the turkey I had a vindaloo since it was Thursday and when the steak and carbo stuff happened I had it sent back immediately. Have to say never had a Vindaloo before and it was banging tho

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show me one, that is cheaper than that and gives you a pint of beer.

You can't. Yanks lose. Get fucked.

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Go to any dive bar with a grill retard

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post the prices, and there will be an end to the horror.

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I can hear the goalposts being uprooted at this very moment.

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Just post the prices. Can't do it? We know why, we have better burger and beer deals than you yanks. Deal with it.

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More than half of that menu isn't even burgers, retard

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So? Post the prices.

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So it's not a burgers deal if it's not even burgers

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I'm not at a bar idiot

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Schlop schlop schlop

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American education. I get it.

Yo go into a Wetherspoon's, and order a beer and a burger with chips, the beer comes free with the price of the meal, therefore qualifying it as a deal. It comes to £5.10. You may add toppings as seen in OP's pic, which are below the base burgers itself.

Post the prices.

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so you can't post any prices, because it doesn't exist. Got it, you lose my dude, you just have to deal with the fact that us brits have superior beer and burger deals.

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>100% British beef
>chicken, chicken, chicken, vegetables

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"trust me. i sell cheap beer."

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guess you missed the 'burger' in every line on that menu then huh lad? American education everyone. Its always American education, every time.

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He is based af

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you guys have terrible food and beer, it would be a rip off if it cost more than $5

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you only insult us, because yo're offended by our cheap beer and burger deals. Many of the cask ales are amazing in spoons, and the food is quite good.

You lose.You lost the game. We have better deals. Get fucked you silly cunt.

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I like spoons food but what the fuck is with the calories in it. I'll usually get the chicken wings, spicy coated prawns and some chips and that adds up to around 2600 calories and that's not even counting the pints you drink alongside it

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>he keeps calling them burgers
You're just making this worse for yourself

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Why have the alt-right always got shit hair?

pic related, trump, milo etc all have enough money to pay a decent hairdresser for a haircut (apart from milo who is bankrupt)

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>he can't read

american af t b h

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>reading turns non-burgers into burgers
missing the point af t b h

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forgot "bo-jo"

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>pub food

just zozzle

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he's trolling you, you massive idiot, he fucking gets it, we all do.

>hurr durr its not burger unless its american

you people are ridiculous

being pro-brexit doesn't make you alt-right you know

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>he fucking gets it, we all do.
>hurr durr its not burger unless its american
Wait a second, are you trying to trick me?

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I go to a little pub that's been doing its thing since the 1700s, they bake their own pies and shit and they're always delicious. Coming in on a cold or rainy day and getting a pie is peak comfyness

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nothing beats a good pie, mash, and peas with onion gravy

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Gose has been trendy the whole year, mate.

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you've tricked yourself you dumb fuck

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So ignoring the other lot I am curious, what sort of prices do your chain pubs do in america? Because the appeal of Wetherspoons in my circles ain't just the price, but the fact that there's one in damn near every town at least, if not more than one. An you know what you're gonna be getting. You see the menu and you know it'll be cheap, good food and drinks because if it ain't then the higher ups make it better what with complaints and stuff affecting the whole chain

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Is a that the blue bell in York?

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Nah mate it's a trendy coffee in the shape of that vault dweller cartoon character.

Why is fallout so shit now. Bethesda should call it a day and contract obsidian to continue the series.

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you know what I meant wrongun. the bluebell is comfy as fuck

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No you can't. A wee bit of flirting with the barmaids used to get me an Old Rosie with my meal but they've clamped down in recent years, either that or I'm getting old. Your stuck with Strongbow for included ciders. I usually get a glass of wine and cider alongside

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