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Anyone have any favorite diet foods? Essentially just low calorie food. I plan on dieting in February to try to have a hot bod for summer.

My contribution: greek yogurt veggie dip. Mix a powder dip packet into 5% Fage greek yogurt instead of sour cream, instead of being high fat/low protein it's high protein/low fat

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Do not eat any animals or their products. Eat vegan and cook vegan recipes.

There you go.

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I'm restricting to 1000cal a day, and surprisingly my saving grace has been bagels. Every morning I have half a bagel with 1 oz cream cheese (which is almost too much for one bagel half) for a breakfast of 220 calories that keeps me full until lunch.

An obvious one would be steamed vegetables. I sear them in the frying pan with a quick spray of Pam and seasonings, and then I add a little water and cover until done. I can eat until I can't physically eat another bite and still not go over my budget for the day. Mostly I eat brussel sprouts, broccoli, and carrots, and green beans.

The only thing is, most vegan protein sources are high calorie and compared to meat. In terms of chickpeas, 100g has 19g of protein, but is 364 calories, whereas the same amount of chicken has 31g of protein for only 165 cal, making meat the better option in terms of weight loss.

I was vegan for quite a while and it didn't make a difference in my health or weight. I don't think it's right to promise people that if they switch to a plant based diet they will magically lose weight when the only thing that determines size is calories in/calories out. The only pro of veganism is that it's better for the environment.

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You were probably a shitty vegan

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Not really. At the time I was pretty poor so I couldn't afford junk food, vegan or no. Even though I eat animal products now, I mostly eat whole food sand prepare my meals myself so I can log them in myfitnesspal. I wanted to say something because for some reason whenever people tout veganism they claim that weight loss will happen and "oh my god I feel SO much healthier" when it's all in their head.

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Anon, there are plenty of studies suggesting otherwise. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you.

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>planning to start a diet in 3 months
who thinks like this

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People that inevitably subscribe to some meme diet like keto and stay with it for a few weeks

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Plenty of vegan foods are high calorie.

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I'm a planner. I've been doing weight training pretty consistently since I was 18, I'm fit, not 10%bf though

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Newsflash /ck/, you can eat WHATEVER you want just not AS MUCH as you want. Just count your calories and go jogging every day for 30 minutes it's really just that simple.

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>I plan on dieting in February to try to have a hot bod for summer.
Eat as much as you eat normally, but start hitting the gym, you lazy fuck

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you don't even need to jog if you don't eat.

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I'm weight training for 1.25 hours 3-4 times a week. I eat slightly above maintenance currently (~13%bf), I'm going to go 700 calories under maintenance during the diet. I'll do cardio during the cut, I do none currently. I might do keto at the end of the cut depending if I stall out before 9-10%bf

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My go-to breakfast/pre-workout meal is applegate sausage links (3 for 110 cals) and cauliflower tots (8 for 147 cals).

Post-workout/lunch is usually a vegan protein shake because lactose makes me shit. Premier protein powder (which is delicious and cheap at roughly $1/serving), one banana, cup of almond milk. Adds up to 275 cals.

My snacks are usually fruit like grapes or applesauce pouches.

My dinners are usually just chicken and veg sauteed, I'll vary it by sauce & carb. So sometimes I'll do teriyaki chicken and broccoli on rice or barbecue chicken with potatoes and whatever veggie I can heat and eat from the freezer.

I aim for 1500 cals a day and I burn 2-2400k depending on what I do that day. I lift weights 4 days a week and bike to work 3-6 days a week.

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Seaweed snack. Really satisfying taste but really low calorie. Also a good source of iodone.

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I currently weigh 280 pounds and am 5'11. At my heaviest I was 330 and my lowest ever was 240. I'm not hear to explain my situation or tout a diet.

Like other have said as long as you pick a diet and stick to it it'll work. I currently eat for lunch every day 1 meal replacement drink usually Ensure brand and 1 Quest protein bar. For Dinner I have a Healthy Choice frozen dinner with a side of kim chi, roughly 100 calories worth. I only drink water. Total in take daily is just under 1000 calories. I also ride a stationary bike for 1 hour 5 times a week. Weight loss is consistent albeit a little slow.

My ultimate goal is 200 pounds at which point I hope to start eating like a normal person.

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For the bagels, do you eat the top halves or the bottom halves?

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Vegetable soup/Minestrone.
Soup in general is good option because it's filling and cheap

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Chicken noodle soup that's basically just seasoned salt water.

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Sardines, protein smoothies, eggs with sausage or peameal bacon, omelettes, soups, stews, fish, beef etc. Basically avoid stuff with added sugar, and refined carbs and your in the right direction. Calories in/Calories out is king though, no getting around it.

Meal suggestion: Asparagus fried in olive oil with garlic, salt, pepper and dusted with parmesan, accompanied with some salmon and a small steak, maybe some sauteed mushrooms on top.

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Im proud of u anon, i was 233 at the start of summer and now im around 196 at 6'3". I used to be a big soda drinker so all i had to do was cut that shit out (i still use sucralose drink enhancers with b vitamins). I probably eat in the ballpark of 1250-1750calories a day but besides being more mindful of calorie intake now im not really on a set diet.

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I eat both. I'll have the bottom half for breakfast one morning, and have the top the next. If I have time, I pop it in the toaster to take it to the next level.

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leaner cuts will cut body fat quicker

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diet is just dying but without the t

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I ate 1200 cals a day and went from 320lbs down to 60lbs in 6 months, I am trying to lose the rest of the weight through exercise, and it has gone extremely well! I fell fucking amazing, feel free to ask me any specific questions if you have them.

I am going to the DMV office and when I comeback I will answer any q's.

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