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No dad just because I like baking does mean I'm FUCKING GAY holy shit I hate the holiday seasons
Do other people think baking is gay?

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> just because I like baking does mean I'm FUCKING GAY
Nice. Single?

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My dad is gay and is also a pretty amazing cook, although I've never seen him bake anything.

My mom is not gay, and she has always struggled more in the kitchen.

Based on this highly scientific evidence I would say your dad is probably right. Now drop your pants and grab your ankles.

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>I like baking does mean I'm FUCKING GAY
then you're most likely gay. daddy is disappointed

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I'm not gay I'm not gay I meant to type "doesn't" but I was too angry

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Ever had your shit pushed in?

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Being a faggot makes you gay, not baking.

If you're dad is so concerned have him hook you up with a gift package to the bunny ranch and go tag team a couple of working girls on his dime.

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How does baking = gay? What sort of dumb inbred monkey math does one's brain go through to come to such a conclusion?

People like OP are the reason why I'm pro-abortion.

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you sound believable.
yeah others think baking is gay, but girls love homemade baked gifts

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And to be fair it's apparently his father who thinks he is a homosexual for enjoying baking.

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Baker detected

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>bake cookies for Thanksgiving
>now Grandma thinks I'm a fag

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Just a bit of banter la' why so uptight?

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He asks me it every time I visit for holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter

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What are you baking, is it really gay stuff?

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Jokes are better when they're repeated. Its an understood rule of comedy that some mildly or otherwise unfunny schticks get funnier with repetition. Up the ante and bring a friend with you and pose as a couple for Christmas.

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OP is gay btw if that matters

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You guys remember that one hardblush comic where marty bakes cookies?

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I'm gay and I'm an amazing baker. I've never met a straight male who is any good at baking so yeah you sound gay af OP.

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>grandma bakes cookies
>now she's gay

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My gf baked a pumkin pie. I smoked a turkey because I'm a man.

You a fag

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Baking isn't gay, but it sure helps land a good husband.

Real talk, I bake, a good few of my friends and family bake (male and female) and it's nothing to be sneezed at. Being able to throw together a good loaf of bread or a reliable cake/biscuit recipe is something everyone should have tried to learn at least once.

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>just because I like baking does mean I'm FUCKING GAY
No, that gay ass apron means you're fucking gay

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>women can be gay

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your gf is gay now anon. take measures. stay safe. don't catch the gay

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As a straight white male I can't handle baking because you have to follow strict recipes. I don't like following directions and would rather wing shit and never measure anything.

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You forgot the part where cake is shit.

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Who cares.
Punish him by not letting him have some of your baked stuff.

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burning the cake because you are too busy sucking dicks, thats gay. baking itself is not gay.

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Most cake is legitimately shit. When people bake cakes around me they create these huge fucking frosting-slabs that I can barely scratch through without going into a diabetic coma.

Smaller cakes, cupcakes, etc, are much more palatable. I make a cocoa and tamarind cupcake batch, stuffed them with homemade cherry jam and topped them with a thin dark chocolate icing. One of those was the perfect amount.

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i do, son

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No it doesn't mean your gay. Sucking cock means your gay. Baking means you like to bake. Probably eat baked stuff too, but you like to bake.

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Your dad's probably just hitting on you.

>> No.11523295

>not having a cool gay grandma
get with the program

>> No.11523298

I had no idea his grandma was a man.

>> No.11523299

Holy shit so much testosterone.

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Anon all women are gay. They all suck and fuck dick. Except lesbians I guess

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Same. Not even trying to be "manly" but I just hate how tedious baking is.
Stir frying is where it's at. Chop up a bunch of shit and throw it into a screaming hot wok and add whatever sauces you want until the shit tastes good.

>> No.11523339

Plus baking only really leads to desserts and bread, which is really just filler. You're better off without that stuff.

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Your moms cooking turned your dad gay

>> No.11523363

kek kys brainlets

>m-muh stir fry
you could just say you hate any sort of culinary practice that takes a smidge of thought. I bet you use storebought sauce too.

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i talked to your dad, he doesnt think you are gay because you bake. he's proud of that. he thinks you are gay because you are constantly sucking his dick and swallowing his cum. that may be a sign. check with your doctor

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>b-baked goods suck anyway!! filler!!!!!!
Have you never had god tier homecooked pot pie? This is just pic related at this point

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If you looked like this, nobody would be making gay jokes about you no matter how many breads you bake.

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I'm gay and I like baking

But I also have a friend who likes baking and isn't gay

But she's a girl.

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>I like baking does mean I'm FUCKING GAY

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impress fag hags with your baking skills and then fuck em

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Baking is tremendously queer. It's for fags who can't actually cook, baking is a science as in it's deliberate, documented, and repeatable. It's easy.

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Baking bread is manly, but cakes are a bit gay.

>> No.11523537

Bread is more beer-like in taste, and people don't think brewers are gay.

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>tfw you wear an apron while baking

>> No.11523565

Bend her over & fill her dusty womb with semen.

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whats funny is I only bake bread but part of what I like about it is making things that look really good.

not gay

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you newfags
it's that face when and my feel when

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Cooking is also science, except it's more like the chemistry of the 19th century- just putting random amounts together based on expectation to see what would happen with only an educated guess to go by.

Mendeleev and Rutherford were very manly.

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Baking is pretty cool, the only problem is that it takes a big kitchen and a lot of cleanup time and there's not much room to experiment like with regular cooking.
If it wasn't for awesome bakers, I wouldn't be able to get awesome rye and pumpernickel breads.

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You can’t just shoehorn memes that don’t apply, you hamfisted fuck.

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>not baking and cooking
loving every laugh at these tools that are saying its for people that cant cook. you guys are the "cooks" that throw soccer mom tier recipes together and say cooking is your favorite hobby. absolutely cringe and incredibly bluepilled

>> No.11523617

The experimentation factor is having to alter amounts for substitutions of ingredients.

>> No.11523621

baking is for people like my aunt who go to bettycrocker.com where the recipes all call for betty crocker brand ingredients for "home made casserole"
christ, even my mother bakes, she can't cook worth a shit. try her mushrooms, you'll wish the same guidelines for cooking applied to baking

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I'm gay and I can cook but I can't bake for shit.

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Cooking is ART

>> No.11523776

Oh okay, so you think baking only consists of chocolate chip cookies and shitty mom cakes because your mother is an incompetent whore. Gotcha!

>> No.11523787

OP here, i'm pansexual by the way I don't know if that matters

>> No.11523797

so a fag

>> No.11524719

This by the way. Do this.

>> No.11524744

baking is that
cooking is not
what is your major malfunction that you take personal offense to this? do you only bake, like a queer?

>> No.11525168

Imagine being this insecure about cooking

>> No.11525398

I'm a shit cook : the posts

>> No.11525472

>he follows directions like a trained monkey

I'll bet you think voting matters too dipshit

>> No.11525513

No it means he fucks pans. But which pans? Cast iron or teflon?

In spanish he fucks bread

>> No.11525526

Lol such a good line

>> No.11525532

While you might not be gay, you most certainly are a faggot.
Nah I like baking too you good

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File: 87 KB, 224x266, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 06 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_19.58_[2018.10.19_20.40.40].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry senpai if you cook anything that's sweet you're gayer than me and I suck dick for fun

>> No.11525708

i baked a pumpkin pie for thanksgiving

am i gay now?

>> No.11525714

Such a terrible movie

>> No.11525746

What is it with people who like this show all being fags?

>> No.11525780

>"fine fag, none for you then"
It's a simple response why didn't you think of it?

>> No.11525950

where are you guys from? only cooking related thing that's considered gay in my cunt is makes pastries, wedding cakes and stuff like that

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>> No.11526003

ur mum gay

>> No.11526111

It certainly screams gay. Why you don't up sewing while you're at it seamstress

>> No.11526126

>none of my extra special fluffy cake for you~

Yeah what a manly response queer

>> No.11526151

probably amerisharts, they are incredibly insecure and i feel like majority of them are closeted homos so they think every little think is gay and try to not out themselves

>> No.11526180

>I'll be eating your cake later tonight, son.

>> No.11526195

Sewing is manly as fuck, it's what you use to patch up torn jeans off the grid. Sorry city life has made you so delicate tranny.

>> No.11526198

>Why you don't up sewing while you're at

>> No.11526202

>Sewing is manly as fuck

How long was the cock taken out of your mouth for you to post that?

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File: 350 KB, 468x620, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 10 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_02.30_[2018.06.16_22.21.15].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he needs to take cocks out of his mouth to type
First time sucking dick sweetie?

>> No.11526435

How insecure can someone be that cake threatens their sexuality?
Nigga it's cake, everyone likes cake.

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>i'm dependant on others to not only make but mend my clothes
You're an example of the feminization of the american male. Fucking pioneer mountain men sewed their entire sets of clothing and footwear using animal sinews and bones for needles. Just transition already.

>> No.11526539

That movie is kino. You must have shit taste in movies.

>> No.11528251

Shut up retard

>> No.11528259

More importantly, why should I have to when I can pay someone else to. My time isn't worth investing into fixing my clothes.

>> No.11528282

nice quads but
it's 2018 friend

>> No.11528792

you seem pretty gay to me

>> No.11528797

You've definitely had you're shit pushed in. Sorry the movie triggers you :/

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I'm gay (fem) and I love baking.

Made 3 pies and a cheesecake for thanksgiving.

>> No.11528808

The filling by itself is just as good. It's called a stew. Whacking some gay and nutritionally empty pastry on it doesn't really improve it.

>> No.11530679

sweet things are for women and children
so baking is pretty gay

>> No.11530708

Baking is gay.

Real men eat raw meat straight off the bone with the blood dripping down their chin drenching their shirts in public without a care in the world.

Anything less than this = gay.

>> No.11530709


Marry me

>> No.11530744

this wouldnt happen if you went out and got some pussy you queer

>> No.11530756

Who said it threatened it? Be gay if you want to queer.

>> No.11530760

This op. And post reactions later. You will be legend.

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That kind of bread looks all burnt imo.

>> No.11530931

Its rustic you pleb. But yeah you're right eating crust like that is like knawing on bark. Its okay if you pour soup over it tho.

>> No.11531072

Y'all like co/ck/.

>> No.11531120

I'm not gay and I can't bake for shit. My boyfriend on the other hand is a flaming queer and also a master baker m

>> No.11532189

haha you make joooke very funny haha
it's not gay

>> No.11532199

Sure fucking do. Marty is best boy

>> No.11532848

First you have to follow recipes.
Then, when you are more experienced, you can change them at will.
Get real son.

>> No.11532862

And then die at 35 from gout and other liver related diseases?

>> No.11532884

This is like the more alpha version of Brad

>> No.11532904

You serious bro? Training day is pure kino

>> No.11533006

This guy looks like an HIV+ version of Brad Leone

>> No.11533009

But you are gay though.

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>baking does mean I'm FUCKING GAY
>"""it was an """accident""" i swear"""

>> No.11533017

I'm gay and I fucking hate baking. I still do it, because I want fresh bread, but its tedious and it makes a mess. Cooking is way more fun.

>> No.11533038

this, you fags say this shit because you can be a shitty cook and get away with it but it doesn't fly with baking unless you actually know what youre doing

>> No.11533044

So you mean, like, baking?

>> No.11533118

I hate baking simply due to the huge amount of dirty dishes it creates. So if you enjoy baking you also enjoy washing dishes.....yea not looking good for you OP. The easy solution would be to just stop bringing shit you've baked over to your dad's place, surprised you didn't think of that yourself desu.

>> No.11533124

>fast food poster

>> No.11534998

suck your bros dick in the living room to really own him

>> No.11535035

are you baking bread or cupcakes?

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File: 107 KB, 800x534, penisloaf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11535519

I bake sourdough bread at least once a week and I'm not gay. Just bisexual and transgender.

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File: 920 KB, 2928x3080, vMuHHCM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what you sound like

>> No.11535586

Baking isn't gay but once you start decorating your baked goods you're gay

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>Be me
>About 13 at the time
>enjoy baking because food is delicious, Want to learn sewing just to fix ripped shit and not waste perfectly good pants and covers
>Mother doesn't want me doing either of these.

>> No.11535701

>If it's brown let it mellow

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