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what is the point of adding vodka to a dish?

vodka doesn’t have any taste

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If vodka has no taste, then how come the taste makes me want to fucking vomit? FUCKING ASSHOLE IDIOT

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It's supposed to help extract alcohol soluble flavors.

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The lack of taste is why you use it.

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Vodka and grappa act as an emulsifier which prevents the cream from separating as it’s cooked with the acidic tomatoes

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Vodka is legitimately the worst of all the hard alcohols. Shit tastes like lighter fluid and burns your throat like it.

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>t. never had everclear
>or grappa
>or ouzo
>or literally anything other than basic bitch murrikan liquors

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sorry, i don't drink meme liquor.

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You don't drink any liquor at all by the sounds of it

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what's that supposed to mean?

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And you're dumb as a brick to boot.

Shouldn't you be having thanksgiving dinner right about now? I'm sure the kiddie table is all set up for you.

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It's 1:30 pm. Why are you so upset?

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that your a little bitch

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Well go on, lad. Help yer mum fix the trimmings like a good little boy.

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She's out of state. My family isn't cooking.

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Naughty, naughty. Bad little boy.

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Uhh excuse me?

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Its okay samefag, who needs family or happiness when you have seething anger and trips, right?

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>he's never tried Dan Akroyd's Crystal Skull Vodka

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It took twelve years to make
(fun fact; that's one of the trivia entries for Space Cop on imdb)

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Put it through a brita filter a couple times if you're gonna buy cheap vodka.

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