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>/ck/ general consensus
>meatsauce good
>al dente pasta good
>put them together slop a shit

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Would love to shit all over your dumb faggot face

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I would love to shoot you in the pussy with a shotgun, anon.

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*farts near you and leaves*

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You probably shit your pants and thats why you ran away.

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*realize you're right, so take off soiled underwear, throw them at you, and run away again*

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*attempts to run away with torrent of shit spewing out of asshole down legs, slips in own shit and falls to ground cracking skull open on concrete while infectious poop seeps into wounds and causes septis and quick painful death*

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Holy shit, you fucking autists

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Does it make me autist for laughing?
I’m semi-autist I fear.

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because you should use fusilli or penne or something else that the sauce actually sticks on fucking retard

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This shit needs a heavier pasta and the re-addition of some of the pasta water. The extra starch helps create an emulsion with the sauce and results in better adhesion to your pasta.


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>gargantuan portions
Stfu goblin

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It looks like slop cause you served it like slop. Try tossing the noddles in sauce before you serve it

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Thats exactly what i did you stipid cuck.

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Its slop because i didnt use the same noodles that your mommy cooks for you. This is how autistic /ck/ is.

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Just had it for dinner.
It was ok. The sauce needed more garlic and could of done with an extra hour of simmering.

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Looks infinitely better than poor OP

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You're literally that faggot that just posted your shitty "raman" yesterday.

For fucks sake, you're even eating out of the same dog bowl. Just kill yourself already.

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making my famous tagliatelle al ragu tomorrow. it's gonna be great! for that, you must mix noodle and sauce.

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Youre litterally the faggot who cannot tell the difference between pasta and ramen. Now the only way you know how to react is by having a seething meltdown like a 2 year old neet faggot.

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OP it’s ok I’m sure someone somewhere would be impressed

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Lmfao! So triggered!

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I also came to laugh at you.

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>This faggot has no life and post on /ck/ for approval of his shit life.
>how cute

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Hope this hel

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Wow. Youre like some kind of autistic detective.
Your parents must be nagging the teacher to put you in with all the normal kids.

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Nice try.

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Thats because youre a super tasteing spurg who is litterally afraid of mushrooms.

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Seething autist samefag

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Da fug?

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You're the only samefag here, bucko. Why are so offended?

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You are literally also samefagging, but wont admit to it.
Im always impressed by fagots who can beleive their own lies they tell themselves.

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I've never posted in the same thread before in my entire life, samefag.

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Youre the only one who beleives this and i never cease to be amazed by you compulsive lying faggots. Thank you for being so amazingly pathetic.

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What ever you say samefag, whatever you say... Trips doesn't make you cool, btw, only me.

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Im killing it with muh trips, in my own thread with my pasta thats so sophisticated that it triggers the neetbeard super tatsing autists to start squawking.

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Trying too hard again. Bye autist, have fun in your thread by yourself.

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All you faggots got woke to your autism. Thats why all the crying neets have left.
Youre just lonely now cause your special day class is gone.

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I'm still laughing at you.

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>This thread

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looks pretty gud anon expect no crackers

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I would eat and enjoy it

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