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What do you get at McDonald’s?
I liek the Big Mac or the McRib.

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Using fork and knife ???

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double cheeseburger with bacon ON TOP of a mcchicken
together they are the size of a quarter pounder and half the price

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McDonald’s in some European cities are quite strict. The ones that don’t have drive thru service mainly.

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I like the McMac or the Big Rib.

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I always get a Big Mac unless the McRib is available.

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For me, it's the McChicken, the best fast food sandwich.

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Monaco was a mistake.

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2 sausage biscuits
1 hash brown

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It’s a tax dodge. They have very specific tax laws that define what a restaurant pays. Knives and forks are one of the stipulations as is not offering takeaway food.

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i don't like either of those. don't like big mac sauce, and they put too much sauce on the mcrib, it makes the bun soggy
steak, egg, and cheese bagel
>normal menu
it used to be cheaper, i'd get the fish filet. now i get mcdoubles plain

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It’s Geneva.

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Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese is my absolute favorite, followed by McRib, McChicken and McFish. Not a fan of Big Macs desu

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Hi Pajeet!

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Chicken Legend, McChicken Sandwich or the Signature burger.

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I get my ass across the street to sonic instead.

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Large Double Quarter Pounder meal with Extra Salt and Pepper on the patties, and a Chicken and Cheese

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Last I got was the 月見バーガー pretty good.
They also has a texas burger where I live in Japan. The sauce was a little overpowering though.

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Small coffee, black.
That's it. Ever.

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bacon, egg, cheese bagel for breakfast, mcdoubles for hamburgers, and mcnuggets otherwise

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directions to the nearest Wendy's

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based timmies poster

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my lab partner and I go there for lunch, I get wrap of the day with a coke zero

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mcspicy chicken

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I'm in Australia and we can get fries with gravy. It's gud.

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Lads, I'm going to McDonald's. What should I get?

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they put the meat of missing kids in that

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they have a new triple stack on the breakfast menu. lmk what it tastes like

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A loophole. Can't the gubmint outsmart the tax dodgers?

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McRib Mac -- 2 McRib patties on Big Mac bun with the big mac fixings.

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for me, it's the big mac

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