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For Me, it's Pappy's.

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For me, it's the 'vark

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What's you're favorite Hot Sauce... It's in the title buddy learn 2 read.

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if i want spicy foods then ill just use peppers or spices. hot sauces are for plebs

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get fucked contrarian don't have to answer the thread if you don't have one.
Never had it, what makes it better?

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Why is it the best sauce? Because you saw some Youtube video some assholes made that said it was good?

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its not even that hot really. i think its around 100k scoville, when i want really hot i have spicier stuff but the flavor on this guy is incredible.

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It's not just a sauce. It's a philosophy

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Sounds good. I'll have to try it. What do you typically put it on?

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For me, it's Valentina

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wings pretty much. for me i like more mild stuff for regular food like eggs or whatever. right now i put like a few drops of the red dave gourmet for spice and douse with this for flavor per wing. the daves gourmet is kind of shit but it was a gift im looking for something around 500k scoville without any extracts, just peppers if you got a good rec.

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Spread your ass wide open faggot

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Rub a bit of this on ur taint and tell me it’s not the best f*ckin sauce ever.

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Best all around sauce without question

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This. It's the only actual sauce I buy as the fresh bonnets are so hard to come by here. Man is it delicious.

Outside of that, I just make my own damn sauces.

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>black label
My nigga

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