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You cu/cks ever had your taste buds blessed by this beauty? The burn is almost as good as the flavor. Finally a sauce for men.

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Green chili is always pretty good, also any chipotle or garlic chili sauce. Cheap is good.

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Any other sauce that are commercialy available that is on par with El Yucateco?

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Secret aardvark

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This meme has gone too far. Plus no one should spend 10 bucks to get “varkin”

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oh anon you're speaking my language. although i get the regular hot sauce, the xxtra kind just tastes off

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The green one is honestly too hot. And fuck anyone pretending that it doesn't hurt.

I can't stand you shitheads pretending like you have some insane immunity.

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It's not a sauce. It's a lifestyle

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I love El Yucateco red but the reason I love tapatio is that it has a nice flavor and some heat without being generic tobasco crystal whatever vinegar piss

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There's another Mexican brand called Buffalo or something. It's pretty damm good but I can't find it in the US.

Also, Cholula goes great with eggs. Fuck Tapatio and Valentina, literal trash.

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I brought this the other week, I enjoy the burn but I prefer Franks hot sauce for taste.
I'm willing to go hotter though

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I've been addicted to this stuff recently, it's the perfect balanced burn. I put a dab on a chip if I want to go on a serious ride that won't kill me, or add to food to give the perfect heat without disturbing the existing flavor profile.

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>Am I wrong about developing a spice tolerance?
>No, the rest of the world is lying!

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I never really thought the green or the red were very hot at all, and I don't have a great spice tolerance. I've just had insanely hot things before and in comparison they're around a 3/10, very manageable. You're just too sensitive

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Melinda's black label is really good, check it out.

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Marie Sharp's puts Yucateco to shame. Also this

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This one "captn sleepys quintessential" is awesome as well but out of production. I even called up the owner of the company and he explained how much it costs to do a production run, it's no laughing matter.

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God tier sauce, I add it to mayo

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Easily my favorite hot sauce

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Aardvark(en) is Dutch/Afrikaans for groundhog

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picked this one up recently, it has a stronger than you'd think mango flavor, the coconut one is also really nice.

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I’ve been seeing this around here for awhile. I’m definitely interested Marie sharps, and they a good size line up to choose from.

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I’ve wondered about the flavor profile, but whenever I see a hot sauce in a plastic bottle I assume it’s going to be a glob of sweet shit.

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You guys every tried to swizzle the devils taint juice?

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Pic related is a good basic hot suace if you want the simple favor profile with some kick. Way better than the watered down crystal or Texas Pete

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Superior hot sauces coming through. Spread your cheeks faggot

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