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For me, it's taro boba

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>white cashier

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wow they sure are stingy on the boba, huh? the Asian bubble tea place nearby would give at least twice the amount free of charge

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did you just assume xis/xer race?

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Matcha, Thai Tea, Soursop...
Can't get enough of dat shit

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Not a safe bet at all, that thing seems extensively ambisexual

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>cultural appropriation

No thanks.

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For me, it's KARA BOGA

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I think that’s in London
Pretty surprising I know

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you know a cuck made this because it’s got way too many words
here more like this

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Biggest scam of the past quarter century

>oh this one note flavorless 8oz milk “tea” with boogers is totally going to be good this time! just look at the menu picture! shyu shyu! tai hao le! here’s your 6 dollars, plus tip!!!

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Yeah, I don’t understand the popularity

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>right wingers have to make leftist memes for them
Extremely sad sad situation!

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That's actually true. And that's why the left can't meme; they are incapable of making fun of themselves.

"I was just following orders" was always interesting to me. We learned a fair bit and the Nürnberg trials in school back in the day.
The thing about is that they couldn't just choose to NOT follow those orders. If you refuse to push those Jews into the masturbation chamber you will be pushed in there yourself. They were following orders but they were doing so with the implication that they'd be fucking killed if they didn't.
Some Jews did the same actually; followed the stream to save their own hide. Soros did it but I don't see them hanging him for taking part in attempted genocide. Although they should.

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It's okay for something you get for free with your $6 meal at the Taiwanese place. Generally tastes pretty shit without milk though.

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My gf said that my taro milk tea tasted like carnation instant breakfast. :(

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>The thing about is that they couldn't just choose to NOT follow those orders.
I don't know why people keep forgetting SS was a largely volunteer organization within the Nazi party and all aspects of life within it from recruitment and training to the internal culture were steeped in Nazi ideology. Whether it be from indoctrination or a genuine belief in Nazism, if you weren't the kind of person who wanted to follow your orders you wouldn't be in the SS in the first place, barring forced conscripts from occupied countries and some non-combat personnel taken from the Wermacht and other German organizations. The Wermacht themselves were involved in plenty of war crimes but they're the only German organization who can even claim to have "just been following orders."

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For how it looks in the face I would be more willing to fuck it if it has a penis. If it looks like that and has a vagina, that's just disappointing.

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True for the SS, but they hanged plenty of people who were just regular army too.

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The average soldat wasn't driving around a gas van or shooting civilians into mass graves. There were exceptions but the majority of the "orders" were followed voluntarily and enthusiastically.

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>the left can't meme
but every right wing meme is stolen from leftists

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Taro is the most based flavour

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Have a (You)

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>Lefties are still THIS buttmad over the NPC meme

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it's true

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>/pol/ is white

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Never had taro. Can an anon describe the flavor for me.

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its either taro or chocolate

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can someone redpill me on bubble tea. What is it and whats the best flavour

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I know right

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Tea with tapioca, for me, is vanilla.

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