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What's your usual?

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For years it was always the two chalupas meal with a Baja Blast, but ever since the cravings deals I usually get those, not that I care about the price, I just like having variety. But the latest cravings deals have sucked.
Also if you've never tried their caramel empanadas they're really good.

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Crunchwrap supreme with jalapeño sauce. Burrito supreme.

Sometimes a Mexican pizza. I’m very boring with my orders.

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>But the latest cravings deals have sucked.
Glad its not just me thinking this, I hate that almost every single one now is special item + regular taco + shitty cinnamon twists

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horse meat with a side of food poisoning

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I used to love those potato things with the cheese and sourcream before I became lactose intolerant.

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yeah, one way to make them better is to order online. You can swap things and customize as much as you want and it's usually really cheap. Like at least make the taco a supreme taco which costs like 20 cents, you can make it a Doritos one too for pennies if you like those. You can also make the drink a large for like 20 cents as well. Ordering online is where it's at with Taco Bell.

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Directions to the closest McD's, unless it has a Pizza Slut attached to it then it's a personal pepperoni pan pizza to go.

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grande meal, all the fire sauce they will give me

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What is this shit doing on a McChicken Appreciation forum?

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Why is it so expensive to get things without tortillas? There's bean and rice burritos for like a dollar, but a cup of beans and rice is nearly $2 and is fucking smaller than the burrito. The power bowls are good but crazy overpriced.
Once I was jewwy and ordered 3 cheap burritos and scooped out all the contents. Decent plate of food around $4 that was better and bigger than the power bowl.

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large baja blast freeze and unseasoned rice

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steak quesarito, beefy 5 layer and a beefy fritos burrito. sometimes a couple chicken burritos for the next day.

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I'll try whatever is new on the menu, but my go-to was two cheesy gordita crunches, a regular crunchy taco and a medium baja blast.

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The Franco Unamerican.

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The $1 double stack tacos are never coming back are they /ck/...

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Directions to a better eating establishment

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maybe if the sauce was a bit more thick this would work.

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pic related if it's one that carries them. More seem to not then do.

If not this 2 softshell tacos and 1 hard shell. No lettuce.

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Something with Nachos bell grande, cheesy gordita crunch, or a burrito supreme. I still miss the steakhouse nachos.

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the $1 cheesy beef and rice burrito.
But fuck it really has to be the only thing around since it barely beats a truckstop burrito.

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drive thru workers have half a brain sometimes.
they usually ask if i want bigger drink for twenty cents. and they get the changes I want right.
best one was friday night at midnight
double chalupa box no tomato add onoin
no twist sub nachos and extra nachos
caramel apple freeze
the freshest I've ever had taco bell.
the freeze was great
unused code, box is trashed if that matters?

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you need to believe anon

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woah I just won an X-Box. Thanks, anon!

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Chicken quesadilla and a cheesy bean and rice burrito. It comes out to $5 even.

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I stopedt giving a fuck when they stopped selling the volcano burritos where I live.
They can burn in hell now.

Although sometimes when I'm three sheets to the wind I'll grab a couple cheesy gordita crunches or a shredded chicken gs burrito with no beans and extra guac.
But they can burn in hell.

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the bell is for lessers.

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i can actually tell what the individual pieces of the food are, ew

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Nacho Bellgrande and 5 layer with no sour cream anda packet of fire sauce every bite

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7 layer burrito and a fries supreme
occasionally, i will spice it up with a crunch wrap supreme and a fries supreme
i havent found a single side at any fast food restaurant that comes close to the fries supreme

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Somewhere else

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Three Chalupahs with 1 crunchy beef taco
Or two chalupahs, 1 crunchy taco, 1 wrap supreme. I need to try a double crunchwrap supreme sometime.

I used to get chicken or steak chalupahs but that jumps the price up pretty high

I wish they brought the chalupa baja back. As I remember it was a bit of sour cream, not as much as a supreme but with the sour cream being spicy.

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>I can order them with extra beef
>Tjhere's chipotle sauce I can add
>I can add fritos
>I never knew this

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It used to be two fritos burritos and a 5 layer burrito ($4.50 after tax), with 6 fire sauces. But recently I discovered the app and the ability to customize, and also got hooked on the $5 Double Chalupa Box deal with the chance of winning a fancy xbox. I don't really like the Double Chalupa, or anything else that comes with the deal, but have been eating it every night for almost a month now (still haven't won). I used to be against spending more than $5 at fast food, but something about that xbox (not even into vidya) keeps me coming back.

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One bean burrito no onions with extra cheese and extra enchilada sauce.
One beef gordita supreme with spicy ranch (baja sauce).
One grilled steak soft taco.
And an enchirito.

Also seen a minute twisty's widdly scuds.

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$5 meme box
if it's something I don't like, or I'm not that hungry, I get 2 crunchy tacos and the frito burrito

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Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Two Chicken Chalupa supremes and a beefy five layer burrito, with some inferno sauce since it's the closet thing they have to sub-decent hotsauce. It's rare that I ever really go to tacobell or other fastfood places because I'm a cheapass, but It's always good to snack with the lads while toasted.

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7 layer burrito grilled with some fire sauce

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IF I'M BEING HONEST I usually just get a five dollar box meal anymore cause it usually has something I want to try, and is usually a new one by the time I make another TB visit

However, my go to order of actual items is usually as follows
>Cheesey Gordita Crunch
>Chicken Quesadilla
>Baja Blast


>Cheesey Gordita Crunch
>Two soft tacos
>Pintos and beans
>Baja Blast

I spoon the pintos and beans into the soft tacos and make loaded tacos

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2 beefy 5 layers
2 cheesy been and rice
Add 1 of the following
>crunchwrap supreme
>2 burrito supreme
>cheesy gordita crunch
>beef grilled stuffed burrito
Tonight was gordita

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Baja, cheese & been x2
$1 chicken quesadillas x2

Or crunch wrap supreme W/ a sinde of sour cream & jalapenos. And a medium Baja blast

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The largest breakfast burrito they have.

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Driving by and going to Chipotle instead.

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big if true

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3 chicken tacos fresco, whatever their "hottest" sauce is nowadays, baja blast

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the shits lol

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Whatever "Box" combo they got and a Crunchwrap Supreme. And a Baja Blast of course.

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nothing because there is no Taco Bell in my country, had there been a Taco Bell i would have ordered something big because i'm a fucking fatso.

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Do they have vegan or at least vegetarian options?

A franchise recently opened in my town.

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I doubt they do, but even if they did, what would be the point? Taco Bell is for eating copious amounts of greasy ground "beef." Going to one for Vegan options is pointless and stupid.

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Here's what we get in Canada for 10 Leafbux. Double cheesey gordita crunch, a beef and cheese burrito, fries supreme and a couple cinnabon bites. Baja blast tastes like cough medicine and windex, this meal demands Dr. Pepper. I try to get it a couple times a month

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Cheesy Gordita Crunch
Double Decker Taco Supreme
Shredded Chicken Burrito
A lot of Fire sauce

Fucking pissed they got rid of the combo burrito.
Bean burrito

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Bean Burrito. It's also really fucking good and I don't think has that many calories either.

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>Shredded chicken mini quesadilla
>Spicy potato taco or a doritos taco
>Steak Quesadilla
>Triple layer nachos or Cheesy fiesta potatoes
>Baja blast
Wrap the mini quesadilla around the taco and dig in. I only go for this order if I'm really hungry, cut the steak quesadilla if not.

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Still waiting for the flatbread sandwiches to come back.

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If I’m not that hungry then usually the $5 box if it doesn’t have a retarded combination and if it comes with cinnamon seasoned fried spiral pasta I just tell them to sub it out for the chips & cheese and just pour the cheese on whatever taco I’m eating. If I’m being an extra fatfuck then I’ll get a few things from the dollar menu: beefy mini case of dildos, beefy crunch burrito, dorito tacos, spicy potato taco, and I don’t know why but I only like hot and fire sauce, the Diablo sauce is okay just has a weird flavor.
Now I’ll always try anything new on the menu but I’ve only done the quad steak XXL burrito once and the naked chicken chalupa once. The fries literally just taste like popeye’s fries.

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Since the demise of the Baja Gordita, I don't have a usual anymore.

>> No.11464682

so here in the states, we only have the double chalupa as a LTO? while Canada has it permanently?
I wish we had that much seasoned beefs
will they make it a mainstay here?

>> No.11464687

nevermind you said gordita
I hope the double chalupa stays

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Doing fine, and yourself?

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two beef burritos and a fries supreme
or the cheese chicken gordita and a fries supreme

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two beefy five layer burritos and a mountain dew

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>watch calories to lose weight
>eat better and less caloric food for 2 months
>crave taco bell because looks good
>roadtrip time, stop by taco bell
>2-3 items nearly blow daily limit
>eat it and feel like complete shit for the rest of the day afterwards

Relegated to drunk food only from now on. Although a good combo for me is potato griller + chicken griller with a beefy 5 layer to finish up.

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It's not permanent either, it's going away soon. We'll still have the regular gordita just not in a big box

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>three regular soft tacos
>diablo sauce
>dr. pepper
if i'm at a kentucky fried taco, i get the same thing plus a chicken little

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this place was good 20 years ago. they suck ass now.

>> No.11465636

is this their version of
>"my pleasure"?
i always throw the person off by saying, "i'm well, thank you. how are you?"

>> No.11465643

>Pintos and beans
you typed that twice. you mean pintos and cheese?

>> No.11465648

i can’t eat Taco Bell, it gives me volcano shits

>> No.11466515

whatever the 5$ deal is with FIRE sauce

>> No.11466749

Two Quesa-Dillos, one steak one chicken, and a medium beverage

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there is no conceivable way this post isn't written by a paid shill

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taco cabana fucking sucks. i'd take tbell any way

>> No.11466769

Cheesy gordita crunch, a couple of tacos (hard shell) and maybe something off the value menu.

And also a bunch of mild and fire sauce packets. What I tell them is to take the amount of sauce packets they think is too much, double it, and put it in the bag.

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Latina pussy

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A XXL or Beefy 5L with 2 potato grillers.

I'm usually full after the burrito so I think maybe I might start getting a chalupa instead.

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can we all agree fries supreme is the best side of any fast food restaurant?

>> No.11467089

Number 8 (quesadilla with taco and large drink). If I'm hungry ill add in a cheesy roll up or another taco.

also -- order through their app and you can customize the shit out of your food. suppose you could do it at the store but then they will give you the stink eye

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supreme fries and like 4 soft shell tacos

gotta get dat baja blast in too dawg

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>doesn’t eat ass

>> No.11468120

The doritos locos box with a baja blast.

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Two beefy crunch burritos and a medium baja blast

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based anon

>> No.11468759

gimme uhhhh
>number 11 supreme with a large drink

>> No.11469143

2 baja chicken chalupas, (my taco bell still does it).
1 or 2 crunchy tacos depending on how hungry i am

and of course, a lot of fire sauce. i'll empty 3 of those fuckers on the tacos, or 4-5 on the chalupas

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Crunchwrap supreme and however many soft tacos I feel like having

>> No.11469231

Get a 7 layer burrito and a chips and cheese.
Or get 3 spicy potato soft tacos
Most of the sides are veg. So the fiesta potatoes, pintos and cheese, seasoned rice, black beans, etc. you can son meet for beans on anything as well. If you’re vegan you gotta sub beef for beans and make it “Fresko” or however the fuck you spell it. If you put that request in they take all the dairy and lettuce off and add pico.

>> No.11469381

Don't have one. I don't eat at Diarrhea Bell.

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>> No.11470955

steak quesarito with tomato.

>> No.11471460

Taco Bell makes great french fries, too bad they arent always on the menu

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Rarely go but the last time I went, I got this mother fucker for like $5. The thing is a massive, complete meal and was actually really tasty. Wasn't crazy about the huge globs of avocado sauce in parts of it though.

>> No.11471535

Cheesy gordita crunch, dorito taco, soft taco, and a baja blast. Used to love the crunch wrap supreme but they always fucking skimp on the meat.

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Only thing worth eating maybe twice from that shithole.

>> No.11471724

Seven-layer burrito & 2 hard tacos no beef sub beans & potatoes, both fresco style with a handful of Diablo sauce

>> No.11471916

2 DD tacos and aed soda

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holy fucking shit i didnt know you could do 90% of this shit
thanks based shillposter

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