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I really like you senpai but before we go any further, I need you to answer a question for me. I......Is there an acceptable dipping sauce for Totino'sPizza Rolls?

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reds hot sauce

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Not a single one

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I don't find this scenario realistic. Anyway, the answer is moot as you shouldn't be eating pizza rolls in the first place. They're shit.

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Pizza rolls are never acceptable.

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Ranch dressing.

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The blood of my enemies served in the skulls of said enemies.

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people that dont like pizza rolls need to be lined up and shot in the streets.

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Yes. It's called pureed pizza rolls.

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Fucken cripes. Now I have to literally actually do this. Thanks a lot

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Daddy's cummies, zipperhead.

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Are you eating an ice cream sandwich with a fork?

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>inb4 2049's Gosling

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I look like this irl

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He likes his 2D women clinically retarded so they don't run away.

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Sorry lady I'm just waiting for my bf to arrive. Can you not talk to me so casually?

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any sauce, as long as it's served with love

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your foot sweat baby :)

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French dressing faggot!

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Marinara sauce is acceptable as is garlic butter from dat nigga John's Pizza chain

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*ties hair back*
Oh anon, you make me so happy. Now it's time for you to be happy!

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Meatball marinara sauce from subway with a shit load of parmesan

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Moot has been gone for some time

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No Rick and Morty memes thus is the only acceptable sauce for pizza rolls, this stuff is amazing if you can find it, has to be House of Tsang tho

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No, Rin.
They're meant to be eaten dry.

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I'm waiting for my wife, and pizza rolls are shit. Calzones are better.

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as yu like

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