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What do you think?

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I used to smoke pot with Jayden before school

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Remarkably OLD

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>White powder
Seems legit

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I think this shit is adorable. My grandma had one just like this and she let me keep it.

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>Microwaved mashed potatoes

Is Layla a boomer?

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i hate these kids and their names.

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It is really funny that as adults, we have kids make this type of stuff for our amusement.

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It was Jayden, me and Johnny Hopkins and they were blazing that shit up everyday.

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these sorts of things fill me with such a sadness it’s unbearable

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i wish i was still young and picking out dandelions to give to my mom

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>Bentley’s home made Noodes

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Y'all niggas need to reconcile with mortality, accept reality, and realize the only way you'll have any youthful levity in your life is by having kids.

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Thanks for this OP. I know a very pretentious “Chef” group on fb that I troll frequently with gold like this.

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The Chef’s Circle.

Really come see these fags.

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So far Dawson is the only competent-ish one.

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>9 'grees
perfect 'tempt for a 'za

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i'm pretty sure the idea is for your kid to hold on to them and look at them when they grow up to see where they came from

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Why the fuck does Dalton want me to put a bunch of sugar in a low heat oven for a little under 42 days? I think he might be a dumbass.

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>he doesn't know how to make corn

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>These names
Why do people do this to their own kids? If I was asked to look at a resume from "Brantley" it's going directly into the garbage.

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I would be humiliated if one of my children had so little understanding of cooking by the time they were school-age.

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I'm going to take a wild guess and say at least half these kids are black.

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I see Lydia learned the same style of cooking as my mom

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>4 cups cinnamon

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>ignore Dalton, he's trying to clone himself

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Convinced these are botnik.org pieces. You guys should try it out, collect a bunch of recipes into a .txt and feed it to Botnik and let it write some nonsense.

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Those are white people names, Skylar

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I don’t know what to tell you, but those are all middle class white people names save for Mia.

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1 tablespoon of melted golden brown rice
1/2 cup white distilled pepper.
1/2 cup chopped spinach
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 teaspoons active dry pancake mix

give 1 teaspoon of water to the oven and bake at 325 degrees f until just moistened
shred a large nonstick crepe for about 2 hours
wait until evenly browned and stir well in a preheated 400 degree teaspoon
dredge the center with plastic wrap
serve immediately to large friendship

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it's not. They're just written by small children who don't know any better.

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What's wrong with Layla?
I agree with the rest though.
Also any name that starts with a J is already completely unoriginal and terrible.

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Why? That's a ridiculous thing to say.
Kid didn't pick his own name.
Are you incapable of thinking with your brain to understand the world?

Very old Latin names.
Old Arabic.
Bastardized spelling of Jadon, from the Bible.

Have you never been outside of a tiny midwestern town where everyone is called Eric, Ashley, and Kyle?

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The parents of today were raised by the parents of yesterday, who were taught that it's better to be unique instead of being taught that it's better to be smart. So they taught their children to be unique, and now we have a bunch of one-of-a-kind dumbasses teaching equally individual retards.

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>chicken NOT SPICY

the absolute state of flyovers

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You retards know these aren't real, right? Every recipe is written the exact same. We did this in my ghetto ass school and ended up with garbage recipes too but there were wine or two kids whose parents gave a fuck enough to send them with a properly written recipe.

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says it all

misspelled Biblical names are effectively taking the L-RD'S name in vein

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>9 'grees hot
does he shitpost here?

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lydia's one is really sad

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Post recipes

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alexa play despacito

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>It was Jayden, me and Johnny Hopkins and they were blazing that shit up everyday.

Yeah they were there with P.J., Tobin, and Squee having a few beers. We liked beer. WE STILL LIKE BEER.

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Now playing: despacito minion cover

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>5 potatoes
>A GALLON of milk

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How is that more notable than 18 minutes of flour?

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>These kids' names
The south needs to be destroyed

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Leaf here, you should hear the shit the fob chinks are calling their kids that are born here.
>Diamonds (male)
>Sapphire (female)
>Ocean (male and female)

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My mom does this with her class every year, this shit cracks me up every time. They also include illustrations of their completed dish

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>4 cups cinnamon
t. Armand LeBoeuf

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It relentlessly pisses me off and makes me laugh at the same time while also somehow staying alluring.

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Dawson can actually cook. Every other hellspawn btfo

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in the 00ies, I used to google image for hot dark elves and a b&w drawing of a hot dark elf, with sexy net clothes and blowjob lips, called Jaelyn came up.

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>18 minutes of flour
holy shit settle down there, grandma...

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>Lydias green beans

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what the fuck is garlic grease

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>5 sugars
>1000 hours
the fuck are 5 sugars even

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>wine or two kids

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It sounds to me like the teacher just asked each kid to recite a recipe off the top of their head.

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The flour won't help you reach your protein goals. Layla's going to be jacked when she grows up.

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hi /lit/

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>Tyler insists on non-spicy
>Puts hot sauce on it anyways

God fucking damn it Tyler

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You're not American, are you?

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>>>>allowing your child to think that making mashed potatoes in the microwave is acceptable

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not everyone has such ample time as you, dalton

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>make stuffing separately so it is in no way stuffed inside a bird

>the absolute state of American cuisine

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>one gallon of regular chocolate

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>18 minutes of flour

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>an extra 5 minutes cooking on the stove is going to break the bank

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>corn and SEEEEEEDS

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>18 minutes of flour

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>Cook them on the stove for 100 minutes,

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>2 bread
>in a bowl

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>4 cups of cinnamon

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I don't get how the site works. Where do I feed the bot text?

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>saying you 'troll' anybody or anything at anytime whatsoever throughout history
fucking dumb faggot

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1/2 pound mung mix
1/2 inch jellyroll, softened
the bottom of the potato balls
1/4 salt
a small handful of large nonstick browned tartar sprinkle
the egg

Start by mixing together egg white gently moistened and slightly thickened microwaveable mung
salt the saltine so as not to undissolved over the saltine
potat total of the eggs® yolk
jelly roll pan and line them with confectioners zest until just barely touching into a lightly greased waffle
Eat now you sucralose adjusted brown

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i enjoyed this thread. the posters itt are cringey and new faggot as all heck but i recommend reading this thread in fappe mode and just checking the images. the green beans and microwaves salad were funny. good thread, shitty posts. 4chan has really become a facbook tier shit hole. sad.

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>18 minutes of flour

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>anom gets trolled
Every time.

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