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Where the hell do I find this (USA)? I discovered it recently, but have never been able to find it anywhere.

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I feel bad about eating something so ornate.

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it's just ice cream that's ejected from a machine at high speed to form the squiggles; shouldn't feel bad about it since they're mass produced to look that way

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I'd feel bad if someone made it by hand.

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I haven't seen one of these since I was a kid. I forgot what it was called but it was supposed to be some elegant ice cream when in reality it was just shit vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup made to look fancy.

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Try making a time machine and going back to the 90's

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Sorry, you have to move to a first world country to enjoy first world food.

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that image reminds me of my wifes son. Dark on the outside, but white on the inside. Its probably because we are raising him to be a good young man. We don't want him to end up like his father, who is currently serving 25 to life

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it's called viennetta i think

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>First world

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your kitchen

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luckily they do not, so eat and enjoy it anon. you've earned it.

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i hate them since they stopped making the cappucino ones

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are you a fucking retard or a mutt?

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Eat guilt free, my friend.

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Don't pizza hut do these?

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i wonder how much the millwright gets paid

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you know whats better than those things? these things

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Streets Vienetta, in all local chains in Aus

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I miss this stupid shit

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>pedophile logo

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it's just a retarded /int/ meme

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Holy shit, I’ve not had one of these in forever. They were special occasion desserts in my house growing up.
>that time my brother requested a Vienetta for his 7th birthday and ate the whole thing in one sitting

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Vienetta is fucking amazing stuff.
Perfect chocolate to ice cream ratio.

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it's literally made by a machine, so I wouldn't worry about it

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Damn feels. Sometimes 25 years seems like a day.

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Do you have a loicense for that m8?

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It's a meme you dip

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what exactly am i looking at here?

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what were they thinking?

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i remember these
taste like tiramisu but sweeter, right?

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>he doesn't like cunny

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We used to have this every fucking weekend as a kid in Canada, now I can never find it, haven't had one in maybe 20 years. Where the fuck did it go?

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Can get them everywhere in Australia.
It's icecream cake for poor people.

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taste like tiramisu, but delicious

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>ice cream cake for poor people

so, good food and a good price? sign me up. You know rich people prefer poor people food to the overpriced japanese no flavor garbage that's marketed towards them right? No one with a brain wants to spend hundreds of dollars of a little bit of cream on a cracker.

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Recipe and structure were changed about 1 or 2 years ago. It's trash now, at least those now sold in UK.

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Wow, you attempted to bait someone and then fell to bait yourself. Tell you what kid, in the future leave shit posting to the pros.

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Why is all that ice cream in the bin?

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They changed it in Australia as well. They moved production to Indonesia and used the local recipe but it's improved again since they now import it from China which is much more similar to the old Australian recipe.

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The pedo kikes are everywhere

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Probably ones that have not passed quality control, like ones that are partially crushed or offset layers or something.

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Margret Thatcher invented the ice cream machine that they use to make it

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Margaret Thatcher did not invent ice cream, that's an urban legend

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your dairy confections come from fucking china? christ.

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>It's better now that they moved it to China.
There are parts of the world I never want to visit.

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