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“Plays Axel F”
Chow down

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*dry heaves*
*a map of Bering Strait is shown in the corner of the screen*

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He's a terrible competitive eater.
t. Matt Stonie

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He would have fucking died if he didn't puke from soduim overdose

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how fried is this retards brain?

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I love him so much guys

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Maybe because he's not a real competitive eater. He's pretty good for someone who does it for shits and giggles.

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vomiting hot sauce probably doesn't feel too good

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Or shitting a cactus. Or when he ate a box of crayons and they didn't digest, so it was just shitting large slightly pointy hard bits.

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i don't think you're supposed to watch him succeed
most of the enjoyment is watching the man try to essentially kill himself

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He's getting old now. Perhaps he should get a hobby.

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It's impossible to kill the beast my dude.

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such a sad posting to the internet

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no u

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he shoulda ate a trichocerus and it coulda atleast ended with some benefit

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we can only hope

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Nope, nothing can kill the Beast.

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He is a poser. Shonice is the original.

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Never heard of him. How many Guinness world records does he have?

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Shoenice is a legend. Maybe educate yourself. He eats anything.

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is this seriously a christmas speedrun? holy fuck this is retarded

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Only because you can't do better. You have to eat them in numerical order, and if you tear the door off of any day you automatically lose.

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And ended up a homeless drug addict, at least the LA beast lives in a good home and enjoys life.

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oh man you're right. i bet it took him months of training to count to 24

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Shoenice is a fucking loser

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Aren't you bored yet?

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iM aLsO gAy If ThAt MaTtErS

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You wouldn't say that to his face.

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stupid cunt clearly pressed it too late

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fucking hell i used to go to junior high with this guy, can confirm he is gay. We used to have sleepovers and watch jurassic park and jerk off together. His dick is average sized

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>Shoenice is a legend.
Well basically, you're fucking wrong kiddo.

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lol sure you did

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>watch jurassic park and jerk off together
Thanks for the chuckle, anon.

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is it wrong for me to say he's the only good youtuber I still watch to this day?

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Go watch his everclear chug. LA Queef relies on camera tricks, Shoenice is an American Patriot that donates to homeless.

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shoenice pls go

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Nah. He seems like a great guy, something between a jock and an autistic nerd.

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Shoenice is brain damaged from all the alcohol and toxic substances he's ingested during the years.

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No you
LA Queef is a piece of shit who started beef with Shoenice for no reason. Shoe nice was original. Crystal pepsi lmao, what a jerk.

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Fuck off shoenice, don't you have some drugs to shoot?

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LA Queef coppied Shoenice. All you Zoomers have only been watching sence 2016.

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what brain?

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Fuck off

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imagine being this absolutely butt blasted that your favorite food eating retard is irrelevant

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I'm not even mad. I'm just calling out LA Queerf for being an unoriginal poser. Thank you.

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there's no comparison, the Beast is just more entertaining

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I especially enjoy it when the Beast is really afraid of what is going to happen, like when he ate those coins and ingested over 500 g of sugar in a sitting. But you know he'll do something even stupider soon enough and he knows it, too.

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I strongly disagree.

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Ultimately this is the answer.

Rather not listen to a burn out talk shit about everyone and be useless now.

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I'm like 98% sure this is actually shoenice

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Why is youboobs trying to keep the beast down?

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He's not a burnout
Like Shoenice has time to argue with you mofos.

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LA Queef getting called out.

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I can't wait for his death a few years from now

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>It's a crossover episode

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why don't they pick a career that is worthwhile, like becoming firefighters or cancer researchers? why did they choose to become useless junk?

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Because they enjoy it.
Entertaining others isn't useless

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So when you're not fighting fires and curing cancer, what do you do for fun?

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At first I thought a Guinness world record rep was timing him while he fucking rips apart a motherboard and eats it lmao

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don’t talk shit bout ma boi

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save orphans from mediocrity, give youtubers free advice, and swordfight with people iv deepthroated butter with

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I'm morbidly curious as to what his asshole looks like.
I bet it's like a volcano at this point.

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Prime LA Beast would've been a great pro wrestler

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Beast does it way better tho.

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This unironically makes me lose my shit like an absolute asshole EVERY fucking time it happens

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>tfw he does the Robot Dance
More like L.A. BASED

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*20 minute pause*

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>mfw Shoenice is fucking jacked now
I enjoy both Beast and Shoe, and I'm happy to see Shoe staying sober.

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Did he really eat that cactus?
There should be needles embedded in like his throat, stomach, intestines, not to mention his asshole.

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Has beast ever been drug tested during these challenges? I suspect painkillers

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t. shoenice

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Can you blame her for getting a little distracted when such a great specimen is in front of her?

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given how much he makes in endorsements and shit he just needs to be reminded of that money and bam

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>is comfortable with himself
>gets to do what he loves
Little jealous desu

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Yes. To all of the above. Theres a video of the aftermath with him in the bathroom.

>> No.11353146

Im sure you do a ton of sword fighting then deep throating. Most likely in that order.

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yes anon that was the joke, good job

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Yeah I saw the video but I still couldn't believe it.

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Imagine Kevin giving you a sloppy bj and vomiting on your dick haha no homo tho

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Young Kevin seemed like a stereotypical powerbottom

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He seems like he would take whatever position you didn't want, cause he's a bro.

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Holy shit, Shoenice browses /ck/? Glad to see you staying sober, Chris!

>> No.11353565

I wouldn't be surprised, he's cute as fuck

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>eating crayons

>> No.11353994

the best was when he ate 10 cacti while standing in a barrel of ice water.

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yeah I can because it's her fucking job you insufferable homo

>> No.11354066

yeah like you've never been distracted from your job because prime beef was on display

>> No.11354226

I'm not a weak filled fuck up so no I haven't, surprise surprise, not everyone sucks at their job like you

>> No.11354232

my job is ogling grade A beefcake so I guarantee I'm better at my job than you are at yours, fag

>> No.11354237

translation: being fat and jacking off to chinese cartoons all day like the useless piece of shit you are

>> No.11354273

lmao look at this queer
butthurt from all the dicks he's forced to take instead of being a pro beefcake ogler

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>He would have fucking died if he didn't puke from soduim overdose
Tobasco is surprisingly low in sodium as compared to most other hot sauces.

>> No.11355131

He doesn't even need to be in his prime. Half the WWE roster is 100 years old.

>> No.11355205

This is definitely actually Shoenice, get off 4chan and get help you fucking loser

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Human science is the best science.

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oh my fucking christ, Chris browses /ck/
stay sober you beautiful fuck

>> No.11356482

>shoenice actually browses /ck/
the only good thing you did in your career was call that ugly bitch an israeli whore

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shoenice we love you in our household and anytime i am about to slam alcohol i say shoenice beforehand because if you do so shoenice gets 10% of your buzz and you will not be hungover the next day

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*Doesn't finish eating own shit*

>> No.11357101

Thank you

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what came splashing out of the bucket when they threw it to him? puke?

>> No.11357387

I'm guessing that cactus is easy to eat and the needles are relatively harmless. I remember seeing his hot ice vid that he obviously faked a reaction. Hot ice is harmless.

>> No.11357427

The Beast and the bullet ants.

>> No.11357452

Maybe they sort of dissolve in the body or something.

>> No.11357456

how come /ck/ can't make good memes

>> No.11357459

Damn he didn't even scream.

>> No.11357487

>>eating crayons

i loved 6th grade

>> No.11357494

What even constitutes a good meme anymore? I feel like all the shit people call good is just weird political stuff now.

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creepy steve is a pretty good non-political meme

>> No.11357529

Looks like milk

>> No.11357538

Holy fuck I'm raging Isabelle is my wife no one fuckin touches her

>> No.11357543

>Hot ice is harmless
Not if you fuck it up like he did. If you store it incorrectly it can induce a burning sensation, it happened to my high school science teacher. Except he was quicker to remove his hand than the beast

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fucking kek

>> No.11357556

Seriously what the fuck is this?
Reminds me of that weird ass minecraft vid where the steve guy is sucking off a lever or something

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It's Steve's render from the newest Smash Bros game

>> No.11357567

No fuckin way they put tha guy in smash

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>Not if you fuck it up like he did
if you say so
are you sure your teacher wasn't fucking with you?

>> No.11357845

Nah, he wasn't very dramatic about it, just a kind of "ow, shit" quick type of reaction while flailing his hand for a second to cool it off

>> No.11357855

can back this up, my science teacher said the same thing about storing it properly. didnt stick his hand in tho

>> No.11358770

this is so obviously fake

>> No.11358803

Didn't he use the wrong mix of chemicals which ended up giving him a chemical burn rather than a heat burn?

>> No.11358929

His father is a CEO at Pepsi

>> No.11359053

Deleted alcohol slam video

>> No.11359101

Is it legit or was be impersonating Shoenice?

>> No.11360199

LA bitch

>> No.11360670

If the vid is staged, and that's a big if, he should consider an acting career.

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Seeing these two beefy hunks chowing down on butter is awakening something inside me...

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>> No.11360716

Hey everybody, Shoenice again. Just letting you know, LA Queef is not a bro. He's a poser mofo, Thank you

>> No.11360727

Shoenice is a miserable fucking loser. Unironically. I hate that retard

>> No.11360732

Thank yew

>> No.11360736


>> No.11360752

Shoenice would be a bro to you even though you're a hater.

>> No.11360773

I dont care. Wouldnt want him as a friend.

>> No.11360801

gay detected

>> No.11361316

gay, gaypilled and gay

>> No.11361322

pic with timestamp?

>> No.11361377

Honey, we're all gay here.

>> No.11361513

that's no joke
i looked at too many trap threads on /b/ and now i want to pound some boipucci. what happened to my life?

>> No.11361573

>its an unfunny poster from /v/eddit tries to funny episode

>> No.11361594

This guy used to be so hot. What happened to him?

>> No.11362491

I saw an interview after the hot ice episode. He wound up in the doctors office with burns,

>> No.11362493

They are the worst.

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Fuck You, You Fucking Nigger
Fuck You, You Fucking Nigger

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>> No.11364237

How the fuck did he not die from internal bleeding from this?

>> No.11364263

If you grind glass up enough it's basically sand.

>> No.11364519


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Real quick, I just want to say Shoenice is a handsome mofo, so basically, thank you.

>> No.11366790

Dude's pretty fucking ripped now that he's staying sober
I personally have a softspot for the guy. It's obvious that he has some sort of mental condition, based on the number of times he's said horrible shit and then immediately and seemingly sincerely apologizes.
Plus I met him in Denver once, dude's super friendly and nice, a total fucking sweetheart

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Lol same. He trolls is own youtube channel and many other channels, this guy is nailing his mannerisms. The line "crystal pepsi, what a jerk" is just so quintesentially shoenice. Its almost like Trump vernacular, very unique. ANYWAY.

>> No.11367128

What's the dumbest thing he's done? I reckon it's the raw meat.

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File: 2.92 MB, 540x428, 24 year old Ecto Cooler.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Really? You think raw meat is the worst?

>> No.11367352

LA Beast is an idiot, but he's an affable idiot. You can't really hate these kinds of guys.

>> No.11369144

Coyote Peterson is def a hack

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>> No.11369431

To be fair he only ate his one shit a few times.

Nice post,sir.

>> No.11369433

>the beast
fuck outta here gayboi

>> No.11370482

oh shit we can say soy again?

>> No.11370565

we could always say it on /ck/ because it's board-relevant you shitposting jizzstain

>> No.11370573

>thought we couldn't say "soy" on /ck/

Know how I can tell you're a crossposter who needs to go the fuck back?

>> No.11371768

well you're a crossdresser

>> No.11373904

She's gonna get the shit beat outta her when Smash comes out, you realize that right?

>> No.11373912

Go back to your cancer board, faggot

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>Go back! Go back! Go back! REEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.11373947

lol triggered

>> No.11374285

yea but shoe is still fucking retarded

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please stop bullying my bf

>> No.11374298

t. mofo. Thank you.

>> No.11374515

T. Shoenice

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File: 2.87 MB, 960x540, Enjoying A 20 Year Old CRYSTAL PEPSI.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11375880

Same. His little humorous editing bits are great.

>> No.11375925

LA beast is a legend if you ask me. As is matt stonie and shoenice and wreckless eating. Love em all.

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>Professionally vomits in projectile fashion

>> No.11376529

If any of you in this thread are over 19, you should be considering very hard what went wrong with your lives.

>> No.11376532

I'm posting on /ck/ at 1 AM in the morning.
Been there, done that.

>> No.11376534

Age is no indication. If you're here at all you've made a wrong turn in life and it's too late to undo it.

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