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worst fast food experience?

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One time I got the food and actually had to eat it

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I ordered a mcdouble and the pickles and onions were on top of the bun

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Every single experience has been awful

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I didn't ordered life but I get it anyway

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Every time a black person:
>takes my order
>makes my food
>stands within 5 feet of me throughout my entire order proccess

It's only happened a handful of times, but the food takes worst every time. Sometimes I'll just throw it out.

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does dennys count?
I went to dennys once and I ordered a grand slamwich
I took one bite and realized I needed to turn my life around, so I've lost 70 pounds since then

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He can't keep getting away with it

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Fucking Denny's. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with that place. I went through a period at work where I was doing back to back 16 hour shifts and just wanted to pickup a meal on the way home and eat something decent before getting my meager 3 hours of sleep and crawling back in, but:

1. My order was always wrong, or missing something. My shifts were so tight I didnt have time to drive all the way back and complain

2. They'd frequently take online orders when the kitchen was "closed for maintenance", so I'd drive over and see the place closed

3. Food was NEVER cooked in time. Even if I was just ordering eggs and pancakes, and even if it was only 1 slam and I gave them a 45 minute heads up and nobody else was in the restaurant, I'd still have to sit there like a queer and wait for them to cook it

4. Half the time when Im waiting for it to get cooked im hearing them laugh about how much they dont care about the food or their jobs or my order

5. Even when I GOT my food, half of the time it tasted funny and 75% of the time it was a fucking mess, tossed together without any care and made it a chore to eat

I'm not a boomer that goes out demanding to be called sir and have a waiting staff sucking my balls while I eat to enhance the experience, I just wanted a decent meal before I knocked out for the night. I can even handle the occasional mixup and mistake, it's whatever, but Denny's is such a consistent fucking trainwreck its not worth it. They're charging 10 fucking dollars for a plate of eggs and some pancakes for christ's sake, is it too much to ask to just receive what I paid for without it tasting like ass or missing half the order?

Icing on the cake is that Denny's is pretty shit even if you go in to sit down. Food's a fucking mess, burgers are dry, fries are dry and flavorless fresh out of the fryer, the place is fucking trash. Every basic bitch I've ever dated loves it, I'll never get it.

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Well, you obviously kept returning, so why should they improve?

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I ordered from there around once a week for a few weeks and then quit due to my complaints. I doubt my sparse orders were enough to justify the entire business model and lack of effort on their part.

I should definitely have stopped sooner, though.

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fuck off try hard dipshit

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>moment of weakness
>in the mcdonalds drive through at 3 am
>"three plain hamburgers with ONLY mustard"
>get the bag, drive away

>they put only ketchup

i was furious, and actually took the time to drive back through the drive through and have them fix it . checked for spit after

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One time I eated a fast food and later I did a shit.

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Got a breakfast sandwich at Tim Horton's because it was the only thing open on the way to the airport at 3:30 AM

Tasted worse than a frozen Jimmy Dean's one and I had diarrhea that day

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>order a steak medium rare
>steak is cooked fully
>send it back
>waitress gives me attitude
>15 min go by
>my friends are over halfway thru their meals
>steak comes
>is raw inside. There's a difference between some pink and blood red
>call the waitress over a second time
>tell her that I don't want a raw steak
>she carries it away and comes back 30 seconds later with the steak.
>the steak is a better color but the plate is piping hot
>they probably just chucked it in the microwave
>the manager comes over and asks if everything is ok
>says the cooks are still learning
>no one in our group leaves a tip for the cunty waitress.

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Years ago I ordered a pizza delivery and it was the worst fucking thing I have ever seen.

I had just moved to a new place that day and had no access to Internet to check reviews so I resorted to leafing through a discarded telephone directory and picking a pizza place at random.

I ordered a pepperoni because I reasoned that it was difficult to fuck that up.

What I got was

>Spongy supermarket value own brand premade pizza base
>Coated in tomato ketchup instead of pizza sauce
>With four sliced meatballs
>And layered with barely melted Kraft cheese slices

It was also icy cold and an hour late. I have no fucking idea how anyone would look at it and think 'uep, that's a pizza let alone have the fucking gall to try and charge for it.

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Serves them right honestly.

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>Stuck in KFC drive through lane for 20 minutes
>Finally pull up to window
>KFC "ran out of chicken"
>"Would you like to wait 45 minutes to an hour, Sir?"
>Never go back to KFC.

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I have many from over the years but the one that always pissed me off the most was when I went to McDonald's and ordered a mcdouble and two plain McChickens. The McChickens were not plain and had extra lettuce and mayonnaise. I have since then stopped ordering that

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Taco Bell, last night
>Custom online order, set to pick up in store and already paid for
>says it will be ready in eight to ten minutes
>Give it 15 in case they need more time
>Show up to pick it up
>"Uhhh... Did you set it as drive-thru pick up? I don't see it, maybe our computer is messed up."
>Show them receipt
>Okay, let me go check
>After five minutea the retard tells me it hasn't been made yet
>Ask him why it wasn't ready despite me giving them more time
>He just apologizes and offers me free cinnamon twists
>Finally get food
>Every item is missing one component
Fucking Taco Bell

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Paella in Spain which tasted like absolute shit. Bad/rotten fish with undercooked rice. Waste of ingredients

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>Retard eats retard food and is surprised it's shit

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>even bigger retard pretends to be above consuming fast food on an anonymous cooking forum
Who hurt you?

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Why do you keep putting shit in your mouth if you hate the taste? Hint, suggesting other people who you don't know eat shit is not a good reason

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Kill yourself redditor

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I always drive past the window once and try to make sure there aren’t any blacks working there. Usually have to go to chik fil a to avoid them

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Shouldn't you be posting on /pol/? get lost

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>be me
>in burger king in the late 90's with my family, probably 9 years old somewhere outside DC (we had been visiting the musuems)
>line was huge, nobody was getting their food, everybody was starting to get annoyed
>4 hood rats stroll in and walk up to the counter, pants sagging and speaking in ebonics
>black guy behind the counter hands them a half dozen bags literally stuffed to the brim with food
>they walk out while laughing and making chimp noises without paying
>entire line of customers is staring in disbelief
>"fucking niggers" says some random guy, loud enough for everyone to hear.

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What the fuck are you going on about? Do you read thread subjects before posting in them? I take it English isn't your first language.

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Why? Do facts trigger you?

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Hmm, you just can't be a nigger or a spic because they're all completely illiterate. So that means...

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this is actually true. i was staying at my girlfriend's house who kind of lives in the hood and ordered domino's online. the tracker was like "jaquarvis is making your food" and i was like "fuck". sure enough, like an hour longer than every other dominos in the city some 70yo mexican guy shows up with a pizza that's undercooked and buffalo chicken that's literally half burnt charcoalized mozzarella cheese covering everything. never again.

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That was an easy report. Enjoy your ban

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my theory is that at denny's you have like 2 actually competent people (one who has the night off) 3 people in training and the other 4 or 5 have walked out that night or no call no showed. i think the staff is like a revolving door of ex-cons and people who have never worked in a restaurant before and need a quick job.

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>made up stories and anecdotes are facts
Don't you have a talk show to go spout lies on, Kelly Ann?

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Why do you eat shit and then complain it tastes like shit?

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hahah so I guess that was a "yes, I am a huge Jew", huh?

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Why do facts trigger you?

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I didn't complain about the taste, you stupid mong. I said the dumb Taco Bell employees forgot to add one component to each item that I ordered. The OP is literally asking for such stories. Thank you for confirming just how retarded you are.

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>I have to check and make sure people I don't like aren't working at a store before I shop there
>you're the triggered one!

lmao righties

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just tried to go to popeyes last night

>couple niggas waitin for their food
>asian guy next in line
>350+ lb woman yelling at her daughter about everything
>5 min before they even address the guy at the counter
>blacks get their food, naturally the order is wrong
>scrambling to fix it, and they finally address the guy at the counter.
>Huge pile of chicken in the warmer bin

I just walked out , it was going to be another 20 mins before I got my food. I just wanted some chicken and this was suppose to be the "good popeyes" in town. Can't go to KFC bec it's expensive and EVERY location is disgusting as hell

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