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>The jalapenos I was fermenting for hot sauce went rotten

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The jalapeno are gay btw

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I don't think it matters.

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*grabs OP* *hugs tightly*

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Better luck next time.

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I'm sorry anon, that must be very disappointing. You'll get it next time.

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That sucks dude. Do you have any idea why?

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You deserve it for not properly preparing them for fermentation you gay weeb.

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>be cooking
>tell bf to chop cayenne peppers
>he does
>comes over to me after he finishes and start groping my nipples
>make out with him for a bit
>then I suddenly feel an intense burning on my nips
>mfw he didn't wash his hands and rubbed cayenne pepper all over my chest

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you deserved it for telling him what to do

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This is my fetish.

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>Cutting thai chilis
>Wash hands thoroughly
>Not thoroughly enough
>Very slow building tingle, extremely pleasant at first, came buckets
>Doesn't stop building
>Please stop
>Immeasurable pain
>Trying to figure out how to make it stop
>Spicy, cream stops spicy, cream on balls
>Only have sour cream
>Roommate walks in on me shoveling sour cream onto my balls over the laundry sink
>Spend next 6 hours crying in the fetal position on the floor of the shower, cold water pointed at dick

It hurt so fucking much

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washing his hands wouldn't have helped

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Probably either leaving them in the brine too long or the fact that my apartment got super hot a couple times due to AC going out.

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>This, only with habeneros instead of Thai and my asshole instead of my balls

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God I wish that were me.

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Yuck! Jalapenos Are Gross! No Thanks Thats What I Say LOL!

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Fucking leave /ck/ and 4chan completely before I throw down.

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I don't think you matter

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Base and pills.

Summer is over, leave pls K tnx

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You are now literally a spicy bitch.

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>some mould managed to develop on your sauerkraut

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I tried this on my nipples and feel nothing

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You're probably male.

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you need to go back

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im at work and laughed

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it's bait, idiot. it's actually a playful invitation

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I don't think you were fermenting...

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Next time, blow him after eating a habanero.

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>be washing dishes naked
>bf comes downstairs with a bike pump
>starts filling my ass with air
>beg him to stop
>doesn't listen and keeps pumping
>belly is now full of air
>too full to move
>stand there in agony as my stomach has expanded into a big pregnant belly
>he wraps his arms around my stomach and begins to squeeze
>pump shoots out as air escapes my colon
>he yells at me for making a mess and makes me clean it off of him with my tongue

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You were making alcohol with jalapenos?

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Brap posting will save this website

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So am I.
I'm not evil sweetie

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>make too much kimchi for my container
>let's just chuck the excess in a ziplock and see what happens
>works fine
>make too much sauerkraut
>well, a ziplock worked for kimchi, should work for kraut
I figure the kraut was more sensitive to the gas permeability of the plastic, while kimchi starts with fish sauce and misc fermented seafood in the mix.

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why are you getting your nipples played with as a man, are you Japanese?

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how can I tell if my ferment is bad

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By dying of botulism.

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Some women get pleasure from fondling and tasting a man's nipples. Especially if you've got a solid chest.

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Don’t brine them. Grind or fine chop them with a little bit of salt and top with plastic wrap. They will ferment overnight in their own juices (peppers are very active fermenters). I don’t notice any taste difference after fermenting for 10 days so that’s all I do. Stir daily and replace plastic wrap when you do. You will never have mold or rot unless you used bad peppers

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Mold or a rot smell. Fermentation should smell a little sour, not like ass

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