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What'll it be today sir?

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water please

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I will have the most pretentious drink you offer thank you very much.

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Just a bottle of Asahi please.

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Do you got any protein shakes

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White man's bourbon

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>spamming this thread on /b/ and multiple other boards
neck yourself

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That's at least pretty interesting to watch. I guess it probably just tastes like wood though.

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Choice whisky with your beautiful ice gem, Ueno-san.

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Its a little over the top in terms of presentation but would probably taste nice if you like smokey flavored things

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Thank you sir that will be $120 plus tip.

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Scotch whisky, single malt, neat.

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Never mind fuck that
you could probably do it at home for that price then you'll still have enough booze and stuff to make at least ten more

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>what is any drink at a bar

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Gin Gibson neat, well.

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Can i get some 7up and some gin?

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bits and bubs, pls thx :-)

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Milk mah nigga!

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What I mean is that yeah I don't mind paying extra for a drink at a bar, to a certain extent. Generally if it's only one drink I'm not going to pay more that about $20 subject to what bar I'm at and what I'm ordering of course. Though I would be more inclined to pay more if it was a expensive whiskey or something.

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Do you fuck your brother?

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ofc gotta keep the McPoyle bloodline pure

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5 fingers of kilchoman.

Don't judge me. I'm a German, Irish, Cherokee hybrid.

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*blocks everyone's path*

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Lol, I’ve heard it pisses people off and that the city wants to buy it.
I live in Saint Paul so that’s pretty much all I know about it.

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On the rocks.

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Beer. Neat.

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wran brurdrieser for yu

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Beer and tonic

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What's with his smirk?

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2 double bourbons

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beer. neat, with a lemon twist.

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Ozeki One Cup

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Since I'm white I'll just have all of your women.

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Hennessy XO and a Macanudo lad, it's been a long day.

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>Has unique cocktail list
Whatever drink is farthest from anything I've had
>Good back-bar but meh beer list
Neat pour of some rye or Jamaican rum
>Brewery/beer bar
A flight or a hefeweizen/saison
>Dive bar
High Life and a shot of Malort/Fernet

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Do you think Anri and Hitomi bully Kaho haha like imagine them smothering her with their even-larger boobs haha asking for a friend

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it's early so Guinness please

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Steel Reserve on the rocks

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k- kuze?

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Still have to have dinner but I think I will have a Caol Ila 18 after that while watching a film.

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I'll have your finest car milk, my good man.

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suntory, neat

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what’ll it be today sir

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There is no tip in Japan you pleb.

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let me tell you my troubles and maybe you can tell me what the drink will be

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what’ll it be today sir

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I'll take your finest semen infused kombucha thank you very much

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what’ll it be today sir

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I'll have the milk steak with a side of your finest jellybeans

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my wife's pregnant, my boss doesn't do his job, i'm tired all the time, and i don't enjoy video games like i used to. there's unspoken pressure from my parents to feel happy and appreciate the blessings in my life, but i feel overwhelmed by the burden to perform, both for society and my loved ones. i used to enjoy laphroaig but now whenever i drink it i think of my ex. i wish i'd cashed out my investments before the bitcoin bubble popped because i could've bought a house or gone traveling. instead i'm following in my parents' footsteps of mediocrity and self-imposed slavery, and the only solace i find is in the bottom of a glass.
i'd like something whimsical, that will distract me from the crushing onus of life, and instill me with a joy however ephemeral. but i also just want high proof bourbon. is there anything like that?

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what’ll it be today sir

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fuck it i'll just drink at home, it's cheaper

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I'll have a Mike's Hard lemonade and tonic on the rocks, please. I feel like getting absolutely hammered tonight after a long, hard day at work.

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what’ll it be today air

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What’ll it be today sir?

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An old fashioned please, my good man.

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this dick

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what’ll it be today sir

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Only vodka

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what’ll it be today. sir ?>>11306674

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A Diet virgin cuba libre, on the rocks.

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it be today sir

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Either the Bunnahabhain or the Benriach right above it. Wait a fucking second, I'm in Japan. Give me your best Nikkas, Yamazaki's and Hibikis and what else there is. Since I'm in Japan I'm clearly a richfag and money is not an issue. So give me some fineass cigars folded a thousand times just like Japanese sword and tell me where I can get the kinkiest whores in town.

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The price of your best whisky.
If it's affordable, I'll take it. If it's not, I'll have your most popular.

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I'll have a Rum and Orange juice on the rocks.

>> No.11307133

Rum and coke please.

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The loli special please.

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I got a job as a bartender specifically so I could drink for free in a bar every weekend. Feels gud man

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give me your finest youtube video of a fancy drink while i have cheap gin mixed with gatorade

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A pint glass filled with over proof rum please

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>call it the classic laddie when you killed the actual classic to sell a non age statement for the same price
I cannot wait for the whisky bubble to burst.

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A single plum in perfume in a man's hat.

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This guy sounds like a proper cunt
Likely works a shitty dive bar

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Okay, that will still be $120 then you mong.

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Just give me a big bird, whiskey.

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Number Eight *BRAAAP* Number Eight *BRAAAP* Number Eight *BRAAAP* Number Eight *BRAAAP*

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Pan galatic gargle blaster please

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>German, Irish, Cherokee hybrid
you can just say american

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it comes with a free uber ride to the nearest head trauma clinic

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Modified Whiskey Sour
1 egg white
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
.75oz lemon juice
.75oz simple syrup
.5oz choice Amaretto (I stick to Disoronno)
1.5oz choice high proof Bourbon (Even Williams Bonded works very well)

To emulsify the egg and give the drink a frothy texture, build the ingredients in a shaker and shake without ice. Add ice, shake, and double strain into a chilled cocktail glass using a tea strainer. The Amaretto compliments the sweeter characteristics found in most Bourbons, giving the drink an overall desert-like experience.

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do any of the drinks behind the bartender actually get used or are they for show? Like can you order a shot from one of them or what?

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Of course they are to be used either as a shot, straight or specified as an ingredient in a cocktail. General rule is the higher up the more expensive the booze will be.

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>it's a chicago fag doesn't realize how flyover he is episode

>> No.11310049

Yes and no on this. The bottles are organized by type of spirit while generally in order of least to most expensive. Grouping them together makes them way easier to reference for guests and waaaaaaaay easier for bartenders to immediately snag.

That said, the OP pic did include Fernet Branca in the background. Great shot.

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Three asahi super drys and a fanta

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today..... sir.....

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I'll have this relic, thanks

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i'll have a vodka martini instead

>> No.11310777

I'll take a iroshima

It really destroys you, and fucks you up for a long time after

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Scotch and water, hold the scotch

>> No.11310956

Sazerac, with cognac.

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No I don't want water I'll have a beer please

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Death in the Afternoon, keep them coming.

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a can of your cheapest beer, and if you don't mind I'm gonna go smoke this joint behind the bar.

Anyone is welcome to join.

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With a lemon twist.

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>to-day sir

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Did vodka bro ever make it?

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>> No.11312498

Did he make it?
Is he still around

>> No.11312583

Merlot Red Wine or the driest red wine you have.

>> No.11313023

I've hear a better way is to do the shake without ice after you have done the shake with ice then not to double strain as that ruins the froth somewhat.

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what’ll it be today sir

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what’ll itbeb today sir

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just give me the fucking bottle you ching chong nip nong motherfucker

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Your life savings

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Tall glass
1 shot vermouth
Fill to top with aromatic bitters
microwave 30 seconds or until warm
Add 7 green olives

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wat'lt be tooday srir

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>tfw it tastes like shit

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The best part is the glass butt plug.

>> No.11313878

Double of scotch, pint of bitter and a packet of Squadron Leader, cheers.

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a rich meme stout for the same price as a piss lager.

>> No.11315091

gamer girl pee

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A prettier barmaid who will listen to my troubles. Pint of bitter, double whisky and a packet of pork scratchings.

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>drinking fernet alone
not even fucking italians drink that and even in south america they just mix it with coke so it doesn't taste like shit

>> No.11315607

One of everything

>> No.11315679

>tfw everytime see a glass cork I think of buttplug

>> No.11315703

One of those "webum maymay drinks" i keep hearing about.

>> No.11315843

wahtll it be tofay

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what’ll it be today sir

>> No.11316279

a bottle of rectified spirit please. i can't take it anymore.

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In bars, there kinda is but it works differently. If a customer wants to show gratitude to a bartender they buy a drink for the bartender. It's not that common though and not expected at all, but about once or twice a week I have someone buy me a glass of beer or whisky when I'm working
t. Japanese bartender

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What’ll it be today sir

>> No.11316417

baileys in a shoe

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What would you like today sir?

>> No.11316597

Should have double strained that. There's ice bits in it.

>> No.11316603

a shot of wild turkey and the cheapest beer you've got.

>> No.11317144

Water no ice

>> No.11318198

Dirty martini, three olives

>> No.11319185

What’ll it be today si

>> No.11319451


Honestly just drink a good chilled gin. You don't need the vermouth.

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what’ll it be today sir

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what’ll it be today sir

>> No.11319591

Take a pint glass, fill it with gin, give me some ice and and a slice of cucumber in it.

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Blueberry daiquiri.

>> No.11320365

so henny and a blunt for like 2 grand, gotcha.

put it on my tab

>> No.11320393

what’ll it be today sir

>> No.11320451

lol what clearly you've never been to Italy. I go through a bottle of fernet a month just after dinner or before bed

>> No.11320477

Take up the White Man’s burden—

Send forth the best ye breed—

Go send your sons to exile

To serve your captives' need

To wait in heavy harness

On fluttered folk and wild—

Your new-caught, sullen peoples,

Half devil and half child

Take up the White Man’s burden

In patience to abide

To veil the threat of terror

And check the show of pride;

By open speech and simple

An hundred times made plain

To seek another’s profit

And work another’s gain

Take up the White Man’s burden—

And reap his old reward:

The blame of those ye better

The hate of those ye guard—

The cry of hosts ye humour

(Ah slowly) to the light:

"Why brought ye us from bondage,

“Our loved Egyptian night?”

Take up the White Man’s burden-

Have done with childish days-

The lightly proffered laurel,

The easy, ungrudged praise.

Comes now, to search your manhood

Through all the thankless years,

Cold-edged with dear-bought wisdom,

The judgment of your peers!

Source: Rudyard Kipling, “The White Man’s Burden: The United States & The Philippine Islands, 1899.” Rudyard Kipling’s Verse: Definitive Edition (Garden City, New York: Doubleday, 1929).

>> No.11320699

Fat guys in the alcohol scene somehow attract the worst of the worst. He's probably seen a dude die before. And he's right about some of that stuff that I can vouch for.
I worked at a liquor store over the Summer and people would tell me the craziest shit. I even had some older woman showing me the nudes on her phone within minutes of meeting her. Alcohol has done some fucked up shit to a lot of people's minds these days. No doubt about it.

>> No.11320744

Dry vermouth adds a little something to the drink to round it off. Not everyone is a huge fan, but I prefer it personally.

>> No.11320764

>tfw you had something like this in Osaka

>> No.11320796

what’ll it be today sir

>> No.11320854

Sounds like he works at a dive bar, which is great if I am in the mood for it. Also he is right if the bar is packed and you just ask for O whatever is good, thats a fuck you to the bartender. If its a nice cocktail bar, and the bartender has time to talk and can ask you some flavor questions then go for it.

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