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Either from a place or homemade works.

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Vietnamese coffee, hot or cold.

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What does that taste like? I had multiple coffees from various places and they all taste differently.

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It's a slightly stronger bean with a medium to heavy roast. Has a nice chocolate body to it. They like to have it with condensed milk, but I love it straight up. The Viets all thought I was nuts.

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Nice to learn something from 4chan.

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Look up egg coffee, I was in the South so o didn't get a chance to try it. I did try my own recipe and it was pretty good of a little too sweet.

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Are any of the McCafe early concept shops still open?

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>he likes his coffee cold
normies get the fuck out of my board.

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Egg coffee is awesome, I hate dark roasts normally but the viets know how to do it right

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