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what do you do with your shopping cart at the grocery store once you are done with it

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I haven't used a shopping cart since I lived with a girl (female), and that was almost 3 years ago, and she'd be in charge of putting the cart away (obviously in the cart stall in the parking lot).

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In the supermarket i shop from you have to put a coin to unlock the cart and can only get it back by getting the cart back to the row and plug the chain thingy back on, when I'm in a hurry or lazy i just leave it, the employees don't mind since they can get a tip out of it.

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once im done putting everything in my car, i take the cart and push it really hard so it ends up on the far side of the parking lot

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I take it to the place under the bridge where I sleep.

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Roll it all the way to the low income housing development where I live obviously.

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>these are the people who want $15/hr

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push it off in a random direction

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What nigger infested shithole do you live in where this is necessary?

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Throw it down the hill into the woods.

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Cart pushes aren't a thing in my country
People just put them back

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Every Aldi's in any neighborhood anywhere.

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Roll it back and retrieve my quarter or sell it to someone on their way in.

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Cart pusher here.
I usually just leave it upside down in the middle of the road next to the parking lot.

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In the ditch outside the low income apartment complex

I'm not low income

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This is pretty much standart in every grocery store in Germany and in every German grocery store outside of Germany.

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If I had a cart with loli juice all over it like op's pic, I would take it home with me and sniff it every day.

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Once the cart is empty I push it with my car bumper and launch it towards a curb

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Just fucking drop kick it so it hits someones car

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This is more of a europoor thing

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i put it in the appropriate trolley zone because i am not an animal

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While I'm leaving I stop right at the door, pull my bags out, and leave my cart right in the entrance door so it can't close.

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Leave it on the island in front of where I parked

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i dont have a car so once im done i leave it in front of the store or put it in the middle of an empty parking spot if i'm having a bad day

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I steal it. I have like 100 shopping carts in my backyard.

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Mail it express post to Tom Hanks so he can get the dollar back.

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Leave it behind my shithole car. Back out fast so it smashes into other cars.

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I park near a trolley bay so I don't have to walk too far to return the trolley.

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I eat it.

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I put it into the designated shopping cart area. Also I always get a shopping cart, even if I only buy one item, because I am a sick alcoholic and akways feel dizzy, the shopping cart gives me something to hold onto.

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The land down under.

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If there's a proper place I can push it to, then it goes there. If I have to walk all the way down a line, across, and then down another lane to get there, it goes onto the raised divider in between lanes instead.

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Put it upside down infront or behind some ones car

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Here's what you do: you take it over to the trolley return bay, but leave it in the empty parking spot closest to the trolley return bay. Then laugh gleefully all the way home.

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God I fucking hated putting the carts away. Holy fucking Christ, i was working at a really quiet store though, so it wasn't as bad, but fuck me i can't imagine it at Costco

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>He thinks white people aren't the fucking cancer of all shopping experiences.

You're so fucking delusional and new it's annoying.

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shoo shoo roody-poo

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I take it back t where it belongs, but on the way back I make sure to bash the cart into any cars/trucks that have stupid bumper stickers like 'Thank you for your service' or the Jesus fish

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I push the cart all the way home so that I don't have to carry all the groceries by hand like some kind of savage.
I usually stockpile up 5+ carts in the driveway and push them all back only when my bf yells at me about it

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I hop in and push myself home with an oar, same way I came.

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Get lost, you newfag nigger.

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>uses cutesy babytalk
>calls other people newfags

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>doesn't remember the old word filter
You literally exposed yourself as a newfag redditor and a literal nigger. Now git.

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>doesn't remember moot

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I take it to the nearest cart corral but stand at least 10 ft away and slam it in as hard as I can

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Wait do Americans not push their carts away when they're done? I don't really use a cart because I usually walk to one of the many local and varied shops around my locality or go to the weekly market instead of being forced to drive to a large and soulless supermarket and load up for the week with subsidised corn products but is it not common courtesy to show respect for shared places instead of acting like an ape?

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People where I live that don't have a car kept pushing the trolleys all the way home and then leaving them on the sidewalk.
Now all the trolleys have a bulky thing on one of the wheels that locks up the wheel if you try to push it out of the carpark.
Is this normal everywhere?

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Please answer my question. Does this happen often. I'm not being critical of your country, I'm just curious and want to know more about it.

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It's not just America. People seem to just stop giving a fuck about other people when they've reached their car. It's like the machine radiates an aura of selfishness. Once people see their car, they don't want to walk anywhere anymore and the cart just gets shoved in the nearest available spot, whether it's a vacant parking area or behind somebody else's car.

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If you take pride in remembering fucking word filters of all things you need to get laid or labotamised

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I have never in my entire pushed a trolly when shopping by myself, and I get anxiety when I push them for others, mainly cos I fucking hate how retarded people are with them and I suddenly feel like people hate me as much as I hate people using trollys. Like people parking them sideways at the end of isles and just daydreaming, big family groups standing still with them completely blocking large shop intersections. Twice now, I had two trolly pushers come in around me at the same time but angle their trollys around me that I basically was trapped in against the isle, they never even realised, I had to awkwardly grab and push their trollys away just so I could move. One time (not in shop) nearly got forced onto a road with an oncoming car because a group of people walking in a sideways cue wouldn't budge to let me past, nearly had to grab the guy and throw him into the car so I wouldn't fall off the pavement myself. Babies learn to stand and move forward at like 1? Most people however never learn to walk, clearly, and lemme tell you, working around trolly zombies not looking where the're going at shops makes me feel like pic related.

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Most people will push the cart back to where it belongs. But it so happens that the type of people who don't also happen to be the type of people who would be upset about losing 25 cents.
It just keeps the dumbasses in check.

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Nice try reddit, the door's right there

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You're both insufferable.

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The fuck is a "trolly," faggot? Are you a bong or some shit?

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I think pushing a trolley around a store is something only boomers do.

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You are the biggest piece of shit here.

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Just leave it wherever. Keeps someone employed

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Seriously, fuck off and stop pretending to be someone else, you miserable faggot.

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True patrician detected. Chaotic good FTW.

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Why do people think we want to read a block of text about their lame anxiety issues? Thank you for not talking to me irl, I guess

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No, he's right.

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>more epic samefagging
Why won't you just stop replying? Are you that braindead?

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You do realise that the words shop, cart and trolly are all Bong words that predate the invention of shopping carts right?

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The bag carrier takes it back for me after helping me unload and I tip them $5

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shut the fuck up pansy faggot

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>more than one person disagrees with me
Like clockwork. Got anymore non-arguments up your sleeve?

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take it with me

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In the cart return zone. Sometimes I'll take a couple minutes rearranging the other carts people dump in there because it triggers me how people can take it there and not make it fit into the other carts
Maybe I'm an asshole but I yell at people that just leave the cart in parking spaces and try and drive off
I've never worked in a grocery store, people just piss me off

>> No.11213239

>tried doing this
>slams into another car in the parking lot
>panic and drive off
Still cringe thinking it was a good idea

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fuck you. I was a cashier for three years. White people are the easiest to deal with, and the richer the better. Nonwhites love to use fake coupons and argue about pricing.

>> No.11213254

Ausfag here its an aldi thing

>> No.11213256

Whites don't try and pay for $200 worth of junk food with coupons and food stamps.

>> No.11213324

What you're referring to is a poor person problem, not a race problem. Poor white people act exactly like poor black people.
Honestly I don't understand why people hate other races so much. It's always just poor people doing poor people things.

>> No.11213371

Not that many black people around, but it's pretty much in every store here. I guess it's pretty ingenius way of forcing people to put the trolley back into its place, though the fact it needed to be implemented to begin with is kind of saddening in a way.

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I ask for delivery so 1. someone puts all your groceries in bags (you actually have to tell the idiots to not mix you fish with the bread or not to put some pineapple on top of a cake )
since most of them are incompetent like that i just leave my cart right there for them to carry back

> theres actually an old black gentleman that does his job well and understands that you shouldnt put raw meat with bread or.fruits so I give him a few $ each time

>> No.11213408

>need someone else to do your shopping for you
>call others idiots

>> No.11213410

completely wrong, gated community dweller detected

>> No.11213425

No matter what you think your racism isn't justified.

>> No.11213428

*commits 700% more crime per capita than white people in your path*

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Yes they do, What the fuck?

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Anybody who doesnt put the cart in the cart coral and just leaves it in the lot is a piece of shit.

>> No.11213437

I attempt to roll it into trolley area from far away as if I am making the game winning shot or winning putt. When I hit it I look around to see if anyone is excited for me. If I miss, I feel utter embarrassment and slowly and pathetically fix my mistake.

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Try living among subhumans for a month and say that

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Boy I wonder where you read this. Are you going to say "LOOK IT UP YOU BLUE PILLED ASSHOLE" or will you tell me that's it everywhere in some completely obscure "totally legit FBI stats page"

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At the nearest grocery store, the carts never leave the building. Employees carry your groceries out to the car for you.

At the second nearest grocery store, you can take the cart out. Most people push it back in the store. They also have an employee or two to help you take your food to the cart and they take the cart back for you.

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>facts aren't facts if they don't fit my worldview
Whew lad you won the stupid lottery

>> No.11213450

I live in Canada, and on my street it's 35% full blooded Africans. I'm not sure what you're trying to prove here, but poor people are poor and the gene for being an asshole is in every race, I lived in a cousin fucking white backwash town for 5 years, I've seen good and bad on both sides.

Racists to me are lonely people who think they can feel less lonely by thinking they're skin colour represents a team. You end up making the rest of us look like idiots because you can't cope with anyone not white succeeded beyond you.

>> No.11213455

Who the fuck carries around coins? What kind of poor fucking country is this?

>> No.11213456

What facts? You've proven nothing, you've sourced nothing. You might as well admit that you're getting all your information by racists that wanted to recruit you.

>> No.11213461

>gated community dweller
I'm a black man who worked up from shit. Black people aren't the issue. Poor people are.

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i never got carjacked by white people

>> No.11213470

Honestly if Costco switched to coin carts it would solve the entire problem.

>> No.11213473

But every black person carjacked you, is that it?

>> No.11213474

2 seconds on google and that was in 2011
I'll let you do your own research and google a more recent version of this and compare the two

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Yes good goyim, pay for everything with your credit card so we can monitor your movements and track every single purchase you make.

>> No.11213492

>my anecdotes count but yours don't
get fucked

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I'm probably looking at it longer than you but this is not anywhere close to 700%

>> No.11213494

I have one store nearby that does this but I'm pretty sure it was because they share a parking lot with the mall and walmart so their carts kept being taken to the other locations

>> No.11213507

Do you want me to give you sympathy for being carjacked? It made you a racist, that's not a normal mindset to have, if an Asian person carjacks you will you become racist to all Asians? It requires you to perform some fucked up mental gymnastics to have your attitude, and I don't consider you a healthy productive citizen if a single instance of crime turns you into a hateful shithead who associates everyone with the same skin color as a carjacker.

>> No.11213525

Good thing I wasn't the one who said 700% then did I
But maybe you should scroll down to violent crimes and read a little bit about the "dindu nuffin" race having an arrest rate on par with whites despite making up 13% of the population

>> No.11213545

But how many are living in poverty, how many are wrongfully targeted by racist police officers. arrests made that are falsified. You're looking at one slice of the picture to fit your narrative.

>> No.11213551

And I've never had blacks threaten me on my front lawn. But I don't blame every white person for the actions of that faggot.

>> No.11213554

lol you sure are making a lot of assumptions about me. I never even said I hated black people, because I don't. I am however more suspicious of people who share traits with people who have wronged me in the past, because I'm not brainless.

>> No.11213559

??? if I asked someone to do my shopping why would I have a cart?

do you work at a supermarket anon? did you recognized yourself when I called them idiots?

>> No.11213580

This will NEVER be an excuse for crime
>wrongfully targeted by racist police officers
>arrests made that are falsified
You cant be targeted or falsely arrested for a violent crime are you fucking kidding me?

>> No.11213594

so you just weighed in to play devils advocate. But you spoke behalf of the guy that essentially said "I got carjacked by a black guy, and so now I blame all Black people"

>> No.11213601

It's not an excuse, certainly not for rape or murder, yet crime persists for those that didn't receive good education and were surrounded by bad influences growing up. I'm telling you the correlation, the cause, not the symptoms. Maybe think about ways to improve schools in your community if you want to lower crime in the long run.

>> No.11213609

no i'm that guy
>essentially said
you're reading what you expect $racist person to say instead of what I'm actually saying you bigoted fuck

>> No.11213614

if you grow up in a violent,criminal, poor neighborhood
the only ppl that "succeed" ( meaning they have some money) are mostly criminals, people that fraud the system and some very rare cases of people that acquire their success through hard work and education

the thing is if you were raised into this shit life you end up thinking that you have no other choice than doing crime and it is also the easier path

americans are mostly racists because most neighboorhoods where that kind of rules apply are filled with black,hispanics,arabs
and very few whites

if you go to other countries lets say brazil you dont encounter that same lvl of racism cause "everyone" is the same ethnicity so they dont blame it on being black they blame it on other stuff

>> No.11213615

>lmao but think of the criminals
Only way to lower crime is to put a bullet in their braindead heads. Blacks aren't committing crime and violence because they're stupid, it's because they're violent subhumans who've never accomplished anything besides a lifetime of poverty and war.

>> No.11213635

brazil is one of the most multiethnic countries in the world
south/central american countries in general really

>> No.11213647

Sounds like you've put a lot of time and effort into believing that.

>> No.11213664

Lmao look at the state of Africa today and tell me how well they can even come close to our equals
If it wasn't for the good graces of white people all of them would've starved 100 years ago and died from disease

>> No.11213671

So you say they are the violent ones yet you yourself would choose the option of just shooting every last black person in the United States or locking them in cages to "solve the problem"

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>throw it so.the Amtrak does its job

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File: 477 KB, 1080x1426, Screenshot_20180830-163405_Tumblr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Africa is a continent. It has a billion people living in it. There are around 50+ country's inside Africa and they vary in wealth. You can find many poor country's, but you can find many wealthy country's as well.

Comparing "Africa the continent of 50+ countries" to the country with the world's largest economy is an oddball question.

>> No.11213687

based Bubbles

>> No.11213717

So you're just forgetting Ethiopia now?

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>> No.11213741

my small local shops mostly still have carts. apologies that yours are too poor and probably don't do well enough in shittertown to afford it, anon.

>> No.11213748

but that statue is only like 1/9 the size of the Eiffel Tower and about 1/3 the size of the Statue of Liberty

>> No.11213766

So is ur mum

>> No.11213767

>all of them would've starved 100 years ago and died from disease

ohhh you mean after the european countries colonized the whole continent

i mean think whatever you want and some of my close friends are pretty damn racist but given certain social conditions you cant have the same lvl of "civility"

african countries are still very influenced by religion and old beliefs does that make them stupid or sub human ? not really
on top of that they were colonized then given back their country but with almost no idea how to run a country so corruption and petty wars further fckem up

all im saying is wheter you like it or not genetically theyre quute capable and not much different

>> No.11213778

My first job as a wee tot was as a cart pusher at a chain store, now I always put my cart back in the store or neatly in the nearest cart stall. Sometimes I’ll even tidy the carts up for old times sake.

>> No.11213790

>Baron lands with no domesticated animals, no trade routes through water, poorer farmland, recently colonized.
And you compare it to the nations that had a fast water trade system, used guns to plunder all their resources and enslave everyone they could.
I just wonder why you feel like it's so important that you make them feel like they are so worthless compared to yourself.

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File: 1.46 MB, 2552x2496, a society.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>posting the old version

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File: 323 KB, 752x618, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cart pushers trying to get others to do their jobs
>cops going on the news and literally begging criminals to catch themselves

When did everyone become so lazy and entitled?

>> No.11213998

>Canadian ''''''''''''''''''''''''police''''''''''''''''''''''''

>> No.11214014

it has more to do with lack of employees than with people stealing carts. If people put away their carts where they got them then its less work for the store.

>> No.11214032

Does he use a bike pump on you?

>> No.11214076


Not a real place.

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at publix they have black teens that push your cart out to the parking lot and even load them into your car for you and they all wear badges that say they aren't allowed to accept tips
it's nice

>> No.11214139

>reddit screencaps
you deserve a permaban

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>I can't believe they actually throw this stuff away
he says as he steals from the RECYCLE bin like a nigger

>> No.11214157

I bought the whole thang

>> No.11214163

>not calling it a buggy

>> No.11214166

I slam it into a random car as hard as I can and leave.

>> No.11214178

Fellow Costco cart pusher here.
When I'm not at my job and out shopping, I always take the cart to the nearest corral, or back up front. I'm white so I have always done this, but having to deal with the stupid spics and boomers who shop at Costco that can't figure anything out, it makes me more inclined to help the other cart pushers out. Most cart pushers are sub 95 iq and I end up being a tryhard who pushes 75% of all the carts when I work. I'm told not to take tips but I do anyway.
Also, if you shop at Costco, there's a 80% chance you have a double digit iq.

>> No.11214394

We have those things in Sweden but the people who want to steal a shopping cart just chop off the chain. I've seen a lot of stolen shopping carts in ghetto areas. I think the immigrants assume that you're supposed to use it in order to carry your groceries all the way home.

>> No.11214546

laphos or euclase?

>> No.11214600
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This is actually really interesting

>> No.11214643

Place it back in a designated cart storage area normally found near the entrance of the grocery.

>> No.11214649

There are cart pushers? Seriously? And I thought baggers were bad.

>> No.11214656

But you can cash them in for 50c and then use that money to invest in property. It's how you get rich.

>> No.11214663

I put it away the thing

>> No.11214664

Slam it into the most expensive car I see. Every time.
I'm CCW so FUCK YOU it was an accident.

>> No.11214688

Baguette here, every supermarket is like that here. Most people leave a coin or a token in their car for this specific purpose

>> No.11214768

chuck it in the canal

>> No.11214780

You have race issues

Get done with it you pussy
People get stealed shit all the time,next time be more careful or fuck you for having bad luck

>> No.11214787

I use it to store my belongings

>> No.11214868

I’m white and make roughly only $16k a year (if that) and I never do any of the shit that “only” poor people do.

>> No.11214885

Why do you think Europe colonized it? Because there was no semblance of civilization before them. They are incapable of creating their own societies as evidence by the fact that they still can't do shit today. Yeah we fucked their shit up and then gave it back it to them but what have they done with the infrastructure left to them?
>Baron lands with no domesticated animals, no trade routes through water, poorer farmland, recently colonized.
It is not the fault of the Europeans that Africans had their continent for millions of years and did absolutely nothing to improve the land they live on
Also most of Africa is not a fucking desert and they have plenty of arable farm land.

>> No.11214904

Lol. colonies had nothing to do with an altruistic sense of "let's help these poor savages build a civilization", and everything to do with:
a) where can we send our undesirables to in order to get rid of them
b) plunder for resources

You're right about the rest of it though.

>> No.11214960

Never claimed we were helping the poor savages when they were colonized, but their standard of life was improved a lot because of it. But again we're past the colonial age and Africa still can't fix itself. You know the Marshall Plan the US signed after WW2 to rebuild Europe? We've dumped enough money into Africa to fund 9 Marshall Plans and they have absolutely nothing to show for it

>> No.11214973

>but their standard of life was improved a lot because of it
Yeah, I'd agree. Though your previous post came across like that was the primary motivation rather than a side effect.

They fucked themselves over long before. Back at the time of William the Conqueror when the English could barely afford to marshal an army of 20k men there were nations in Africa fielding armies of 300,000 or more. But for some reason the Europeans kept advancing while the Africans did the opposite.

>> No.11214985

>he doesn't know about word filters

candy ass

>> No.11214990

>using your ccw as a license to be an unmitigated cunt because you think you can just shoot whoever says a mean word

You are exactly the kind of person who should be permanently barred from owning any weapons up to and including butter knives as you clearly lack the mental capacity and maturity needed to handle something like that.

>> No.11214993

>when the poorest white town in the country has less violent and property crime than the RICHEST black town

Sure bro it's all because of poor people lmao

>> No.11215043

Do you have any source on that

>> No.11215080

Poor black communities are overpoliced.
You’re meme racism is bullshit and you got tricked. I know that feels shitty but try not to double down on it

>> No.11215089

God you’re so irredeemably dense

>> No.11215098

>What kind of poor fucking country is this?
What kind of poor shit hole do you live in?
Literally having cash on you and coins is the very definition of not being poor.
I never leave without at least 70 euros in bills and another 10 in coins (soda machine, shopping carts, wall snacks).
You know those card machines fail from time to time due to a network error. What is your broke ass gonna do then?

>> No.11215100

Of course he doesn’t, he’s a moron who gets his beliefs from /pol/

>> No.11215110

>what do you do with your shopping cart at the grocery store once you are done with it
What do you mean anon? Any civilized human returns them to get their coin back and not make a mess out of the parking place, like decent humans.
What kind of shithole do you live in that people don't care about their fellow man?

>> No.11215113

Yeah those Dutch sure treated their rubber farmers so well.

>> No.11215123

You’re the type of person who will be killed with their own gun when you actually try this shit

>> No.11215128

Reminder that if everybody put away their carts these pushers wouldn't have a job to do in the first place. Every lazy cunt is actually creating jobs and helping the economy by doing this. They should be applauded by everyone in the parking lot.

This is also why every time I go to the cinema I make sure to drop as much popcorn and soda everywhere so the people who have to clean it up have something they're getting paid for. Sometimes I even take bags that weren't mine and throw them somewhere else. I'm quite the hero

>> No.11215131

Not policed enough
Maybe if they stopped killing each other there wouldn't be a need for police

>> No.11215138

Where did I claim they were treated well? Subhumans don't deserve treatment on par with humans capable of being civilized

>> No.11215149

>Black teen standing literally fucking anywhere dressed as a person
>Cop orders them to stop what they aredoing and lay down on the ground
>Cop can decide on if they were "laying down aggressively" and proceed to shoot them if they want a commendation
>Random searching at all hours of the day
>Open carry in open carry states gets them shot
>Black teenagers are overwhelmingly murdered every day by a cop

You actually believe that every cop on the street isn't a racist like yourself that wanted to feel authority and get away with murder?

>> No.11215154

Do you even listen to how redundant you sound. You talk like a troglodyte psychopath claiming people should be murdered and you conjure up completely false info out your ass, and you tell us that "THEY ARE THE VIOLENT SAVAGES" when you sound like a mentally retarded chimp yourself.

>> No.11215157

I put it in the cart return area.

>> No.11215355

>arguing with a nazi stormfaggot
>he's the retarded one
Just ignore him, you fuckwit, no one takes those bugs seriously.

>> No.11215363

The parking lot of winco is sloped, I intentionally park at the top of the slope. After I get the groceries out, I get a running start and jump onto the cart and ride it down the hill at an angle so I go into the cart return area.

I've done this since I was like 8 and I'm 26 now. Not gonna stop!

>> No.11215370
File: 207 KB, 1200x1200, cart bbq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

start cookin'

>> No.11215379

Put it in the buggy coral

>> No.11215403

If there's a nearby cart corral I'll put it there. But my local grocery store doesn't have enough of the damn things because it has about 3x the normal number of handicapped spots instead. If the closest one is like 100 yards away, fuck it, I'm just leaving it in the parking lot.

>> No.11215452

>mfw take video and send it to my insurance
Thanks for the money kid

>> No.11215696
File: 36 KB, 600x489, 1490839431372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oops there goes your narrative
Blacks get arrested/shot for committing crimes and not complying and proceeding to chimp out and reach for the cops weapons
Lmao dude are you fucking kidding
Start worrying about your real problems

>> No.11215962

>>Girl (female)
I hate that we need to specify that these days

>> No.11216048

I hate them

>> No.11216214

i really liked flip flappers

>> No.11216322

And don't forget that sweet, sweet interest!

>> No.11216351
File: 136 KB, 750x937, signal-2018-07-22-221334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Normally I return it to the run. If someone has done an exceptionally shitty job of parking, I zip tie it to a door or other convienient part of their car.

>> No.11216362

I suppose that would be a slight inconvenience to someone with a pocket tool

>> No.11216367

Poorest town in america almost entirely Jewish no crime great schools.

>> No.11216372


>> No.11216382

I don't use carts much but I will often stand guard outside of the cart stalls in the parking lot for about 20 min, ensuring that folks who don't follow the rules are publicly shamed

>> No.11216388

It's amazing how many people don't even carry a simple pocket knife these days.

>> No.11216429
File: 77 KB, 1102x1184, shopping-basket-3d-model-max-obj-3ds-fbx-sldprt-sldasm-slddrw-mtl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck are you going to do this entire car of products, lardass?

>> No.11216434

I usually buy 2 cases of soda, I also park far down the parking lot cause fuck trying to back out of a space, i'd MUCH rather just park in a place where I can back out with ease then where theres 30 mexicans popping out every where.

Then I usually cart surf like i'm 8 years old because fuck you im an adult and nobody can tell me otherwise

>> No.11216438


>> No.11216458

Some people have families.

>> No.11216649

I love it when I see older people do it. Somebody my grandmother's age breaking free and having a little fun is great.

>> No.11216691

Stick in in the cart corral, like I'm supposed to.

>> No.11216929

I turn it upside down and place it in front of the stupid cart holster but only if I’m close enough to. If not I just knock it over into the closest empty parking spot

>> No.11217006

Return it to where the other carts are. I used to push carts at Walmart so I sympathize with the workers

>> No.11217025

>because fuck you im an adult
the last defense of the immature juvenile. do you carry your nintendo machine with you too?

>> No.11217241
File: 168 KB, 309x570, when_the_gay_double_date_ends.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No that's a different anon. We had a double date at iHOP once and his bf actually used the bike pump while we're still eating. Very awkward.
Euclase. Phos is fucking stupid

>> No.11217272

put it in the cripple space

>> No.11217394

Release it to the wilds of the parking lot such that the winds may take it right into someone's fancy new car

>> No.11217538
File: 213 KB, 540x352, 1523690229213.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait isn't it normal to get punished with a bike pump?

>> No.11217546

I worked as a trolley boy in Australia while I was in school. When they introduced this I thought it was great. One day I got $18 from left over coins during a 3 hours shift. I think I averaged about $6 per shift.

>> No.11217591
File: 82 KB, 218x246, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_12.57_[2018.06.15_22.32.55].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah that's gay

>> No.11217928

I thought all of the girls on /ck/ got pumped with air when they've been naughty...

>> No.11218551


>> No.11218599
File: 173 KB, 640x640, 1529461565154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11218961

Try to reach the rack where I can leave it without the parking lot niggers and gypsies harassing me for the coin that's inside

>> No.11218973

We do this in the US you idiot. lol

>> No.11219023

I don't know what girls get up to but we don't do that.

>> No.11219069

My bf said it was normal and that there was no reason to call the cops. And if I did there'd be an even worse punishment...

>> No.11219084
File: 94 KB, 205x259, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 03 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_09.41_[2018.06.16_12.14.27].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man girls are weird. Thank god I don't need to deal with them.

>> No.11219380

It gets worse when he uses the pee funnel on my butt :(

>> No.11219431

I leave it behind a random car so they have to move it before backing out

>> No.11219465
File: 58 KB, 409x618, 1534961424491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He said per capita you fucking nigger lover

>> No.11219466

Leave it on its place, or give it to a Viene-Viene to do it for me.
If neither option is possible without going all the way back to the store then I leave it right in the middle of the driveway

>> No.11219475
File: 22 KB, 202x267, 1531809107950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11219484

I think he means the nigger part of Africa like most /pol/lacks. DESU though, I'd rather be white than a nigger, kek

>> No.11219491

Take it to the collection site of course. Cart corrall, whatever. I also glare at people as I do it since nobody else in this fucking city puts shit away. Once I came outside and some fucknut literally left his car directly behind my car, so I had to move his shit before I could even pull out.

>> No.11219501

They didn't, lol. But colonization was a mistake that's led to racial strife and niggers flooding in. But I think your refering to the Belgians, kek

>> No.11219524

This is why I carry a handgun

>> No.11219525

Hey kid take your Nazi larping fetish back to where nobody can see you, and kill yourself.

>> No.11219529

I fucking hate this cart system, people always run up to me with quarters getting my cart from me even when I'm 2 ft from the carts. Fucking why, just go get your own, STOP TALKING TO ME REEEEE

>> No.11219565

>they all wear badges that say they aren't allowed to accept tips

>> No.11219578

I'm black. Can give proof later. I regularly get guns pointed at me by cops. I have 0 criminal record. I work a midnight shift so they see me walking home and assume I'm carrying or about to sell drugs. I don't do drugs other than my antidepressants. The police commissioner has come out in the middle of the night TWICE to personally apologize. I guess it'll keep happening until I get shot and the cops find out I pirated the last season of 3 gatsu no lion, thus justifying the shooting

>> No.11219579
File: 428 KB, 1068x1128, 1520671369314.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Then I usually cart surf like i'm 8 years old because fuck you im an adult and nobody can tell me otherwise

>> No.11219660

I always return mine to the bay
>but I give cars parked near it a love tap before putting it away

>> No.11219664

I did this for close to a year at Walmart, shit sucked but I lost a lot of weight

>> No.11219678


>> No.11219712

A well thought out and intelligent response

>> No.11219731

>A well thought out and intelligent response
I mean anon is technically right.

>> No.11220379

depends on the neighborhood. the local grocery store is patronized by mostly middle-aged white people including myself. if i can carry all of my groceries, i'll take all of my bags out and push the cart back into the row of other carts in the entranceway, so that it's neat and not in the way of other patrons, or a nuisance to the staff returning the carts to the store. if i take the cart into the parking lot to my car, i'll return it to the corral and simultaneously push 3-4 carts together all the way to the back to save room for more carts, and also make the staff's job a bit easier. not many people do as much as i do but i firmly believe in being as empathetic and of the least inconvenience to other people.

on the other hand, at walmarts that exist near ghettos, few people return their carts. niggers will just push them into other cars or leave them blocking parking spots, or blocking your car so that you have to move someone else's abandoned cart just to back out of your spot, or just flat out abandon them at the back of the parking lot closest to the bus stop, or they'll move them off the property all the way up a street to a bus stop and leave them there. the staff at these places with really badly-behaving clientele also don't really do their jobs, and as such abandoned shopping carts just litter the entire parking lot until someone eventually comes to get them. at the very _best_ people will return the carts to the corral by sprinting them at it, and letting them go with a good shove about 10 feet away from it, then turn around and walk away as it slams into the sides of the gate or bounce off another cart and roll back into the open. this is one of many reasons i don't shop at walmart.

>> No.11220404

American White kids are being raised by the school trust 100% of everything they hear from cops. If cops are indiscriminately murdering people that 1. Posed no threat, and 2. Weren't commuting a crime. These animals will still take their word over yours and mine. Cops are inherently racist in America I don't fucking get it, I'm a white Canadian and I've never see arrogance like them in a person.

sorry that shit happens to you, but America is fucking brainwashed to jerk off cops - while the guys who become cops in the first place are losers who want to wave their ego around, and shoot guns. Losers cling to authority, it's the only way they can feel like they are ahead of the pecking order. Most serial killers are statistically known to either be failed cops, or failed soldiers.

>> No.11220414

Inbred retard. Fuck off to your trailer park. I don't care if you enjoy making yourself look stupid as fuck, don't make the rest of us look stupid like you.

>> No.11220423

Of course I had to make this fucking post and jinx myself, two fucking people approached to give me their cart and take mine away. Why the fuck do these people do this? Saves them what, THREE SECONDS? I say no and they give me this look like I'm fucking crazy but I think their laziness is the crazy thing

>> No.11220438

hows the war man

>> No.11220485

>Why the fuck do these people do this?
To be polite. We're saving you the trouble of you doing extra work.

Why does interacting with people trigger you? Don't you realize that the more you avoid it the worse your little hangup will become?

>> No.11220520

lol yeah just be urself bro

>> No.11220529

Have you ever been to a walmart?

>> No.11220538 [DELETED] 


>> No.11220539

If you think walking 9 feet to the cart corral is extra work you're a fucking fatass

>> No.11220542

bullshit, cops don't start pointing guns until there's been some kind of danger established, where are you from

>> No.11220593


>> No.11220600

>making I contact
what in the ever loving fuck

>> No.11220824

People wouldn't do that, right? Just go on the internet and make stuff up?

>> No.11220957


>> No.11221129
File: 3.14 MB, 1920x1080, videoblocks-4k-aerial-vertical-lift-over-empty-parking-lot_ssnmdq9xz_thumbnail-full05.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

put it on the grass sidewalk shit

>> No.11221496

This needs to be addressed. My local market is out of control for this practice. There's like 10 handicapped stalls, four "young families" stalls, two designated Taxi stalls, and probably more I'm forgetting. Young family stalls especially piss me off because my mom always parked far as hell when I was a kid. Big deal.

>> No.11221638
File: 24 KB, 371x371, 1525104823609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not pulling the coin out with your pliers and leaving it in the parking lot

>> No.11221874

I wish I was white and didn't have to legitimately fear for my life when a cop approaches me

>> No.11221879

stop being a criminal

>> No.11221917

lel there's section 8 apartments across from the grocery store closest to my house. They had to put in these magnets in the entrance of the parking lot that locks up the carts because people kept stealing them.

Oh, and fuck the faggots who block isles with their cart.

>> No.11222104
File: 375 KB, 640x800, 1535074720884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bubbles get off of 4chan
If there's a cart corral, it goes there. If not, I take it back to the store. I'm a contributing member of my community and I don't like litter. That includes carts. Lead by example, shitters

>> No.11222850

How am I a criminal?

>> No.11223104

I always push the carts back. I used to work lot and it honestly isn't that bad; I'm fuck huge, the weather is nice,and you get to hit on bitches with your muscles. But after reading this thread, I think I'm going to be a giant dick on purpose, just to piss people off. Fuck y'all whiny bitches, you have a great job with shit pay, sort your life out.

>> No.11223140

>they all wear badges that say they aren't allowed to accept tips
Is this true? It's my God given right as a true American patriot to tip anyone I want, however much I want, anytime I want.
If I was in a store and I seen an employee wearing a badge that said that, I'd march into the store and demand to speak to the manager immediately.
I aint having no goddamned commie faggot son of a bitch tell me who I can and cannot tip. That faggy little cocksmoking commie will stand and watch as I go around his store tipping each and every single employee individually.
Fucking commies, I hate them so goddamned much.

>> No.11223962

>If you think opening the door myself is extra work, you're a fatass

>If you think blessing myself after sneezing is extra work, you're a fatass

>If you think paying someone to water my plants while I am on vacation is extra work, you're a fatass

>> No.11223977

I just leave it at the end of checkout and walk away.

>> No.11223997

>what kind of poor people have money?

>> No.11224017
File: 230 KB, 1024x682, 309886b9-56b6-44c7-b4e8-ec0ceb463fd7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wheelz r ghey

>> No.11224064

Push it into the cart return.

>> No.11224146

>Inbred retard. Fuck off to your trailer park. I don't care if you enjoy making yourself look stupid as fuck, don't make the rest of us look stupid like you.
Yikes anon, all that because you're technically a nigger.

>> No.11224191
File: 129 KB, 1033x775, wheelsrgay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Checkmate, boyo.

>> No.11224198

How is that slave labor going you kid.

>> No.11224252

>people claim blacks die to white cops daily
>this lying nigger is still alive despite his claims that he "regularly gets guns pointed at" him
Really joggins the noggin

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