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How do I become a master of American Cuisine?

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cheese and bacon on everything
deep fried as a bonus

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You need to master their culture before, this will not take you a long time. :)

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Authentic American food comes from harvests. So you want to work with fresh herbs, root veg, tomato, corn, and wheat.

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Sourdough bread and old world style stews are a staple.

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grilled corn is good

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Blue corn is better. With blueberries or blackberries especially, these are all indigenous to North America.

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as is maple syrup

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steak is good, again with herbs and in this case butter

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(for this post i will be using commas in place of periods so europeans can understand)
>1,) cook what you would normally cook
>2,) put it in jello

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But Americans love to grill. It's like a national sport.

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Another thing Americans love are what they call "sides". This is inevitably going to be harvest foods again. So lots of root veg or carbs from wheat.

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casseroles, like "macaroni and cheese"

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or pretty much anything with beans, also indigenous

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Americans have vast coastal resources. Seafood is plentiful. Cajun is a fusion of local resources with old world culture.

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Get a smoker, charcoal, wood, and meat.

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"surf and turf" is their slang for seafood and beef typically gulf shrimp or coastal lobster

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Yes, they eat hot dogs too. Especially at sports events or friendly gatherings. But they didn't invent the sausage.

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If you are going to do them, at least do them right. That means a good dog, a good bun, a grill (or split then pan fried in butter), and a lot of "fixings". Go wild with toppings.

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But traditional American cuisine is centered around the harvest time, and the family.

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This is the most bizarre thread I've ever seen on /ck/

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That is full on food porn at it's finest...I don't know if that's a serving for one, but fuck I'd get all that...amazing...

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I don't believe any of this food actually exists. Fake news

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I know in some places you pick the meat then you tell them how many people you would like it to be for.

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...and you really haven't had American until you've had a slice of Grandma's apple pie.

It's fu/ck/ing delicious.

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I'm american, and I think every piece of media listed there fucking sucks.

I can't stand seinfields stupid ass way of speaking, he sounds like a fucking rejected muppet.

I'm assuming this is a troll, but decades of people telling me they actually like seinfeld and how long it's been on the air leads me to think people have shit taste.

I always preferred things like that 70s show, or malcom in the middle.

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Of course it's a serving for one. This is the AMERICAN cuisine thread.

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get that green shit out of here
>tfw I put parsley in the mashed potatoes and sister wouldn't eat it

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Every time I tried barbecue at some fancy hipster place the barbecue sauce was grotesquely sweet. If that's the "authentic" way to do it then it's inherently abhorrent. Can't stand the stuff.

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with cheddar cheese of course

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that's a kansas city thing

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extra butter and salt on EVERYTHING

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and a beer

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Can't remember now but I think the places I went to were Memphis and South Carolina. What your post tells me is that these sauces get even sweeter, which is just unconscionable.

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People think Seinfeld isn't funny today because everything it did that was funny back then has since been done to death by everyone else, making them seem retroactively lame in comparison. You see the same phenomenon happen with younger people listening to the Beatles and not getting why they were so popular either.

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That's a meme image. You got baited. Congratulations, you're a TRUE AMERICAN™ PATRIOT®

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No, it's an accurate image for a meme country.

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Go to walmart. Open freezer doors and pile your cart full. Grab another cart, and walk down every aisle piling in dry boxed sides, sodas, chips, candy. Hit the authentic refrig cases where they have chemically injected and tumbled meats and "cheese style" products some of them even "cured" for 2 hours.


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Barbecue is very frequently served on a platter as a group order

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they put some sugar in tennessee style but I never found one that was too sweet, though memphis might be different because tourists and black people. South Carolina absolutely should not have been sweet unless you consider something made half with ketchup too sweet

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>who is kuhn
>who is searle
>who is putnam
>who is quine
>who is dennett
i could go on and on

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Are there styles that don't use any sugar? At this point, I'm pretty sure I would only like such a style if it existed. Otherwise, bbq is just not for me.

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Goddamn do niggers love sugar!!!

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St Louis pork ribs might work. The rub is just herbs and spices.

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What is your list supposed to prove here? That you have shit taste in philosophy authors?

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Texas brisket does not use sugar.

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I'll try those. Thank you

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first thing you need is an AR-15. american food tastes so much better when you have an AR-15 slung over your shoulder.

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They are well-known, non-meme American authors who are not John Green, David Foster Wallace or Thomas Pynchon

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I'll try those. Thank you

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That's because it was a question in response to a list apropos of nothing, not an argument.
Searle and Dennett are some of the meme-ist writers you could come up with.

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that is a bbq joint in austin tx. can't 'member the name. i've been there. the bbq is fucking awesome. fuck all you memphis and carolina faggots.

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>not capable

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Why did you waste quads on more inane non-answers? Learn how to articulate yourself or stop posting, either way.

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>apropos of nothing
It's apropos of that silly image.
I suppose we will just have to agree to disagree as to the definition of the word "meme" in this context.

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you must be fun at parties

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This seriously. I need more variety around here. I'm pretty sure I'll never find a real Texas bbq place here, but I'll give it a shot.

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what did he mean by this

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Enjoy losing in the 'Murika thread you tremendously worthless faggot.

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try visiting texas. austin and lockhart is the bbq capital of the world.

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most of both the carolinas do not use any sugar

>> No.11110062

I'm a little tied up work-wise at the moment, but it's definitely on my bucket list.

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I'll be in New York in two weeks, what are the essential food items I need to try besides the New York slice, a cream cheese bagel and a pastrami sandwich at Katz?

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Guess I was just unlucky getting bbq from the small part that does (?) fml

>> No.11110082

the ny slice is disappointing as hell
when i went there the only other thing i ate was umami burger (not that great) and some ethiopian food, which was good as always but obvs nothing to do with ny

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not one fucking burger

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here you go
no other place, chain or non-chain, comes even close don't even bother posting any other burger

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or you were in a tourist place. the real good shit is actually not super easy to find because they're usually on the outskirts of small towns in the middle of nowhere because big cities can have regulations about fires indoors. I'm sure someone has written a guide to bbq in each of the various regions that could point you in the right direction because I wouldn't trust online reviews since mostly tourists write those and they don't always "get it" because they're used to KC Masterpiece andpic related which is half corn syrup

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>NY slice
>cream cheese bagel
You can get those in flyover land, not that different in NYC.
>pastrami sandwich at Katz
Probably the best option of the three.

Really the best thing to do food-wise is eat the hip trend of the week, that's the most New Yawk thing you can do. Then come on here and shitpost about how good it is just because of the novelty.

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were you in the red zone?

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bruh if I were you I would try to find the stuff from immigrants that you don't normally encounter like doubles from trinidad out in queens or russian food in south brooklyn. The city I live in now doesn't have any proper immigrants besides mexicans and those are all from puebla and make tacos and burritos yawn. You could get a chopped cheese too but those are just cheap eats for people on the block who can't afford more than 7 dollars for a sandwich

Like if you ever go to minneapolis you gotta get Somalian food ya know?

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Avoid something that appears to have a large amount of thick sauce. That's usually the sweet stuff.

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Other than the obvious NY Pizza and classic Deli sandwich, if you like Dim Sum hit up Tim Ho Wan
It's the cheapest Michelin-star restaurant in the city.

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Look at all fucking carbon. Might as well just skewer it and pop in a lorry exhaust.

>> No.11110216

lel enjoy ur bangers and mash

>> No.11110387

i eat at fuddruckers #1 frequently.
it's still fantastic.

>> No.11110420

It never gets old, does it? I tire of most food pretty quickly if I eat it often enough, including lesser burgers. Not Fuddruckers.

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OI, where's yore Bar-Bee-Que loicence?!

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The president is a demeecraaaat

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