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Wow, Babish isn't messing around no more.

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Is Babish a bear?

>> No.11077706

How do I into babish mode?

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Let some dude fuck you in the butt

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Those nipples are extremely uncomfortable to look at. He needs to lay off the alcohol.

>> No.11077918

>paying this much attention to his nipples
Roastie or closet gay?

>> No.11077927

They're fucking massive bro, it doesn't take a homo to notice them.

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Can confirm, am alcoholic, now I need gynocomastia vest.

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wtf I thought he was a skinny manlet

>> No.11077982

Why do we care about this guy again

>> No.11077983

/ck/ is gay for him

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All he does is cook, and he's knowledgable and chilled out. He's not annoyingly brash or gimmicky, though I do dislike his gimmick of doing mostly tv foods. Otherwise his gimmick would be not Jewing himself by acting gimmicky. Imo anyway.

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There's a few people who really, really hate him for being bald, having a beard, and having tattoos. Soyboy numale etc etc.

The majority of us really don't care, or just think he's okay. His videos have good production value, and can occasionally be entertaining or include a genuinely decent recipe or useful tidbit of advice.

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if he was a bit taller and had a bit more weight he would be a bear, he is a wolf as he is.

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>The majority of us really, really hate him for being bald, having a beard, and having tattoos. Soyboy numale etc etc.
>There's a few people who really don't care, or just think he's okay.

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>Windows Vista
>Opera (i.e. spyware now owned by the Chink government)
>Chink bookmarks

How cancerous can one screenshot get?

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Would cuddle, his forearms tend to look smaller on camera too.

>> No.11078870

>Cork top for kraken
Is this a US thing?

>> No.11078901

Windows Vista is redpilled as fuck

>> No.11078928

so are you people obsessed with him ironically or unironically

>> No.11078941

I like his cooking vids, I REALLY like him even more now after seeing this pic

>> No.11078943

fuck, we pissed him off bros

>> No.11078946

OP is a literal faggot

>> No.11078947

He was an otter just yesterday. That's a superhumanly fast transformation. Impressive

>> No.11078952

He's always had pretty muscly arms

>> No.11079001

All these, there seems to be a few people with a real issue with him around but his videos are actually pretty good, and I've got a few good tips from watching him. Video lengths tend to be a blessing and a curse, short enough that its almost impossible to get bored, but not long enough to be properly instructional
This one only after I saw the OP though.

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No, I'm UK, it's screw, I just happened to have a cork lid that fit it, so I did that for the banter.

>> No.11079063

Ah cool, it looks more impressive anyway

>> No.11079116

>no one's caught that that's not Babish

A fine ruse, OP

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Oh shit, lmfao, I admit I was rused, pretty good, stick a guys head hair on his face instead and they all look the fucking same I guess.

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this thread reminds me of the episode of curb your enthusiasm where the witness can't distinguish larry david from another bald guy in a line up

>> No.11079207

I don't get how being bald and having facial hair are "soyboy" traits when they're masculine and a direct result of testosterone.

>> No.11079213

>premature balding indicates high testosterone
stop with this meme

>> No.11079215

nice gyno bro

>> No.11079219

the hell? he's just got suckable pointy nips. that's it

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doges are so fucking stupid

>> No.11079271

>binging with reddit
>not annoying or gimmicky

he's both

>> No.11079292

>has tattoos
Nope, thats definitely babbish

>> No.11079345

You don't know what gyno looks like.

>> No.11079382

I never said that you fucking retard, I'm saying testosterone makes people grow facial hair and body hair and make patterned baldness is inherently masculine. How is that "soyboy" shit.

>> No.11079456

>patterned baldness is masculine


>> No.11079485

Wrong tats.

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because he is literally pic related from the neck up. nice bod though

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>having hair on the top of your head
sub 200kg twink detected

>> No.11079578

Is this supposed to be impressive?

>> No.11079749

>male patterned baldness is masculine
Yes, yes it is.

>> No.11079802

people really enjoy making threads about him, then a bunch of retards come in and say the same thing over and over again about how he really isn't that bad and it's /ck/ being jealous. it's kinda funny seeing how hard they shill (in an almost literal sense)

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