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wait what

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didn't know that's what they were calling triple bypass surgery these days.

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some retard keeps dumping shitty memes here. ironically shitposting.

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Am posting bröther but boomer meme very welcome

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hungry lil dude

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all these stupid bröther memes
the original öäts was good
söüp lööps was okay
this just sucks
it's run its course

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Admit there has been some improvment in quality

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Ummm did U know?..

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>twitter and reddit """""humor"""""
stop posting this shit

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this thread fucking sucks, its genuinely worse than a spam pepperoni pizza thread or stupid whataburger thread.

Can't wait until you summerfags go back2school

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Thank God you showed up to improve the place with your bitching.

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I really hate the "air escaping" meme. We all know they're screaming because they're being boiled alive, and the really horrifying thing about boiling lobsters is that since they don't have vocal chords, those screams are being communicated psychically.

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>We all know they're screaming because they're being boiled alive, and the really horrifying thing about boiling lobsters is that since they don't have vocal chords, those screams are being communicated psychically.

Holy shit you white people are fucking lame & dumb as shit. We're taking over the world while you cry for shellfish. lol

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Guys I'm sorry but these two are hilarious
t. oldfag who was here before 9/11

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>air superiority
maximum kek

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Nobody better toucha my späghet

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>dumb as shit
Glass houses, retard.

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Based and redpilled

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Fuck you

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(((vegan))) """"""""""""""""""""humor""""""""""""""""""""

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It's more ears, snouts, and hooves you fucking soyboy

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Be more assblasted, vegans can't meme

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i really hate seeing someone post a meme that has a twitter handle or something over it

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>angrily responds anyways

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Retard, the rules are being constantly rewritten to suit my wants and needs. I am a narcissistic millennial and this is my manifesto.

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if a snake bites me and thats gonna kill me in the next hour in gonna bite its head off and fuck the body that way i win more than he does

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Wouldn't you start gagging on food before it built up enough volume to cause you to explode?

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you mind if i download this image?

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Wait lol, if vegans, lol, can't use animal by products, lol, doesn't that mean, lol that vegans cant take antivenin? hahahah lol!

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the freaks at PETA take issue with animal testing, the main leader chick is diabetic, her insulin wouldn't exist if it weren't for animal testing.

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lol dumb cunt sack
Definitely NOT mentally ill

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Whats a kumq? i dont get it.

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No. I've tried it and if you eat quickly enough you just explode.

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This is the cringiest thread I've ever seen outside of /b/

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>all these meatcucks getting salty over weak bait

>> No.11063823

okay, now this is fr*ckin epic!

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Ghouls are the easiest religion to troll.
They're so devoted to their corpse hedonism that the very existence of someone not eating meat makes them mad.

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fukk you

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>ruin one family sized pizza and a taco night's worth of fixins so you can pretend to be kooky on instagram
>there is a homeless man within a few miles of there that is wishing the local soup kitchen served dinner

Epic. Win.

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that is usually the way things go with memes

>> No.11064893

>oldfag who was here before 9/11
9/11 of which year

>> No.11064904


That was the joke you fucking retard. Trust me, my dad works for the joke book store.

>> No.11064908

baited :^)

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Homeless people aren't worried about food, they are worried about their next alcohol fix.

>> No.11065034


Sorry, I didn't realize we had slipped into the next layer of irony. I'll do my best to shape up for next shitpost.

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such an epic win!! I can't wait for that mouthful of sour cream!

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How do I follow this recipe if I'm black?

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Homeless in my area are more concerned with heroin and headlamps, every damned one of them are walking down heavily street-lamped roads with ultra-bright LED lights on their heads in the evening after dumping the packaging from the stolen bakery sweets they just ingested.

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>I don't use animal products!
>give me that antivenom!

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This looks delicious to me

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Profile: expert cook

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who has the full version of this? it was on plebbit

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virgin post

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I can't speak for where you live, but most homeless people I meet in my job (I work at retail) are thankful for every piece of food they get. They usually only can afford a single bun and a bottle of water, wich is in total not even 1€. Very often we throw in some pet food and a few small goodies (a box of sardines, some cheese) and we usually even discount the bottle deposit. In turn, they leave some spare change for the next guy who's missing some money for his stuff.
They have so little and still give some. That's amazing.
I rarely see people who are more happy and friendly than them.

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>once I killed myself
>yeah, I survived

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oh god they sound like little chirping... things. I want 10

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Here's a handy guide with pictures

>> No.11065538

why are millenials allowed to live

>> No.11065550

i want to know if you're one shitposter or a collective

>> No.11065561

She's right, though. It does taste good. Just make it a personal risk and don't serve it to other people.

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>1 salt

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Is that a... Second Bloody Mary on top of the first Bloody Mary?

>> No.11065653

fuck, give more

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I still laugh my ass off at these

>> No.11065662

I really really like this picture

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I'll post the other kid recipes I have saved

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this one always CRACKS me up

>> No.11065762


Ask me how I know that the mother of those kids is now a grandmother before the age of 38.

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Ha! Checkmate vegans!

>> No.11065836

Haha, where’d you find this?

>> No.11065840

Who are they signalling to? Some extinct primordial species that would once protect them?

>> No.11065850

Vegans, obviously

>> No.11065853

What is it about Florida?

>> No.11065873

its not even bad lol

>> No.11065875

It is basically to inform other grass that there is some kind of danger.

WHY it does that is beyond me, it's not like grass could uproot itself and run away

>> No.11065877

This. If it were me there would just be a huge crack in the concrete to repair.

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It's fake and you're a fucking retard for falling for it.

>> No.11065890

Plants have defense mechanisms against animals and pests. Mostly they rely on making themselves inedible, it's not very effective against lawn mowers.
> inb4 grass is fighting back
I only know of trees, having that ability.

>> No.11065895

Many plants make seeds grain and nuts to be eaten. That's how they procreate. The original vore fetishists.

>> No.11065900

I trust this generation as far as I can throw a house.
I have seen and heard enough to know that some fucker around here made sushi from raw chicken for his family, because "it is so new and innovational and raw meat is healthy". His child died from salmonella.
Don't say something from this is fake unless you are the author of the post in question. Everything is possible

>> No.11065904

you cannot physically drink more than...ok, fuck it. a guy drank 25 gallons and survived.

>> No.11065907

If I remember biology class correctly, tobacco has a similiar defense mechanism. When there are predators threatening to eat its leaves, it releases a mixture of aromas that attract other insects, which in turn eat the original threat.

>> No.11065916

You're absolutely right, we're talking leafs, bark and branches though.
There is a type of african tree, that'll release an airborne trigger, when Giraffes starting munching their leafs. The trigger is received by other trees of the same species and they start producing acidy tasting fluids and pumping them into their leafs. Over time this has resulted in giraffes eating the leafs of a single tree and then always moving against the direction of the wind, to the next one.
Another example is a south american tree, that'll warn it's fellow trees about bark eating insects. The other trees will then produce a bad tasting chemical and store in in their bark, for extend periods of time. Afaik, this is done via the root network though, not an airborne trigger.

Never heard about that, I thought tobacco survived mostly, because nicotin is already an insectizide, afair. But the technique sounds reasonably realistic, to exist.

>> No.11065919


Here's an article about that

>> No.11065921

Plants are so cool. Vegetarians are destroying the best things.

>> No.11065951

Thanks, I'll take a look.
I got most of my info from 'the secret life of plants' originally written by a german forest ranger.
There is a lot of very cool stuff in there.
> root networks
> families of trees
> mushroom internet/database
> plant communication
> apparent learning over time
Most of which, is of course hard to prove, but interesting to consider possible.

>Plants are so cool.
They are, much more so, than we think.

>> No.11066039

>9 'grees
I got one that goes up to 11 'grees

>> No.11066212

farenheit 911

>> No.11066259

Fuck X generation UGHH

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>> No.11066345

Maybe you should go back and find it.

>> No.11066356

Homeless alcoholic here, I care more about even just a cracker or a handful of chips than I care about my whiskey. It just numbs the pain.

>> No.11066426

Granpapa, what's a "9/11"? Isn't that the number to call the police?

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File: 1.10 MB, 1280x720, 1534239858289.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 1.49 MB, 1280x720, 1534336203889.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11066714

Health concerns aside not fully cooked chicken does not taste very nice, the texture is pretty disgusting. Raw steak actually has a fine texture when warm, though if it's cold it's sort of like eating gel.

>> No.11066786
File: 2.45 MB, 710x400, fresh guaqk.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11066806

this makes me uncomfortable

>> No.11067025

That doesn't seem like it would be edible.

>> No.11067035


>> No.11067088

>being a pleb and not posting the ASMR version


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>> No.11067144

>2 inches of water

>> No.11067194

how long ago was this? i remember the original thread. gold

>> No.11067202

Actually, the knot should be under your chin so it breaks your neck when you fall.

>> No.11067252

If the fall is long enough it doesn't matter.

>> No.11067260

People eat it in Japan.

>> No.11067275

You know wok handles are usually detachable, right? It probably just wasn't screwed in all the way.

>> No.11067294

Put them in the freezer first so they die without pain or knife through the nervous system to stop pain

>> No.11067296

How are you going to use the antivenom when it's an animal product? The snake is forcibly milked for it's venom.

>> No.11067451

>new generation does dumb shit
>wow that new generation is doing dumb shit
>whoa dude you're so fucking predictable lmao like did you even know the plate man from ancient grease said the same thing???

>> No.11067626
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So much this

>> No.11067640
File: 1.14 MB, 983x983, 1533750367008.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I uniroically love loops cat. Does that make me reddit tier?

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Yes; these threads are bait to show how many reddo's are here

>> No.11067707

a gallon of vegetable oil is about 8 pounds... therefore this man ingested approx. 200 pounds of cooking oil which may not be accurate

>> No.11067730

holy shit I didn't even notice that
...goodbye, sides

>> No.11067749

That person doesn't live anymore though

>> No.11067804
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Via some 9gagger faggot

>> No.11067814

go back

>> No.11067819

I got better

>> No.11067831

They killed the impala like crazy one year

>> No.11067878
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>> No.11067907

How is it that Jack looks better then Joey?

>> No.11067928

i dont speak euro

in my head i pronounce it as ''broder, may i have some loops''

is this correct?

>> No.11067998

>Lydia's green beans
fuck me I've done this

>> No.11068002

Ö juat sounds like uu
so it'd
>brewder may I have some lewps

>> No.11068014


thanks anon!

>> No.11068018

In which fucking language, retard?
I'm pretty sure you can find the pronunciation of ö on Youtube if you'd spend a few seconds.
I'll save you the time and tell you that it sounds like the oeu part of boeuf. So does the o with the line through it which Hiroshimoot has still not enabled on 4chan.

>> No.11068144

thanks Lori

>> No.11068174

roastie post

>> No.11068197

lol at this fag!

He cares about a website enough to stress out.
LMAO at you!




>> No.11068205

>a gallon of vegetable oil is about 8 pounds
Would have though it weighed more.
Gasoline is about 6.2 per gallon.
t.used to race on a low level,but high enough that I had to know exactly what my shit box weighed.

Also that is a fake story,I wanted it to be so true..

>> No.11068230

another virgin post, amazing

>> No.11068268

>a gallon of vegetable oil is about 8 pounds
A gallon of water weighs ~7.6 pounds. Oil is less dense than water (hence why it floats) thus a gallon of oil CANNOT weigh more than a gallon of water.

5 seconds on Google tells us....
>The density of the oils varies with each type and temperature. The range is from 0.91 to 0.93 g/cm3 between the temperatures of 15 °C and 25 °C. Comparing to water, whose density is 1.00 g/ml,

Which means that vehetable oil is about ~92% the weight of water.

7.6 #/gal * .92 = 6.99

So vegetable oil weighs ~7 lbs per gallon.

>> No.11068292

not that guy, but shut up you stupid bitch. We let you learn to read and write... that does not mean you should.

>> No.11068418


>> No.11068433


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File: 2.48 MB, 200x153, 1530756111526.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I cannot stop laughing I don't even know why. Thanks anon.

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>> No.11068610

calm the fuck down

>> No.11068730

Steel is denser than water but ships still float.
Check and mate, kid.

>> No.11068752

that is only because they paint the hulls with oil based paint, moran.

>> No.11068795

technically, ships float because they accomplish what scientists refer to as "hydro-levitation"
it has to do with the weight of oil in the skin of the ship's steel/fiberglass/ferro-cement. Because oil weighs less than water. It was the original inspiration for "Space Battleship Yamato." Yamato is the japanese word for "oil weight"

>> No.11068809

Water can't sink steel ships

>> No.11068816

no it's not. It is named after a sweet potato-tomato hybrid. also, my fake retard joke was better.

>> No.11068820

but steel is lighter than feathers

>> No.11068824
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here's a spicy meme for ya

when i make ramen noodles, i add the WHOLE seasoning packet

>> No.11068828

>a sweet potato-tomato hybrid
anon holy shit 10/10

>> No.11068859

>a sweet potato-tomato hybrid
oh my fuck

>> No.11068867

Using the juicer wrong always pisses me off a bit.

>> No.11068875

Who the fuck cares where it came from? You can Google search a meme and it happens to be from wherever.

>> No.11068879

go back to 9gag

>> No.11068886

I don't know what that is.

>> No.11068899
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>> No.11069014

Shit, how long is the respawn timer?

>> No.11069264
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>> No.11069317

This is great, any more like this?

>> No.11069362

>bentley's homemade noodes

>> No.11069390

their nervous system runs throughout their entire body, freezing them is the only semi humane way to do it

>> No.11069694

average chink shits in the street and gets served the grease from it in their street food the next day.

>> No.11069734

Oh shit give me a second I think I have one of these from my kids

>> No.11069743

I hate children so god damn much

>> No.11069757


Blame the teacher who transcribed these.

>> No.11069782

i'm confused

>> No.11069785

>dealing with idiots
has a huge overlap in the amount of time they spend looking in the mirror

>> No.11069796

2/10 photoshop more

>> No.11069797

The "eyeballs, lizards, assholes" thing is an ancient wives tale. It was like one guy made a joke, "hey what's in these? haha it's weird", and then the world collectively learned the joke that processed meat looks different than fresh meat.

>> No.11069836

i mean as to why he posted that

>> No.11069839

I'm a dude

>> No.11069862

not by my metric. Princess.

>> No.11069894
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>> No.11069938

Ahh das me! Still havent mastered the art....sorry to have let you down /ck/

>> No.11069952

pls giv

>> No.11070024

i watched this with a dumb smile on my face

>> No.11070039

don't let the manboobs fool you

>> No.11070145


>> No.11070426

I hate you all.

>> No.11070468


Can't wait for you xoomers to die, you're just taking up space

>> No.11071166
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but we love you, anon

>> No.11071207
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