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What is your favorite type of alcohol and why.

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Whatever doesn't make me puke and gets me hammered

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White wine, because it’s the only alcohol I actually like the taste of. But there’s Roadie by Great Divide Brewery that has a delicious grapefruit flavor.

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Scotch, because no other liquor is so varied yet so subtle

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i like lagers, stouts, and non-IPA ales
nothing beats an ice cold lager on a hot day (i live in the tropics)
i like rose, not a wine drinker. red wine gives me headaches and i can drink white wine but rose is what i'll pick
i like rum, cognac, vodka, and tequila. i've hated gin ever since i was 10 when my dad was driving me to school and he had a cup of what i thought was ice water in the cupholder so i started chugging it but it was a gin on the rocks with a twist of lemon and ever since i can't even smell it without wanting to die 14 years later. not a whiskey fan, it all tastes like wood and piss and cigarette butts to me and i feel bad because i'm irish and i want to like it and i've tried lots of kinds but i still don't care for it.
i also like numerous liqueurs and malt liquors but i won't list those

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Tequila. I need to check out these mezcals I've been hearing about recently.

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Vodka because it goes down easy, gets me drunk fast and doesnt have too bad of an hangover

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Gin if I simply want to get drunk asap. Often add it to my morning coffee.
Mead for chill casual drinking and to complement food.

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Cider. Home made. From apples we picked and juiced ourselves.

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I've got this bottle of sake which is pretty good. Among the best "neutral" alcohols I've ever had.
Tastes nothing like other sake I've had though. I don't read subhuman slitrunes, so I'll never know what to buy.

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Can someone explain what that fancy spoon thing is for?

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For melting sugar

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toe nails, and cherry jim bean

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Absinthe (the green liquid in the glass) is quite bitter by itself since it's made with wormwood. Traditionally you place a slotted spoon like that over the top of the glass, put a sugar cube on top of the spoon, and then slowly drip water onto the cube. It dissolves the sugar and then sweetens and dilutes the absinthe, also clouding it and releasing a lot of the herbal aromas.
Source: Hemingway

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Gin... In coffee? Who hurt you, anon? That’s the most ass backwards pairing I’ve ever heard of in my entire life. It reminds me of something that a child would do, like mix milk and OJ just to see what it tastes like.

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>normcore poison

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White wine, i like the taste, it gets me drunk fast but not too fast i don't know when to stop, and it's a fun, sing-songs-out-loud kind of drunk, not the morbid angst that eventually comes with whiskey or vodka.
Cheap white wine gives you terrible headaches tho so it's pretty costy

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Specifically english bitter
Nowt better than a nice pub, a roaring fire, a dog sat somewhere about, a few good mates and and nice chilled pint of the house bitter

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All alcohol affects you in the same ways, you are not a "different drunk" because the alcohol was flavored differently. You absorbed it the same way you always do. Did you know you have these things called moods? And they're easily influenced by having a sub-100 IQ?

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I don't have much experience with a lot of alcohols, but I'm becoming a big fan of hard ciders. I live right in the middle of New York, so there's a load of local varieties to try out, and getting it on tap is really good too.
For harder stuff, a Blue Lagoon really hits the spot

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The rate of abortion can indeed change the effect, imagine downing an entire bottle of hard liquor in a couple hours vs sipping on it for a whole evening

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nothing because im not a faggot that needs to "escape muh hard life wahhhh"
you are all losers

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>The rate of abortion can indeed change the effect,
Of course.
But that has nothing to do with the post you replied to, which was discussing "different kinds of alcohol" not rates of consumption.

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I'm a ginfag too but putting it in coffee is gross

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Different alcohols are drank in different ways, you simply cant get the same amount of alcohol in you with wine as you can with liquor as it's a lot more liquid. Wine is usually drank a lot more slowly thus resulting in a different effect, beer is absorbed even more slowly because of this

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Red wine or scotch.

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Once again you're discussing rates of consumption as opposed to "types of alcohol".

the type of booze has no impact on that. For example, I could choose to sip my whiskey slowly or I could slam shots. I could make my glass of wine last through a whole meal, or I could chug from the bottle, etc.

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because i like the taste and more often than not what it does to me

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I'm astounded that crabs are such prolific smokers. Who could've predicted this?

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Do you cook / skin the apple juice too? We've got tons of apples too, got a cider kit a while back but i've only tried it with store bought apple juice.

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pot of coffee and jack daniels or miller lite and the swimming pool

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Need help urgently. Went on a week long bender of drinking 12-18 beers every day. Yesterday I woke up and didn't have any beer until night time. I spent the whole day detoxing horribly, shaking, excessive vomiting, the worst heartburn you can imagine. Bought and 18 last night I was able to get an 18 pack, I crack open a cold one and almost spill it from shaking so bad. I slowly drink four because my stomach is still upset. Stop for an hour because of heartburn and out of nowhere vomit all of my stomachs contents into the sink. I haven't slept yet but the shaking has gone away and some of the heartburn. Here's my question, what's the best thing to eat on a completely empty stomach to feel good enough to finish that 18 pack with no heartburn.
>nb4 anon just detox and stop drinking, no I don't want to

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None right now because I got a second DUI a month ago for walking to my car with a beer and into my car to pop the trunk at a hotel to bring luggage I forgot in and a faggot cop saw me.

Worst thing is, DUI's reset in my state after 10 years and this was 9 years and 361 days after my 1st dui.

So now I have to take random alcohol tests multiple times a week (urine test that detect up to 4 days from just a single beer (google ETG test, it's real))

and will have to do 45 days in jail and lawyers fees, fines and missed work will all cost me nearly 20k

fuck my life

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The old people drink shakes called Ensure worked damn well for me for years. Dollar general sales a knock off version that is just as good at half the price

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Lost my license to my first dui, couldn't afford the weekly therapy sessions they make you attend so now I just live in my parents basements and my gf drives me everywhere and is too dumb to stop indulging my drinking habit. Prolly will just an hero when she eventually leaves me.

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Thanks anon! Am headed over now to find some. Hope this works.

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i like to eat a fuck ton of bread

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Are you being tested for drugs as well? Dumbass that did my testing only did ETG and didn't test for any drugs. Just replace booze with painkillers and pot and waltzed through those ETG tests. "therapist" said I was doing so good I only had to do 8 weeks instead of the usual 16.

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Tempranillo wines, porters/stouts and (real) absinthe

use rum or whiskey next time, tastes much better than gin

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I'm obviously talking about how it's consumed by most people anon. What I'm saying is wine is perceived as different because of how it's drank by the average person

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>come to alcohol discussion thread for sophisticated discussions of spirits and wines
>criminals and drunkfags shit it up

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Cook no. Skin? Like peel? Nope neither. My grandpa made a muscle powerd squeezer himself. Apples in burlap n squeeze them fuckers. Done. Fresh apple juice. Part ferments itself to cider. All passive. Of course with that method it does not stay fresh very long. But it is just for us. Some bees and wasps get smashed too in there. We dont give a fuck. So if you want some to conserve it good....

I guess cook it or not? Wouldnt that kill the yeast? Remove the excess yeast btw. I get mad diarreah from too much yeast. Sterelize everything. I have no idea wtf a cider kit is. We literally let it "rot" by itself. Of course keeping it clean but no real effort. He also make wine from literally any fruit he can get his hands on. Back in the day distilled his own booze from it.

So keep stuff clean. Avoid mold. remove yeast if you want. Keep it cool.

t. dude not knowing jackshit about it and just rolling with what he remembers

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>other drunk fag complains about it

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pic related, because it retains the tasty bitterness of the imperial stout alongside the bitterness of chocolate, whilst adding many subtle sweet notes such as vanilla, nuts, dark fruit, and a hint of brown sugar.

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I drink because I like the taste

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Probably tequila. It tastes the best to me. Gin and tonic is close second

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We have the same taste in reds and beers.

I like rye heavy bourbon for my spirits tho. What's your opinion on those, because if it's generally positive, I'm thinking it's enough of a co-incidence to warrant giving absinthe a try.

That's why we need the bloody containment thread.

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I like a good rye, not my absolute favorite though
if you get a bottle of absinthe, make sure it's made with actual wormwood, not one of the shitty ban-era recipes
be careful with it, though
in my experience the flavor completely overwhelms the alcohol
helps it go down smoothly, but that also means you can wind up drinking way too much at once, which will get you hammered real quick
also a lot of people seem to think it's unpalatable without a sugar cube, personally I prefer it straight but if the flavor is too strong you can water it down a bit
that's how it's meant to be drunk anyways

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Mezcal. Smokey, goes down easy, pairs great in spicy cocktails. Rye whiskey is a close second tho.

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Limoncello. It's one of the few things I actually like drinking straight, but it doesn't make me feel like a lady or a pussy like drinking schnapps straight does. Also been starting to make cocktails, but nothing too complex. Just lemon drops and appletinis and that sort of thing.

>> No.11056678

appreciate it. I'll keep an eye out

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Frangelico, because its a good sweet substitute for desert and reminds me of Christmas with my deeply Italian parents

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Beer. I like the taste of wine, but the acidity makes me not want to drink it

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Nej, for katten!

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enig. Det er fandme klamt

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Its smell and taste just remind me of times when I used to have fun. I could be stressed out all day and just a sip immediately melts all my troubles away.

>> No.11058750

Does anyone here enjoy sour wine?

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Coffee with rum surely tastes gazillion times better but gin is ultra cheap and more effective.

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wine, whisky, mixed drinks, sake, soju. I pretty much drink everything except beer. I never managed to find a beer I liked enough to drink.

polishing off the last glass of pic related atm.

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and gamblers apparently. such sinful creatures...

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My mother used to put some in crepes and I've been hooked on that taste since childhood

>> No.11059137

Chartruese, makes you all warm and fuzzy. Shame about the price, though.

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So many different varieties and you could find a beer to suit any occasion or climate.
It's good as an everyday drink to wind down after work and it takes a lot to get a hangover.
There is always new beers being released so it's still an evolving beverage.
It's easy to make yourself.

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Had my first taste of alcohol a few months ago. Tried Jack Daniels for the first time. I fucking love the way your whole mouth just fills with the alcoholic vapor. The bitter taste was pretty nice too. It's really fun to mix with stuff. Anyone know of any good mixes for whiskey, and any drinks with a similar taste and sting?

>> No.11059339

jd is trash tho. plenty of better whisky's at that pricepoint

>> No.11059352

Entry level at alcohol here. What are some good whiskeys for a good price?

>> No.11059353

Boy, if you think more bottom floor upon which the bottom shelf is placed is good, just wait until you try even a semi-decent whiskey.

>> No.11059420

stay away for any scotch under 40$
best budget burbons are four roses and buffalo trace

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Sloe gin. Tastes good.

>> No.11059823

Are you a chick, or gay?

>> No.11059833

Not him but
>I'm masculine because I seek out alcohol that tastes like lighter fluid
Imagine being this insecure

>> No.11059852

>Not him but
Yeah you are.

>> No.11059885

Not an argument. And just because you're autistic enough to monitor a thread for almost a full day for (You)s doesn't mean he was

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Sherry, anything from oloroso to manzanilla.

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A negroni before work for that little bit of calmness and warmth that makes working in hospitality easier. Quite new to gin but I'm enjoying it immensely

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Apologies for the neck pain, degenerate phone poster reporting in

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Blended aged scotch. I do enjoy single malts, but blended gives so many more notes and complexity to the flavor. Enjoying some Glenfidditch 12 year right now.
Rum is ok and so are white wines. Beer is for plebs. Cheap whiskey and vodka are shit.

>> No.11060229

>stay away for any scotch under 40$
I respectfully disagree. While it is not a complex flavor, Glenfidditch 12 yr($30) is a damn good scotch. Not too manh subltle notes, lots of apple flavor amd very easy to drink.
Also, Jameson is a decent budget Irish whisky, but Bushmill is better

>> No.11060302

>hurr durr drinking a small dose of alcohol over a few hours is the same as drinking a large dose of alcohol over an hour
People with high iq should be aware that your body eliminates alcohol at a rate of approx 0.1g/hour, so the kind of drunk is quite affected by the strength of your drink and how fast you ingest it. What i would like to know is if you are an autist, an idiot, below 21 years old, or all of the above?

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Gin, I can appreciate the herbal flavours the easiest and I can taste a clear difference between each brand. Not something I could say of other liquors, though I understand it's to do with me and not the alcohol.
Oh and also it makes the best cocktails

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fernet, aka satan's mouthwash
branca isn't bitter enough for me anymore but i still keep a bottle around in case chicks come over
normally i just do leopold now

>> No.11060462

Everclear. It's nice passing out and waking up the next day with some booze still left in the bottle.

>> No.11060708

Good argument

>> No.11060723

The funny thing is, I tend to feel more of a 'high' from consuming a pint of strong beer than sipping a double of a 40% spirit over the same period of time. Perhaps the rate of consumption really does make the difference.

>> No.11060736

what's a good mezcal that's widely available?

>> No.11060739

Scotch and any other type of Whiskey and Bourbon.

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What do you mean as in like a wine left open for a day?

Is this the same person? If you're on:
>first taste of alcohol a few months ago
>love the way your whole mouth just fills with the alcoholic vapor. The bitter taste was pretty nice too. It's really fun to mix with stuff

You're tasting the alcohol. The bitter you're describing is probably the oak, or even just the alcohol but I can't say what you're interpreting specifically.

Some other guys have started to suggest things to you, but I would say they are jumping the gun a bit.

I don't mean this in an offensive way or anything, but you've just started and you don't know what you're tasting, or what's good or bad. The quality aside, most people would describe jd as very sweet, particularly compared to other whiskeys. You can go and buy a 100 dollar bottle but you wouldn't know whether it's good or not- if fact, without knowing your preferences and what you might buy it will probably taste worse than jd (at this time, anyway). You've noted that you like the burn, and that jd tastes sweet to. I think that suggests you:
a) like the feeling of alcohol burning your mouth and throat (you goddamn masochist); and
b) you either like 'sweeter' things or your palate isn't developed enough to taste things through the alcohol burn/you might not have experienced enough alcohol profiles to have a decent frame of reference.

I know you wanted a whisk(e)y, but based off this, I recommend trying a bunch of bottom shelf spirit types which you haven't before.

These will:
-Be affordable, because they are bottom shelf.
-Introduce to you a wider profile of flavours, to building your palate experience
-Let you experience what you like (you liked jd (bourbon) but what if you end up absolutely loving brandy instead, but you've gone down chasing the whiskey rabbit hole without seeing if you like a brandy for half your life first).
-Worst comes to worst, you can mix them if you don't like them 1/X

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Let's talk super basic starters for your spirits. I'm going butcher a lot of spirit classifications because people get too pedantic about labels and this will end up being a novella. You can look it up in your own time, but to clarify, I'm calling jd a bourbon - as far as this post is concerning, all american whiskey is bourbon, all scotch whisky (no e!) is scotch and everything else is whiskey. Also, I'm making assumptions about price because I don't know where you live.

-JD is alright. My opinion is that Jim Beam is a lot better, and really represents what a bourbon is in terms of the 'basic' profile of the spirit, despite how much everyone shits on Beam. Having said that if you're in America try something like George Dickel or Old Grandad instead. (Better value/price- I 'think' they are the roughly the same price but I don't know.)

-This is usually American but gets its own category. I think the cheapest/most available is probably Jim Beam, but if you find the following for roughly the same/lower price I would highly recommend (in order) instead:
- Bulleit rye
-Wild Turkey rye

-Is also cognac and Armagnac. Generally more expensive from bottom to top shelf than the others. Don't buy a cognac. St Agnes VS is a nice brandy if it's available. If not maybe Tariquet VS/VSOP or Sempe VSOP works. I understand Wisconsin is very big on their brandy but I have no American Brandy experience overall.

-Avoid spiced for now (or forever imo, but hey I won't judge if you like trash). Mount gay eclipse or any appleton estate is good entry level, and will give you an idea of what profile you'll be expecting when you move to higher tier stuff. If you live somewhere which doesn't like freedom you might be a commie, but you also might have access to:
-santiago de cuba anejo
-havana club (I think America has 'fake' havana club so care.)
All mentioned are decent buy whatever is cheapest for you.

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-Taste like alcohol. Most western vodka try to go for a 'purer' taste which means just alcohol (ethanol) and water. So think any other spirit on this list but without the taste. Personally I think this is a waste of money, but vodka has its own following, and if you live in motherland USSR region you'll find that vodka has a lot of styles/most personality, but in that case I'm probably teaching grandma to suck eggs.

-Taste like juniper berries. It may also taste like something mixed with juniper berries- usually whatever it says on the bottle. Also has its own following of weirdos, but even amongst them only the truly deranged will take it straight. Personally not a fan but Gordons' if you're feeling brave.

-Scotches are great to get into, and each region/type really deserves its own category. But sticking with the theme of keeping things cheap and simple, do a blend, because this will introduce to a nice spectrum of flavours/save your wallet. I disagree with Glennfidditch recommendation, not because it isn't a nice drop, but because it doesn't do a 'spectrum'- specifically, the following will better introduce to you 'peat'. Find whatever is cheapest of the following:
-Teachers' highland cream
-famous grouse

Add ice to anything on its own or below obviously.

Any soft drink mixes with anything, generally, but also see in particular:

-Mixed with any soft drink, usually colas.
-Old fashioned. Consider learning/buying ingredients for an old fashioned. Usually means getting a bottle of bitters (whatever type you want), but will be very versatile.

-Old fashioned.
-Sometimes mixed with soft drink

-The loving warmth of your body
-Soft drinks if you're a heathen

-Mainly coke, but also any soft drink or juice or anything. Probably most versatile mixer if you still want to taste the base spirit imo (cf.vodka)

>> No.11060899


Also champagne (I live in Spain so decent cava is dirt cheap here)

>> No.11060908


-Most versatile mixer if you don't want to taste what you're drinking.
-mix with depression/nostalgia for ussr

-Gin and Tonic
-Martinis, but not really because then you have vermouth lying around going sour
-With a pledge of allegiance to the Commonwealth and her Majesty
-seriously don't do this straight/neat no one does this i mean you do you or whatever but you will be known as that guy

-a bit of water if you think the alcohol taste is overpowering your ability to taste the spirit (you can do this with all spirits btw, but you'll get looks in public if you try this with anything else).
-soda water for highball.
-Soft drinks, but see soft drinks note for brandy

Good luck, have fun and drink responsibility.

>> No.11061216

>>11060888 (checked)
Great advice, thanks. Also good taste in images; TuxedoDeCat is a great artist.

I'll give Brandy, Rum, Scotch, and Whisky some exploration. and yeah, I'm pretty masochistic. Sometimes when I get mouth ulcers, I'll use listerine because the sting that comes afterwards is something I really enjoy, for some reason. Not really sure why. I'm not even into kinky shit, I'm the most vanilla person possible.

>> No.11061241

>usually American

Lol no

>> No.11061253

>-mix with depression/nostalgia for ussr

can confirm

Majority of people here drink either beer or vodka.
gonna head out to the store soon, get me a 0.7 of Absolut or Finlandia and share it with my lads tonight in a comfy sitdown around the table. Smoking cigs every 20 minutes is crucial.

>> No.11061967

Look guys, the Redditor's mad.

>> No.11061982

finlandia with the nostalgia for ussr. wtf dude

>> No.11062450

The free kind

>> No.11062665

Its gets harder to tell by the day.

I drink everything i can find, and ive started having some mead lately. Not bad .

>> No.11063320

This nigga finna just got dabbed on by this based nigga >>11061967

>> No.11063334

The kind that gets you laid

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File: 1.82 MB, 1471x2000, Takane Shijou 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Takane Shijou

Good taste.

>> No.11064220

I've been mixing rum with random soft drinks. Rum with strawberry soda is absolutely disgusting, its like alcoholic kids tylenol. Rum with some barqs rootbeer is amazing with cream. Most recipes advise kahlua but I prefer just cream

>> No.11065688

Commonwealth? Gin is Dutch, mate

>> No.11065700

Whiskey cause its cheap
>tfw drink a handle of the same cheap ass whiskey every week the last 5 years since i was 18
Shit literally tastes like water to me

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I can see it now.

>> No.11065731

I don't have much experience, but I know I like Kahlua, Tequila, Jack Daniels, and some wines, more red than white. It's so hard to find something from my grocery store that doesn't taste like plastic.
I need to try to find out what beer I'll drink, but I don't want to waste money on one of those mix-and-match six packs and spit all of them out.

>> No.11065941

>finlandia with the nostalgia for ussr. wtf dude
nostalgia? no. fuck that. fuck commies

depressive aura over the entire region is where its at

>> No.11066053

Yeah fair. I associate the drink with poms because they seem to have a louder hard-on for it, and most gins popping up in my head seem to be from them, but maybe that speaks more of advertising/distribution abilities as a country as opposed to their love/quality (or you know, how little I like/know about gins in general if you haven't guessed).

Or maybe the dutch just have the sagacity to keep their degeneracy unadvertised.

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for me it's fernet branca

>> No.11066199

not related but where should I talk about weed n shit?

>> No.11066367

/b/ I think? I don't think there's a general for weed on any board. I saw one or two threads here but they die really fast and get shitposted to death anyway.

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