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hopefully none of you fell for the sous vide meme

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I like mine desu

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What a fucking poofter.

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Fuck off with your cancerous e-celeb shit, faggot. You're the cancer that is killing /ck/

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>I hate this guy
>better watch his videos anyway
You're your own worst enemy

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Babish is 100% 4chan

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People do that shit all the time. Howard Stern, celebrity gossip, 90% of political news... hell, look at the state of this fucking board. Half the threads are people calling something or someone shit. People love to have something to be outraged about.

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Babish has taught more to /ck/ than the triggered faggots that infest threads about him ever will.

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I'm pretty sure these are just shill threads. Every time he puts out a new video it seems like a bunch of threads get made. OP always tries to make it seem like he hates the video but that's probably to throw people off from realizing it's shilling.

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I've been on /ck/ daily for something like 8 years and never heard of him before this summer.

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Despite the warnings of the worlds most celebrated chefs: aka the tards on /ck/, I'm probably going to buy one.

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Yeah, THIS is what's killing /ck/.

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numaling with numale

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yeah shitposting really shot up this year.

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>sous vide
hasn't everyone stopped sous vide because they realized boiling food in plastic isn't appetizing and changes the texture?

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>requires expensive equipment
Is he even trying anymore?

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I thought /ck/ hated him so why do you guys keep posting threads about him? Are you closeted /ck/?

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what does he offer that chef john doesnt have?

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my favorite slow boards are increasing in traffic, but its only due to /pol/ and /r9k/ shitters that race bait and post trash to try to upset people

feels bad man, /v/ isnt even that bad in comparison to other boards now which is saying a lot

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>/ck/ hates him
Nah, only a few screeching /pol/ tards.
But they're very tenacious and will insist everyone here hates him, because they say so.

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Rent free

It's fun making fun of him.

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>rent free
if you were here before late 2016 you'd easily notice how much worse ck has got as pol and r9k posters arent satisfied in their containment board

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lookin' good, babish

can't wait to try my sous vide steak with my shit the bed sauce!

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>someone is getting paid to post on ck

Do you really think this basket weaving circle is that important? Lol, he's popular becausr he cooks, this is a cooking image board, it only makes sense that one person is bored enough to stir up conversation about an e celeb.

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Doesnt that cookie dough still have raw flour in it though?

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I hate political shitposting as much as the next guy but the babish threads have little to do with /pol/. He's just popular and successful. Those 2 things have always riled up the autists on 4chan. That's why there's threads about him every week. They need to circlejerk with like minded faggots, otherwise they'd kill themselves.

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More trendy dishes that young adults want. I don't see Chef John making okonomiyaki.

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Not specifically to post on /ck/ but the marketing teams hired for things like this will post on all the big sites. Not sure why you think a shill works on a site by site basis instead of the internet as a whole.

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Pretty much what this guy says. Also back when he was making stuff from movies I thought it was kind of neat because I like film a lot. Aside from that it's really just up to what kind of personality you like. That said babish could be the most likeable guy on the planet and this place would still get flooded with hate threads about him every week. c'est la vie.

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/ck/ tries REALLY hard to not like popular stuff or enjoying things. Like soon the very act of liking a meal is going to be seen as soy

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Fuck you nigger the cancer came when /alch/ general got bombed you 16 year old faggot

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That really was the turning point. As soon as they got canned shitposting got turned up to 11. Fucking /v/ has been better than /ck/ lately. That's just sad.

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Fucking al/ck/ niggers

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Sous vide is my goto if the cut of whatever meat I'm cooking is 1.5 inch or greater...

>> No.11040306

I want to try it out, probably just going to get a wand instead of a full machine.

Damn steaks look bad when they come out though

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Yeah, I remember leaving /v/ years ago due to most of it being shit too, now you've got me thinking about it, it does seem to be spreading

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something about this faggot infuriates me

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>amatuer shitty chef who constantly makes mistakes has a "back to basics" channel where he constantly fucks up....

god I hate this faggot

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go to a major city (new york, seattle, etc) and look for internships. Most of them, even for tech companies, are for social media marketing

>> No.11040383

For me, it's his overdone quick-and-easy way of making yourself look presentable in your thirties by shaving your head and overgrooming your beard

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i cook using zip lock baggies and a temp controlled soldering iron.

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>doesn't teach you how to use a thermometre, a styrofoam cooler, and hot water.

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I am convinced these e-celebs have hired PR who shill their shit all over the web

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Unlikely. /ck/ is just incredibly easy to bait. These threads get posted because they know it will rile up the autists. It works every time since /ck/ is incapable of self moderating.

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Stop saying "x board is easy to bait." It's the whole goddamn website. Go to /a/ and talk about Cowboy Bebop, go to /v/ and talk about video games, go to /tv/ and say something is kino, go to /tg/ and try to talk about anything.
I hate what internet culture's poor body has decayed into.

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we fucking told you you should have just left us in peace, I hope this board drowns in shit

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Lol, why don't you go back and bitch in your containment thread. Oh wait, you can't :^)

>> No.11041701

lol why don't you go back and post in your functioning board. oh wait, you can't :^)

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yes, you are

>> No.11041713

LMAO OP has a babish boner!

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Why would I be? I'm not the one who's been exiled to /bant/ and /adv/

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fucking lol

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Don't depressed alcoholic faggots like you have a board just for yourselves

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You can lie to us all you want, but deep down you know the truth

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enjoy your shitboard forever, and remember you brought it on yourselves

>> No.11041806

You mean like how you brought on your shitty life by not being able to put down a bottle?

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>actually being this mad we're going to fuck your board

>> No.11042023

Except you can't because your generals have been banned :^)

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hey look, whe have a 3 star chef, kek

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>boiling food
>he thinks a sous vide is for boiling

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>hasn't everyone stopped frying because they realized frying food on metal isn't appetizing and changes the texture?
You shouldnt be allowed on the internet.

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i think all the shit posting, keto, vegan, fast food and "pizza" threads are what killed /ck/.

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Dont be mad he is sustaining his life making yt videos aimed at retards and you arent.

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Sous vide has existed for as long as plastic bags, but was reserved for camping and other times of desperation when proper cooking tools weren't available. Then it got some French words applied to it and all the middle-aged white yuppies went insane over it.

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Like looks are more important than technique? I don't think that is something you should really learn, it's something you should ignore and laugh about.

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I've made one using a heat reulator and a crock pot, used it a few times for fish and steak, honestly it's not worth it, I don't notice any difference between cooking food regularly and through sous vide.

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That's what I thought, but it doesn't really make sense.

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Not the gerund form of binge?

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>muffled Cream on Chrome by Ratatat in the background
>What’s up guys it’s binging with babish
Every fucking time.

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he's like a living breathing soyjack

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Not making excuses for anyone who finds the lower right attractive but that Asian bitch is obviously heavily photoshopped to the point of creepiness and is wearing contacts

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>wearing contacts

why would she wear contacts the exact same black as nature Asians ft irises? and yeah, I just couldn't find another picture, and liked how lumpy bottom rights face was, here's another.

>binging with soybish

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